Webber dominates as Hamilton crashes out of second

2010 Spanish Grand Prix reviewPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Webber led the field at the start of the race and stayed there
Webber led the field at the start of the race and stayed there

Mark Webber was untouchable in the Spanish Grand Prix and claimed his first win of the season from pole position.

But Lewis Hamilton suffered cruel disappointment as a failure on his front-left wheel caused him to crash out of the race on the penultimate lap.

That elevated Fernando Alonso to second place in front of his home crowd with Sebastian Vettel third for Red Bull.

Vettel fell behind Hamilton at the first round of pit stops. He lost time being held in his pit box and when Hamilton came out the McLaren driver threaded between Vettel and Lucas di Grassi’s Virgin to stay ahead.

The German driver struggled to keep up with the McLaren as his adjustable front wing flap failed. Life got even more difficult for Vettel when he was forced to make an extra pit stop and nurse a brake problem to the end of the race. Not for the first time his RB6 lacked nothing in performance but needed better reliability.

Michael Schumacher scored the best result of his comeback with fourth place, spending much of the race defending his position from Jenson Button.

Button, who retained the championship lead by finishing fifth, criticised Schumacher’s driving, saying he was moving about too much on the straight: “You think with his experience he would know,” he said afterwards.

Felipe Massa took sixth for Ferrari despite damaging his front wing by clipping Karun Chandhok while lapping the HRT driver.

Adrian Sutil kept Robert Kubica behind him for seventh place and Rubens Barrichello was ninth for Williams.

A second home driver, Jaime Alguersuari, scored the final point of the day after an eventful race. He made an exceptional start, gaining six places to run ninth in the early stages. But he picked up a drive-through penalty after clipping Chandhok’s car, knocking the front wing off the HRT.

Vitaly Petrov climbed from 19th to finish 11th ahead of Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi, who lost several places with a poor start.

But Nico Rosberg suffered a terrible race, finishing 13th and lapped after two pit stops – the first delayed when his right-front brake caught fire. He battled past Vitantonio Liuzzi and Nico H???lkenberg late in the race.

The revised Lotus and Virgin cars finished just 1.5 seconds apart after 200 miles of racing, Jarno Trulli leading home Timo Glock. Lucas di Grassi was 79 seconds behind his team mate in the old VR-01, suggesting the team have made a step forward with the new car raced only by Glock today.

Neither HRT made it to the finish – Chandhok retired shortly after changing his front wing and Bruno Senna crashed out on the first lap.

Sebastien Buemi and Pedro de la Rosa also failed to finish, retiring separately after colliding on the first lap. Heikki Kovalainen’s race never started, the Lotus driver being wheeled into the pits before the start of the race.

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  1. Jenson throwing tantrums after the race was the most exciting event of the race.

    1. Sideshow bob
      9th May 2010, 16:55

      Has anyone noticed that Vettel has gotten the short end of the reliability stick every time? It’s like these Red Bull reliability problems are confined to one side of the garage.

      Just saying…

      1. Don’t worry, I’m sure Schumacher is cheating because he didn’t like being the 2nd fastest German so he made a call to Todt who has paid money to corrupt people within the Red Bull garage to sabotage Vettel’s car.

        Actually It’s about time Webber had a bit of the good luck ^_^

        1. Sideshow bob
          9th May 2010, 17:24

          Webber better make hay while the sun shines, or else I think he could become like Barrichello, or maybe Pattrese – spends a couple years in a killer car but doesn’t convert it into a title, and is never a force again.

        2. Don’t you mean 3rd fastest german? Up until today Rosberg was beating him too!

          As for Vettel’s reliability, maybe hes just harder on the car? I know the commentators were saying he hits those curbs harder.

          Or maybe hes just unlucky

        3. Webber doesnt hit the kerbs like Vettel.

        4. Well actually he didn’t like being the fourth fastest German. Lets not forget Sebastian, Nico and Adrian have all been quicker than him.

          But as long as Vettel is around.. Schumi will remain the second fastest German. He will run out to strings to pull sooner or later

      2. Webber had brakes at Singapore last year – that’s the only one I can think of.

        However, Webber seems to have had a lot more operational problems – like bad pitstops, bad strategy or unsafe pit exits etc.

        1. i think it’s the first race this year where webber hasn’t had a problem in hs pitstop, thank goodness. what a fantastic drive. absolute dominance. keep it going Mark!

