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Changing tracks: Monte-Carlo 14th May 2010, 17:00

Monaco has the longest unbroken run of years as a Grand Prix venue – having held an F1 race every year since 1955. Much of the track remains the same, but there have been changes in recent years – some of which were criticised for diminishing the challenge of this unique venue.

When backmarkers strike in Monaco

Traffic will be a bigger problem at Monaco this year than it has been since 1995. The short, narrow circuit makes it hard for leaders to avoid getting tangled up in traffic – as we’ve seen several times in the past. Videos like these will be giving Red Bull and the other front runners restless […]

“HRT have got problems” – Ecclestone

HRT in practice Bernie Ecclestone says he hopes all 12 F1 teams will make it to the end of the season, but admits HRT are facing financial trouble. He told the Daily Telegraph: HRT have got problems. I will sort it out. I’d like to see 12 teams finish the season because they have made […]

Why you should watch… Superleague Formula

Racing cars in football drag? It’s a strange idea but Andy and LJH reckon it works. Here’s why.

F1 Fanatic round-up: 14/5/2010

It’s that strange Monaco Friday when there’s no F1 action going on. There is, however, a GP2 race with an intriguingly mixed-up grid thanks to rain during their qualifying session, which took place just after the second F1 practice. If you’re in Britain it’s on live at 10.15am on Eurosport 2. Here’s today’s round-up: Links […]

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