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What did you think of the Monaco Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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133 comments on “Rate the race: Monaco”

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  1. Does anyone else think that Trulli is getting very frustrated – his accident in Brazil with Sutil when he lost his temper even though it was probably his fault and now this rather rash, misjudged attempt to decapitate Karun?

    1. That was a nasty crash like that Coulthard-Wurz one a couple of years back. Thankfully Chandhok is alright.

  2. Just give Schumacher a good car and you will see what he can do.
    this man is coming from another world.

  3. polishboy808
    16th May 2010, 15:32

    I love Barrichelos steering wheel incident, hope he doesn’t get fined for it, it’s quite understandable that after a failure like that the driver would be mad, lucky Karun that nothing happened to his car…. Until later that is.

    1. You automatically get fined for not re-attaching your steering wheel….

      1. polishboy808
        16th May 2010, 17:56

        i know that but I mean extra.

  4. Lots of respect for those drivers racing around the track and keeping their cars in one piece.

    Obviously from a racing perspective a boring race. Therefore rated it a 2. The incidents were the only highlights, but I am not watching a race to see incidents, I want to see cars overtake and try to outrun each other. The only real overtaking was Schumi on Alonso in the last corner.

  5. What happened to Kobayashi. I know the Sauber was destined to not finish because it is an unreliable dog, but why didn’t anyone see him pull off. Even the BBC commentators wanted to know.

    1. Another moment the director managed to miss! I did not even see a replay of it.

  6. For me it was 7 out of 10. High points were the start, Webber and Kubica doing great laps. Nice moment with Schumi getting past Alonso, sparking some after race entertainment.

    Low marks for the coverage. The replays were OK, but not getting even 1 single incident was pretty dull. Missed Button, Missed H├╝lkenberg, missed DiGrassi stopping, missed Glock parking, missed Trulli/Chandhok.

    Almost as entertaining as seeing Alonso looking glum during Qualifying yesterday.

  7. Webber has really made me eat my words. Two stunning, flawless drives, this latest even more impressive.

  8. K. Chandra Shekhar
    16th May 2010, 15:52

    The WOW moment of the race Schumi overtaking Alonso. Just loved it. I fell from my chair laughing.

  9. 2 out of 10. I’m amazed how people can give 10 to this kind of boring procession when a Ferrari struggles to pass a Virgin. It was going to be a 1 but schumi’s last lap was good.

  10. There we go again… OMG the race did not have a 1000001 overtakes so it was boring!!111one1! Just like last race, sure it might not have been the most exiting race ever but I didn’t find it boring. Actually, it was a pretty standard monaco grand prix if I think about it. And for those overtake-happy guys, go sit next to a highway, plenty of overtakes there.

  11. 7

    Lots of incidents, but otherwise a boring procession. The coverage was a nightmare. No, i don’t want to look at a Martini Board 1000s of times >.>

    Oh and Legard is the worst commementator the BBC has ever had…

    1. Well they’ve only had two if you dont count when Murray was awol

      1. Not just in Formula 1…

  12. No passing, a lot of safety cars meaning no action, and a rather processional race. 9 out of 10!

    In Monaco, the drivers are pushed to the limit, one mistake and they are out, the track is a piece of artwork surrounded by some of the most incredible scenery in the world, and the stands where full of fans, in fact so where the buildings. Even the marshals were good, did you see how fast they cleared the track?!?

    Maybe there wasn’t 82 passes, but I’d trade 82 passes at any Tilkedrome for 2 passes at Monaco any day!

  13. If I had to judge this race from a racing point of view, 3-4. But because of the spectecular crashes, I’ve bumped it up to 6. Trulli’s and Karun’s crash was ‘amazing’. At least, some people still have the balls to attempt an overtake.

  14. Mark Hitchcock
    16th May 2010, 16:31

    For a dry race in Monaco it was good. Couple of big crashes, Alonso doing a bit of overtaking at the start, Webber, Vettel and Kubica swapping fastest laps towards the end, Schumacher’s move on Alonso.

    I’m not sure what people were expecting when they say things like “boring formula one has returned”. This is Monaco. There’s never any overtaking and rarely much action, that’s not what Monaco is about.


  15. We had a first part with enjoyable overtakings by Alonso in the back of the group, then after the pit stops and Barrichello’s crash it became the usual Monaco procession. It wasn’t so boring after all. IMO it deserves a 7.

  16. I gave it a 7, various incidents kept it ticking along. Alonso at the start of the race was incredible to watch (and di Grassi too), I’m slightly disappointed Kubica couldn’t get close to Vettel but apart from that it kept me entertained.

  17. Can’t really give any Monaco race less than 7, and this was an eventful one most of the way through.

    Memorable interview on the BBC Forum with a dripping Webber who’d just been fished out of the harbour, great stuff.

  18. HounslowBusGarage
    16th May 2010, 17:26

    Well I sort of agree with Steph about the poor TV coverage. But there wasn’t much happening at the front in the early laps, so I was happy to watch Alonso gobbling up the minnows at the back. Look at it the other way round; if we’d been watching the front runners with nothing happening at all, and Martin Brundle had been telling us how Alonso was passing this driver and being held up by that driver and shaking his fist etc, I would have been screaming at the telly “Bloody show it then!”
    And I sort if agree with Ned Flanders too – lots of boring bits with flashes of excitement. But that’s what F1 is, isn’t it? Gave it 5 points; medium.

  19. Well, I really don’t like Monaco.
    I didn’t find that race interesting. I hate safety cars.
    That’ll be 3 for me…

  20. lewis hamilton said it all, could have been boring to watch, because of few opportunities to overtake,and just driving lap after lap, doesn’t make for exciting racing, I must admit he’s not wrong with the exception of the crashes and safety car found it very boring and processional,Again like last year with Brawn at the beginning of the season, a fast Red Bull is going to dominate every race, must admit i fell asleep, having said that Mark Webber deserved to win,television coverage as usual was rubbish, missed so much. Bring back ITV!! Presentation on BBC needs a lot of improvement.

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