    2. is there a video anywhere of the button tantrum?

      also – what is going on at Williams? I was expecting to find a story about it online but nobody has mentioned it. Apparently there was some bickering prior to the race – and Sam Michael inspecting the pit stop during the race makes it more intriguing.

      1. damonsmedley
        10th May 2010, 8:22

        Yes… What is all this about a Jenson Button tantrum? Can somebody catch me up?

        1. At the end of the race, Button got out of his car, threw his steering wheel onto the ground and kicked the sidepods to pieces in fury.

          Only joking – check out the iPlayer where he just complains about Shumacher’s driving under his breath in an interview with BBC.

          1. damonsmedley
            11th May 2010, 8:21

            I live in Australia so iPlayer is not an option… But I thought you were serious there! Those steering wheels aren’t cheap! Nor are those sidepods…

          2. Yup, that’s it – at 47 secs or so

  2. Webber was class…..Lewis well I have no words……


    1. Any thoughts for driver of the day. I’d say Webber or Hamilton…

      1. How, in the name of God, does name “Hamilton” come up when considering “Driver of the Day”. Unless we’re talking “the most reckless” one.

        1. Because it was a “foregone conclusion” that the Red Bull’s were getting a 1-2 and Hamilton split them until the failure at the end while his team mate was 55 seconds down the road.

          1. That’s far from “Driver of the Day” material. Doing a fastest lap at the end of the race was all about ego for LH. He paid for it when hos tire went. All he had to do was chill out and cruise to the podium. What was he thinking? Button is cleaning his clock this season.

          2. I suspect his tyre would have gone even if he had gone at the slowest possible pace, And seeing as it wasn’t a driver error issue I think it’s a bit harsh to blame him for it.

            I do dislike the little annoying egotist, but he is faster than Button and it’s only incidents like this or lucky calls that are making button look good.

        2. I’m confused: what part of Hamilton’s drive today was reckless? I’m guesing we have a Hamilton hater on hand…

          1. Just ask Vettel

        3. Wow what an unbiased opinion! Are you another Alonso fanatic?

        4. how was HAM reckless?

          1. towards the end of the race, Alonse backed off and slowed down.
            Hamilton kept pushing, knowing very well he could not catch webber.
            I guess that extra bit of pushing led to that accident (McLaren seem to have a diff theory)

        5. In reply to Sandman’s Comment.
          What a load of nonsense, I am a huge Lewis Fan but I am not being biased when I say he deserved Driver of the Day.
          He has been by far the best driver in the field this season. he has been the only driver that has produced consistent exciting and inspired drives throughout all weekends this season.
          In Bahrain he Picked up A well deserved Podium.
          In Melbourne He Drove his heart out and was on for a good result until Webber took him out.
          In Malaysia he drove from 20th to 6th.
          In China he could have won if he had not been brought in for Intermediates, and still managed to drive to second after being at the near back of the grid.
          And now he could have had a brilliant second place, splitting the two fastest cars on the grid by almost a second, had his Tyre not have failed.
          Enough Said.

          1. delendaEst
            9th May 2010, 19:12

            OK but being the most exciting racer doesn’t score WDC points for you. Usually the WDC title goes to pretty unexciting drivers who just manage to be all the time on top of things (Just like Mark did today) and not having to overtake everybody trying to recover from catastrophic mistakes, or forcing their stuff beyond reason.

          2. Hamilton Driver of the Day??
            He started 3rd, got up to 2nd, then crashed. That is not driver of the day material

        6. Very Bitchy……

      2. If Jaime hadn’t have been occassionally thick due to lack of experience or whatever he could have been a contender. I would say Webber though

        1. delendaEst
          9th May 2010, 19:16

          Jaime is extremely young and unexperienced, and drives an uncompetitive car. But I’d say he’s pretty good for a rookie. I do expect a lot from him in upcoming seasons, especially if he gets his hands on a better car.

      3. Yeah I’d say Webber or Hamilton. Has to be Webber though, he didn’t put a foot wrong.

        1. Webber has to get driver of the day. Led from start to finish – did exactly what was required, including out driving and out pacing his teammate. Outstanding job by a driver generally overlooked as a WDC contender.

          Alonso shone in the latter stages when his car seemed to come back to him, but the Ferrari looked rather lumbering in the early stages when the Bully boys and Hamilton streaked off into the distance. Rather lucked into his podium after the wheels came off for for Seb and Lewis. Good result from an average day at the office then.

