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Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Join us below to follow the Monaco Grand Prix live.

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6 comments on “Monaco Grand Prix live blog”

  1. Blog Raider
    16th May 2010, 12:27

    “Join us below to follow the Spanish Grand Prix live.” you mean the Monaco gp??

  2. why does the media and journalists keep trying to tell us what is good and what isn’t ?

    why is monaco still on the calendar ? yes it is one of the greatest circuits , may be now is the time to close it up and give it a place in the all times’ hall of fame , but back to reality this track is not what formula one should be about , whats the joy in watching 78 laps of the same procession.

    this track was built when the cars were much slower , less viewership , this is the age of speed and constant action ,so why is this track still valid ?

    this race was so awful , the FIA had to raise false alarms just to get the safety car out and give a little drama to the fans

    1. like the loose tar pit today

    2. I’ll put it this way. This track with the V8 supercars would be awersome.

      It is the aero that is the problem.

  3. I don’t think a genuine racing fan should be thrilled at watching this race . It might be a one off occasion but the result obtained from this events count towards the championship.

    78 laps of boredom ? pfffttt!!!

  4. Why is Monaco on the calendar? F1 is an expensive sport, as we all know, and the money needs a weekend of enjoyment. Monte Carlo or China or Hungary? If you had a yacht and suntan oil, where would you like to spend a weekend?

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