Michael Schumacher still refuses to explain 2006 Rascasse controversy

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Michael Schumacher caused a furore by parking his car during qualifying in 2006
Michael Schumacher caused a furore by parking his car during qualifying in 2006

Michael Schumacher makes his first racing appearance at Monaco this weekend since the notorious controversy he caused there in 2006.

Schumacher tried to hold on to pole position in qualifying that year by parking his car at the exit of Rascasse corner, preventing other drivers from improving their time. The stewards saw through the ruse and sent him to the back of the grid.

He has never explained his actions and became hostile when asked for an explanation by the media at Monaco today.

According to Adam Cooper Schumacher turned on the press when asked if the incident was a low point in his career:

You made it ?ǣ some of you guys. I mean, let?s look forward and not backwards. […]

I mean you can keep trying absolutely, but we?re not talking about 2006 any more. There?s enough said I don?t feel that I need to go any deeper into it??
Michael Schumacher

Schumacher may not feel the need to explain himself. But his refusal to do so shows his utter contempt for press and fans alike who recognised his move for the blatant act of cheating it was. As the stewards said at the time:

The stewards can find no justifiable reason for the driver to have braked with such undue, excessive and unusual pressure at this part of the circuit, and are therefore left with no alternatives but to conclude that the driver deliberately stopped his car on the circuit in the last few minutes of qualifying, at a time at which he had thus far set the fastest lap time.

As long as Schumacher persists in his denial he will continue to face uncomfortable questions from the media. Weighed against that, would an admission of guilt be that hard to swallow?

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  1. Schumacher hasn’t apoligised for anything before. And since he just got his first solid result this season in the bag, why would he start now, and compromise his veneer as the most hard edged competitor ever in Formula One?

  2. While this is just a case of media being the media, Schumacher rarely talks about past incidents – and even then, not in public presscons (his 1997 apology happened in a 1 on 1, IIRC). So I’d be surprised if the media were expecting any different today.

    If even Fernando Alonso (who, BTW, the press are not pestering about what he did in Hungary 2007) has forgiven him, surely it’s a sign that it’s time to move on?

    That said, THIS is why as much as a Schumi fan I am, he should’ve stayed retired. Getting beaten by Rosberg, staying stuck in midfield, getting hounded by the media – he doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t need this.

    1. Umar Farooq Khawaja
      13th May 2010, 16:33

      I would love for Schumacher to take a couple of further WDC titles, just to rub the Schumacher haters’ noses in it.

      1. As much as I’d love that to happen, I’m not too hopeful. He’s not getting any younger…

  3. He’s under no obligation to answer these silly questions about 2006. No surprise that it’s mainly the British press forcing these childish questions onto MS. The jealousy and envy is there for all to see. No British driver has ever come close to Schumacher. None ever will. Hating won’t change a thing.

  4. He`s not 7 times WDC an 5 times winner of Monaco for nothing;-)

  5. Nutritional
    13th May 2010, 23:45

    The mistake Schumacher made in 2006, once he’d chosen his path, was not crashing into the armco and losing his front wing or causing some other kind of damage to his car to make his “mistake” more believable.
    Furthermore, I don’t see the point in still trying to crucify him about the ruthless things he’s done in the sport, simply because he’s not the first driver to do do such acts, he won’t be the last, and he won’t be the last successful driver to do such acts.
    Ruthlessness has been a streak in a number of successful drivers in Formula One. Take Senna at the 1990 Japanese Grand Prix, crashing Prost out of the race to ensure the driver’s championship. While at Lotus, Senna ensured he wouldn’t have a teammate as competitive as himself. Prost had a clause in his contract for 1993 so Senna could not drive in the Williams team, which basically ensuring Prost the 1993 championship. Prost convincing stewarts to prematurely flag races when it suited him. Alonso giving testimony against Mclaren during Stepneygate in 2007, while he was still on the team, or the famous pit incident the same year when Alonso sat in the pit box to ensure Hamilton wouldn’t get another flaying lap. Piquet Jr in his role bringing the 2008 Singapore controversy to light after Renault fire him. Didier Pironi breaking a agreement between himself and Gilles Villeneuve at the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix. There is a clear pattern of ruthless behavior in F1 drivers. And then there are all the penalties against teams and tire manufacturers.
    Why is it that the all the a fore mentioned instances seem to get forgotten except for excerpts in F1 books, yet Schumacher’s forays cling to him like a bad smell and are reported as if they’re extra evil or something sinister?
    I’ve personally gained the impression over the years that people hate Schumacher because they think he somehow conspired the make sure Damon Hill wouldn’t win championships. Of course, this is the point where we begin to rant about Australia 1994. I’d like to point out that in 1994 Schumacher won 8 grand prixs to Hill’s 6. In fact had FIA not been so over eager on their new legality plank requlations in Spa, with Schumacher spinning across the kurb, Schumacher would have had that race win as well. In addition, 2 of Hill’s wins were at Monza and Estoril when Schumacher was under at two race suspension for ignoring a black flag. Again, we get the cries of treason and how Schumacher deserved the ban and is sinister man. Yes, he did deserve the ban but I recall a certain Nigel Mansell ignoring a black flag and taking Senna out of a race. There aren’t cries of foul play for Mansell constantly being throw around. Beyond all this I believe we all recall Schumacher putting a very big stamp on 1995 and Hill.
    So I don’t see why we can’t just leave Hill the 1 championship in his utterly dominant Williams FW18, and Schumacher to the fact that he’s no more sinister that many other drivers have been, and just get over it and watch the races.

  6. Mark in Florida
    14th May 2010, 0:33

    Ha,Ha,Ha.All this useless harping is a joke.It must be a slow week for the talking heads.F1 has become so sanitized and tidy that the thought that someone with an old school killer instinct is unfathomable.Sure Schumi was trying to prevent Alonso from getting his pole.Yes it was petty he still would have been in second but second was never a position that Michael ever went for.Schumi is a winner because first was all he ever drove for.All these claims of cheating his way to success is retarded.Look at all the unsuccessfull cheats it did`nt work in the long run for them.What about Alonso he`s not a cheat? He didn`t know anything about spygate and or the intentional crash in Singapore? Come on people every team dances on the gray line some do it better than others.Struggling teams go over that line and get caught.Michael is a great champion and always will be.Is he perfect? Absolutely not,but human nature is to tear down the great ones and bring them down to our level so that we can say,look he does the same crap that I do!But as the late great Dale Earnhart said “Love you or hate you,if their not talking about you your a nobody”.

    1. Nutritional
      14th May 2010, 9:26

      Good to know you can share your opinion without insulting people. . .

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