          Vettel seemed to struggle all day somehow. Indecision when confronted with Hamilton and a backmarker cost him the position. And his light footed RBR6 still seems a little too fragile for his quite punchy driving style. Lucky to make the podium in the end when we were all expecting a 1-2 for that famous Austrian town of Milton Keynes’ finest.

          Well done Michael. Smart defence from a much racier McLaren earned him a good result and much needed points to silence the nay-sayers. Just hope they can get some performance into the Merc soon. Schumi was noted as a great and smart racer, but following China and today, he might find himself re-christened as the new Jarno Trulli.

          Button and Massa both disappointed, though at least Jenson was driving the car on his own. These Massa-baby radio transmissions really are quite incredible. Has there ever been such a symbiotic relationship between a driver and his race engineer?

          Hamilton again provided some of the most exciting moments of the race, having a nibble at Vettel and Webber at the first corner whilst defending Alonso, then nailing Vettel after the pitstops with a very decisive move, then finally by losing it 2 laps from home. Shame for the poor guy, but there’s still that niggly feeling that his aggressive driving style, whilst great for us to watch, doesn’t help with his tyre reliability.

          The race had it moments, but definately not a classic. Finally, sincerly hope the report of the crowd reaction to Hamilton after his retirement is incorrect. Any question of race belongs on the track.

          1. Ha! Schumi train doesn’t quite have the right ring to it ;)

          2. Make that “Schumi-Zug” in German and it sounds a lot better!

      4. delendaEst
        9th May 2010, 19:22

        No driver of the day today, i’d say. Mark and Fernando won, made no mistakes, but their race was uninspiring. MSC was better than in previous races this year, but still nothing to write home about.

        Jenson once again showed why he is the defending WDC and once again outscored HAM without any fanfare.

      5. Webber would be hard to go past for drvier of the day. But Rubens would also be a contender, 17th to 9th with some serious team issues, good result.

    2. michael shumacher did a solid drive today and kept jenson behind very well
      alonzo got lucky yet again
      massa found the good ballance of his car bye braking his front wing chandok should hav been penilized for that.
      vettel should hav retired because if his tyre came of or his breaks didnt work at all then that could of caused danger to the other cars and drivers

      abosulty no overtaking
      and it was the most boring f1 race i have ever seen

      even in 2008 behind the saftey car in a wet race was more exting than today

      monaco gp will be carnige because u cant over take there

      i wish the specticle could be changed immediatly bye removing double diffusers

      1. Chandhok tried to get out of the way. He gave Massa space but Felipe locked up and ran into Chandhok. Not Karun’s fault…

      2. Chandhok didn’t do anything wrong,. he tried to get out of the way and stay there but Massa arrived too quickly and was out of control so hit Karun.

        1. Totally agree – Chandhok, poor devil, is on a hiding to nothing. He left space for all 3 lapping cars, Massa mis-read and locked up. To add insult to injury, Algi then completely trashed his front wing in what should of been a simple lapping. God knows that HRT is a demoralising dog of enough to drive without faster cars actually gunning for you.

      3. and it was the most boring f1 race i have ever seen

        With respect, not the most contributory of comments anyway, but I’m seeing this echoed a lot as the day goes by.

        I’ve followed 10 F1 seasons all the way through and can safely say the Barcelona race we saw today has been pretty much the average standard of quality of an F1 race over that time.

        If F1 is boring to crisis levels because of the race we’ve had today, how come it hasn’t imploded by now?

        1. How was this boring were you watching Bahrain. Results were changing till the final lap!

          I think just because of the last 3 races peoples expectations were too high on a circuit that always produces poor racing.

      4. Why should Vettel have retired? Can you really imagine any driver in 4th place or any other point scoring position retiring because of such issues with so few laps left? He could afford to slow down enough to bring it back safely for those last few laps.
        I can imagine if he had had brake problems from lap 1 it would have been pointless to continue but as long as you have a chance to score points you’ll try as hard as you can to do so.

        Also, removing double diffusers won’t magically change everything.

  3. Adrian Sutil once again proved the level of Force India. Nice and consistent racing in the recent days from him and his team.

    1. Sutil has his fair share of bad luck, but when things go his way he can get some pretty impressive results.

    2. It’s a really solid car again. I’m hopeful if circumstances allow they can get a break near the front again this season.

