F1 Fanatic round-up: 12/5/2010

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It’s strange to think that practice starts for the next Grand Prix tomorrow – a by-product of back-to-back races plus Monaco’s unusual practice schedule which sees the cars running on Thursday.

We’ll have lots of live commenting action as usual so be sure to join us. Here’s today’s round-up:


Barclays in F1 tie-up search (Brand Republic)

“Barclays is believed to be eyeing up opportunities for sponsorship within Formula One. Sources claim the bank, which is one of the world’s biggest investors in sports sponsorship, is in negotiations with Red Bull Racing”

Renault to ??build team around Kubica?? (James Allen)

Gerard Lopez: “We both know what we are talking about (partnering Alonso at Ferrari). He would start a 100 metre dash, 200 metres behind the line. I don?t know if he?s interested (in going to Ferrari) but he?s a young driver, so he has plenty of time. If we can provide him with a car and a platform to win then I think there is a high probability that he stays.”

Michael Schumacher plays down expectations on Monaco return (Daily Mirror)

I wonder who’s going to ask him if he can get enough steering lock on the W01 to make it around Rascasse in one go…

Comment of the day

Macahan dug up some interesting statistics on overtaking:

Just a interesting side note really not on Catalunya but I just saw that Shanghai have now dethroned Long beach as the race with most overtakes. 81 overtakes versus 79. Granted the Long Beach race was in 1983 and was a dry race so still stand as the dry race with most overtakes. No wonder it felt that Shanghai race was chaotic with an average of over one overtake per lap.

For Catalunya you have to go back to 03 to have as many overtakes as this year (11) and than go back to 98 to the second race with more or as many overtakes as this year.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Steven!

On this day in F1

The last F1 race at the Nivelles circuit was held on this day in 1974. The Belgian circuit was briefly used after the original Spa-Francorchamps circuit was dropped from the schedule due to safety concerns.

The short, 3.7km (2.3 mile) circuit was not popular and only held two rounds of the world championship before being dropped. It is one of few circuits that held F1 races which are no longer operational – it is now an industrial site. But the roads that once formed the circuit are clearly identifiable in the satellite image below:

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