    3. Sooty did well again indeed. Do wonder if some of the other teams arn’t casting another eye over this very sharp driver. Good job.

  4. ..I almost cried for Lewis

    1. ..I almost laughed

      1. I was sleeping during the race, only woke up when the commentators were shouting about Lewis’ accident.

        1. Same here, but I hadn’t really got any sleep over last night.

          1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who occasionally drifts off in the middle of TV coverage!

      2. Younger Hamilton
        9th May 2010, 17:19

        I was laughing at Vettel’s problems calling the Red Bull ‘sick’ then Lewis’s accident came up,then i stopped laughing and started crying because i knew God punished me and Lewis.Its a utter shame i hate Vettel and Alonso even more Alonso and Vettel didnt deserve 2nd and 3rd respectively Button didnt deserve 5th either after his problems but at least he finished there.This has costed Lewis Horribly, in the Title Race

        1. polishboy808
          9th May 2010, 19:21

          Well maybe Lewis didn’t deserve to crash, but as was posted above he was pushing far too hard for nothing. It was clear nobody could catchup to Webber, yet he went right along pushing harder then ever at the end. I wouldn’t say this was a rim failure as they say it is, but just a matter of the tires being used up so badly that they just let go. The same thing happened to him in Monza last year. Why push so hard if your not going to go any further anyway? Preserve the engine, and your position. I was saddened by Vettle’s problem and then hearing that Ham had crashed I broke out into hysterical laughter, knowing that he must be hating himself for pushing so hard.

          1. Hamilton was not pushing to much for nothing, his tyres where busted by debris on track. He was pushing for a damn good reason, what if the problem on Vettles car popped up on Webbers?

            So really when you say “no good reason” what you mean is possible race victory.

          2. Yep that late purple lap was all ego and no brains

          3. damonsmedley
            10th May 2010, 8:51

            [quote] “Its a utter shame i hate Vettel and Alonso” [/quote]

            Um… If I am not mistaken, Sebastian is one of the most likeable drivers on the grid!

        2. Vettel and Alonso crossed the line, picled up the points, hence they deserved 2nd/3rd ;)

      3. delendaEst
        9th May 2010, 19:26

        I laughed my heart out, for Jenson actually.

        Jenson Button WDC!!!

      4. I laughed…very hard. It was a good feeling.

        1. damonsmedley
          10th May 2010, 8:34

          It would be quite unusual if Button took out the title. But at this stage, you wouldn’t discount it…

  5. I hope the backward Spanish people did not plant nails on the track;as they were advocating before in order to crash Hamilton…

    1. who are you quoting genius?

      1. He’s referring to a Spanish website that was set up a few years ago where the point of the game was to plant nails on the track for Hamilton to hit.

        1. I see, thanks. People are just as inspiring everywhere, makes one proud…

        2. That’s, rather amusing and alarming at the same time….

    2. The Spanish fans do get a bit excited don’t they… celebrating at the end as if Alonso had won the WDC lol

  6. webster really needed this, not only a 1st class drive but taking ground from vettel.

    1. And Vettel knows it, from the looks of him in the press conference.

    2. Well deserved to. Vettel’s hesitation when confronted with a backmarker and a charging Hamilton demostrated rather well the difference between a fast driver and a racer.

      Good on ya Mark.

      1. haha.. don’t make me laugh salty. Vettel is outshining Webber in all aspects so far this season. Every ‘racer’ has a bad weekend every now and again.

        1. Vettel has had two in a row

  7. one thing mclaren can surely take from this race is that at the moment they match redbull in terms of race pace .Hamilton even set the fastest lap of the entire race .

    1. …and then he blew a tire. Did it ever occur to you that the fastest lap at that stage of the race on worn out tires may have been the reason he LOST? Think about it.

      1. Okay. Are you suggesting that he got a puncture because he was really hard on his tires but still managed to do the fastest lap on these supposedly worn out tires?

        1. I’m suggesting that the fastest lap was a useless exercise done to assuage his own ego. Who cares who has the fastest lap? It’s worthless Finishing in the points is what matters. So YAY Hamilton…fastest lap!!!!! Lol, he’s now lsoing to Button by how much?

          1. Listen more carefully to race commentry next time. Vettel had brake problems and McLaren/Hami decided to push in case Webber had similar problems.

          2. BeenDun, your obviously wearing partisan blinkers, Hamilton was pushing at that point incase Webber’s brakes did what Vettles did so it was hardly an ego exercise, infact Hamilton hardly ever sets fastest lap, it doesn’t really interest him. He could though, look at his fastest laps in GP2.

            AND the tyres broke most likley due to debris, stop having a go because it makes you feel good, Hamilton is infact a damn good driver, not arogance agression an walking awful made man to drive racing cars.

      2. If you recall, around the time of Vettel’s problem Alonso was setting several fastest laps. I’d just say bad luck.

    2. I’d say that it would be quite easy for Mclaren and Ferrari to Trade fastest laps in the later stages of the race, especially if the leading Redbull turns down the revs and coasts home. (not saying that that for sure happened, but who really knows the truth anyway?)

  8. Webber was astounding today, all weekend in fact. Vettel lost some points but he was in Webber’s shadow today. Good on the Aussie.
    So happy with Alonso. It seems the Mclaren may be equal/just ahead of the Ferrari so it was great to pick up some extra points. Feel sympathetic towards Lewis but glad my team got some points.

  9. Prisoner Monkeys
    9th May 2010, 15:29

    I have to say … Fernando Alonso is a little over-rated. He had a nothing drive today, and he never would have seen the podium if it weren’t for Hamilton’s puncture and Vettel’s botched stop. Alonso was completely anonymous throughout.

    1. Alonso didn’t drive well today. Lewis was absolutely superb and was so unlucky with the failure at the end :(

      1. how do you come to that conclusion though? the Mclaren and red bull are faster cars, he thrashed his team mate, and with a bit of luck, gained more points than he should have really.

        1. And, according to the BBC, Ferrari are so mystified by Massa’s lack of performance relative to his team mate that they’re launching an investigation.

          Is there any evidence that Alonso was lacklustre and the Ferrari was capable of any more than its drivers got from it? No, didn’t think so.

      2. Lewis has been superb all season. Superb in Friday practice, superb in passing all those cars, superb in fastest laps. Too bad his teammate is eve more superb in the only category that really matters. WDC points.

      3. FelipeBaby
        9th May 2010, 18:37

        Alonso made no mistakes and there’s no way he could outpace the RBs. He got a bit of luck with Vettel’s breakdown but we’ve seen plenty of Vettel’s breakdowns this season. An HAM, well he was asking for it, trying to make purples for no reason whatsoever

    2. He thrashed Massa though. 40 seconds ahead at the end of the race.

      1. Alonso may not have been that great today but he did enough in quali to ensure when it did go wrong for those guys, he was there to pick up the pieces.
        He did blow Massa away today, I’d like to say it was because Massa was held up a bit but Massa hasn’t been as quick as Alonso all weekend

        1. Not impressed with Alonso though I am super happy with his result. Got lucky with the podium when he could have done something around the 43/44th lap to ensure a podium. Bad strategy from Ferrari. They got to take the risks. Cannot expect guys in front to have problems and make up races. They got to wake up!!! Else a Button will come up with a good call on some fine day and get a win..every win counts this season. I hope Alonso does make some awesome moves, both on the track and strategy wise too.

          WDC for Alonso. Yipeeee!!!

          1. Yuppers, me too. But I’m not sure that Ferrari should have taken more risks. Fernando could have pitted for new tyres without sacrificing a position, but he would have lost a lot of time to the RBs and Ham, it would have been quite unlikely for him to catch up AND then undertake them. On the other hand he was close enough to Seb and HAM that he could benefit from a minor mistake or failure. His strategy was good, and ultimately it paid him well.

          2. At the time Ferrari were considering an extra pit stop for Alonso, Webber out front was still setting fastest laps in his Red Bull. That showed that the hard tyres were holding up, so there wouldn’t have been a huge advantage from a tyre change. Ferrari did the right thing in leaving Alonso out.

    3. Alonso took care of the tires better than others ;-) and with a car not being that fast in this circuit he got valuable points…

    4. Alonso is overrated. How people can say that he’s still the best driver in F1, when he was beaten by a rookie in 07, is incredible. But what we’re seeing from this year and from the last few years, at Ferrari, is that Kimi and Massa were very much more overrated. They had a clear car advantage in 07 and 08. And now Alonso is demonstrably faster than Massa (who, in turn, was slightly faster than the ever-motivated Kimi.)

      1. So everyone is overrated except LH? Interesting that they are all miles ahead of the boy blunder right now.

      2. ever-motivated Kimi??
        he just came, drove and went back home!
        he was an amazing driver though!
        but Alonso, Lewis and Schumi r the 3 drivers who r a lot more than just drivers, they play an imp role in improving the car. i dont c any1 other than these 3 who can contribute so much. that was the reason Ferrari decided to bring in Alonso this season.

      3. I think you need to remember that almost every year the driver who wins the championship also has the better car. In -07 when Kimi won I don’t think Ferrari was that much better though. Hamilton could have won without his errors at the end of the year. So calling it a “clear car advantage” isn’t really fair.
        And although Hamilton was a rookie in -07 he wasn’t just any rookie. And these days it’s easier for young guys to come in to F1 and be fast, at least with enough testing.

      4. What “clear car advantage”? The Mclaren and Ferrari cars on 2007-08 were evenly matched in mine snd everyone else’s opinion. And the only excuse given as to why Fernando isn’t the best driver is “Alonso got beat by a rookie”, but it is not wise to judge a whole career based on one season.

    5. Yeah for sure, the guy can’t drive

    6. Agreed he would not have seen the podium, but you have to admit Ferrari went back in development wrt both McLaren and Redbull and still Alson qualified and finished strong!

      Alonso himself said “I might not be the fastest but I am very consistent”. I think Alonso is a fantastic driver and he is showing his class.

      Really gutted for Hamilton, couldn’t watch the finish :-(

    7. Maybe anonymous, but he is getting more out of the car then it has in it. Massa was way back in Qualifying and the race.

      Yes, lucky to pick up 2nd place, but not totally undeserved. He did say he was happy with the result bud not happy with what they learned during the weekend. I felt Vettel was more off topic after the race, complaining about not winning.

    8. Is this F1fanatics or ALOhaters.com?. Well Webber did nothing exciting today also, he just led all the way through. And won, quite deserverdly. Fernando nicely outpaced Massa, and didn’t committ a single mistake, particularly he didn’t needlessly punish his tyres and stuff like some other pilot did.

      Go Fernando!!!

    9. MAKrifayee
      10th May 2010, 4:02

      Yeah they both had problems and he just benefited from that.There is no denial in that,but to say him he is over rated jus because of this…i wouldn’t agree on that

  10. and he’s always driven that way, as you well know.

  11. webber was the driver of the day, without a doubt. But the one that came out best this weekend, was alonso. His car it’s the third best at the moment, but he played his cards well, and had the champions luck on his side. He is second in the championship, and the ones he most fears, hamilton and vettel, scored less points than him. Today was a copy cat race of many alain prost did in the past. Not very exciting, but very important points in the race to the world championship.

    1. For Button it is somethink like it. Still on top, even if he was not the best. Keep the points going until an opportunity comes to cash in with a win.

  12. Great to hear the Australian National Anthem once again :) Awesome drive by Mark.

    I’m not going to lie and say I was saddened by Hamiltons crash, but he did put in a great drive and he deserved second but Mark was just untouchable today.

    Bring on Monaco :)

    1. I never thought our national anthem was either good or bad, just middle of the road… but the Austrian anthem for Red Bull makes ours sound almost as upbeat as the Italian anthem

      1. I like the Brazilian and Italian anthems best. But the way Felipe was going, I’ve got more chance of hearing that combo if Italy face Brasil in the World Cup Final!

  13. Its always nice to hear Aussie anthem..Webber..Awesome…

  14. Ferrari shouldn’t have brought Massa in on the same lap as Schumacher, it could have cost him 2 positions as it turned out.

  15. Also, still no grand chelems (pole, win, lead every lap, fastest lap) since 2004!

    1. Ed, of course making a (pole, wind, lead every lap, fastest lap) is more important that winning two championships… of course..

      what the hell Alonso did against you in other life, man?

      Bad luck for Pedro :(

      1. I’m sorry, you’ve lost me there

        What does my comment have to do with Alonso?

        1. The other Mike misunderstood ^_^ Usually it’s me!

          1. Mike that is not Mike
            9th May 2010, 16:28

            sorry guys! :(

            Ed, cause I misunderstood your words

            Mike, for taking your name

          2. Ok, that’s fine – i do prefer massa, but i have nothing against alonso

  16. Points lost or points gained for Vettel? Guess we’ll see at the end of the year but it could be a repeat of 2009 for him :(

  17. Boring, boring, boring…. yawn.

    Overtaking? Button couldn’t get past Schumacher who was not exactly fast; Rosberg on new softs could hardly get past the “other” Nico.

    If it weren’t for pit lane screw ups and mechanical reliability, there was no suspense. The final results read +/- like the qualis.

    But, credit where credit is due; Weber (the 50/50 winner of RB reliability), Alonso (mature championship drive) and Vettel (the 50/50 loser of RB reliability) all deserved podiums. And while I sympathize with Hamilton’s “puncture” (debris? rim failure?) let’s not forget he has a reputation for abusing his tyres.

    1. Lewis’s tyres were fine, wear-wise. In fact, they were better, I would say, that Jenson’s. The myth that Jenson is so much better on his tyres has once more been proven to be false. Whenever Jenson has been upper-mid-pack, he’s had, naturally, to drive off line, attempt overtaking manoeuvres, and suffer from ‘dirty air’. The effect being that his tyre wear goes up. Jenson ruined his tyres after five laps in Australia and 9 laps in Malaysia. In Spain, his wear was similar to Lewis’s; Jenson, however, slightly flat-spotted his tyres (left front). So Lewis’s tyres were in better shape.

      But Jenson is once again fluky and scores more points than Lewis, who had completely out-driven Jenson once more. For Lewis to be second, for the vast majority of the race, and split the Red Bulls was a terrific achievement. Jenson was stuck Behind Schumi basically the entire race. A more aggressive, dare I say more talented, driver would have found a way past; and after far fewer laps had passed.

      Incidentally, did you see the wear rate on the Red Bulls? They looked terrible. A consequence, I suppose, of their having so much down-force.

      I hope Lewis (read McLaren) can turn their fortunes around at Monaco: Lewis is long overdue a good result on paper.

      1. I think calling Jenson’s drive today a fluke is a bit harsh, and, one of my favourite quotes is from Murray Walker, “Anything can happen in formula one and it usually does”

        Which by that I am implying that Luck, and I use the term loosely, plays a large part in drivers fortunes, Yes Hamilton was unlucky, and I do think he is the faster driver, but at the end of the day, who is leading the championship?

      2. Lewis cooked his tires at a stage in the race where they were already trashed. His tire blows and he’s out of the race. Button manages his tires to the end and gets valuable points and that’s “fluky?” Lol, for those of us thinking rationally it’s called WINNING. Hamilton had no need to reel off that fast lap other than feeding his ego. So much for “the next schumi.”

        1. I would say Button can hardly be called Lucky here. He lost out to Michael because of a pti stop problem – wheelnut – not a mistake of his own.
          Hard to tell, weather Hamilton wanted too much from the tyres, but he was surely driving very good. Don’t forget that at that time Vettel was still haning on with somewhat working brakes and Alonso was having some quick laps.

        2. What Lewis was trying to do, during the last few laps of the race, was close the gap between him and Mark in case of Mark’s car suddenly losing power, the likes of which happened to Vettel in Bahrain. Though you probably count that as Lewis’ fault also. Maybe it was. Maybe the McLaren has some form of air channeling device that’s barcoded to only get sucked in by the Red Bulls and the Ferraris.

          Anyway, what we were watching with Vettel earlier in the race was a car on the edge of it’s reliability, and as Brundle pointed out, McLaren would pick up on that and assume that the same could happen with Mark, urging Lewis on to push further and create that turbulence within the Red Bull garage and Mark’s driving. Although Mark’s stellar driving was not put off by Lewis’ charge and Vettel’s potent easing off, it can be shown that McLaren are definitely on the right track, and Red Bulls reliability problems still have not been totally wained. Whatever happened with Lewis’ tyre, whether it was too much wear or a freak accident, is still not known.

          1. Well put – totally agree that McLaren must have chewed over the Vettel brake wear, supposed Webber could also been susceptible to the same and told Hammy just that. Hamilton does have an aggressive driving style, so surely yes, must scrub his tyres harder than some others, but we WANT drivers to push for the win. He was obviously trying to do just that. Was it circuit shrapnel or a overtemp/overworked tyre that cost Lewis? Who knows. But would rather see him racing like he does than just slotting in for points, too much of that happens already.

      3. The myth is proven false? Where did Button finish in comparison to Hamilton? Being second for the “majority of the race” means nothing. So you’re saying Hamilton would have gotten past Schumi? haha, where did Button finish the race in comparison to your “more talented” Lewis? Where is Mr. Aggressive in the points standings right now? Mr. Button? Lol. Lewis is going backwards. Button is quietly walking away with this teammate battle.

        1. Alright BeenDun this forum requires facts for assertions, what evidence have you got that Hamilton cooked his tyres? No one does fastest laps on knakered tyres because it’s impossible, what evidence have you got that Whitmarsh is blowing steam, none, that didn’t look like tyre failure that looked like wheel rim failiure, came from within the system rather than the tyre blwong from without.

          Your can’t just make groundless assertions acording to your own bias. Facts an evidence required.

          1. Well put Scribe. If you look at the evidence you can see the tyre blow on the inner wheel rim, and as Keith has stated you cant do fast laps on `cooked tires`.
            Inner wheel rim fails, tyre starts to deflate, tyre then starts to overheat due to rolling on side wall, pressure in tyre increases till it blows off the inner wheel rim, the whole event takes around 3 to 4 seconds.

      4. Partial repost from James Allen:

        On the one hand, on “raw” pace JB should have had a good chance to get pace Schumacher, and possibly made one or two moves that were either not ballsy enough or in the wrong direction. However, I don’t agree that:

        “What is clear from the lap times yesterday is that this was one of those days when Button was nowhere near as fast as his team mate in the same car. In the 16 lap opening stint he only matched Hamilton’s lap time once and the rest of the time he was between a tenth and half a second slower. In 15 laps he lost six seconds to him.”

        Jenson had a car that had a slipping clutch and no dash readout – that means he was having to guess his gear changes based on experience and, what? Listening to the engine revs? And had a botched pitstop. Yet he was still *only* losing a tenth on Hamilton on some laps? Surely that’s a sign he’s a great driver who was able to get almost on parity with his teammate despite a massive disadvantage? I’m not at all surprised Button didn’t get past Schumacher this weekend. Who else did?

        [JA posted a piece].. on the great job Vettel did with a car full of technical problems and failed pitstops. Why not the same kudos for Button? Had Hamilton, or Alonso, had the same race Jenson had in that car, surely the message from the pundits would have been “look at him, keeping his car close to the pace and getting the points, still trying to make passes even though it’s impossible to pass on this circuit and his car is a wreck, what a great champion!” I’m not surprised Button (and many of his fans) have got frustrated at the public perception of him as a 2nd rate champion.

        Let’s not forget, when Hamilton had a car that was much much faster than Schumacher’s in China it still took 3 laps to get past him. And he didn’t get past Sutil at all in Malaysia, again despite a much faster car.

  18. Gutting for Lewis. It was a great drive to split the Red Bulls and he was in better nick than Vettel before the failiure. The points difference is a bit of a red herring because while the gaps are bigger there are obviously more points on offer too.

    The Red Bull’s are going to rue their inability to rack up a big lead though.

  19. Alonso contributed nothing to the race today, but scored lucky. The dude must have been praying too much.

    1. He did by securing the 4th grid slot and to be in a position where he can have the points if the leaders falter. You cant blame him for Vettel’s brake problems and Ham’s tyre faliure. If someone is to be blamed, it has to be Red Bull’s reliability and Mclaren’s rare failure.
      He is doing what he knows best, drive for winning the war and not the battle.

      1. Absolutely, “the race is not to the swift…”. HAM is the kind of pilot who goes from victory to victory until the final defeat. He needs to improve a lot in terms of strategy if he wants to be one of the greatest. Pace is not everything, consistence goes a long way.

        Go Fernando!! Go Ferrari!!

    2. Praying has nothing to do with anything since there is no God, Alonso was prettty quick! Seems like the Ferari gets faster and faster as the race progresses. Good race pace! Webber was unstoppable today!

    3. He’s already got more than his share of bad luck this years, I guess

  20. Looked like a repeat of Nurburgring 2007 for Hamilton. Watch the replay again. There’s no smoke, but the front left is leaning at a very funny angle as he comes out of T2 and into T3 before the tyre lets go.

    1. Something broke and flew-up in the air before the tyre went. I very much doubt that Lewis had anything to do with it or the result of it. After all, Lewis said he was just pacing himself; his tyres, moreover, looked fine. Quite unlike the Red Bulls…

      1. Dave Blanc
        10th May 2010, 4:48

        Hamilton wasn’t pushing hard at the end – he’s backed off. Don’t you people check the facts before making incorrect comments? Here’s the link to the official timing – you’ll find it easier to make commnents if you check your facts first…


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