Over 100 F1 Twitter accounts to follow

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Championship leader Mark Webber is one of 12 active F1 drivers on Twitter
Championship leader Mark Webber is one of 12 active F1 drivers on Twitter

I’ve updated the F1 Twitter Directory which now boasts over 100 genuine F1-related Twitter accounts to follow.

Teams and drivers

As more drivers and team personnel have set up their own accounts I’ve split this section up by team to make it easier to navigate.

So far Lotus appear to have the most official Twitter accounts with eight including one driver, team owner Tony Fernandes and technical director Mike Gascoyne.

Williams have six and Virgin boast five.

Other F1 Twitter accounts

Four F1 circuits now have their own Twitter accounts and several people working for Codemasters on “F1 2010” are on the list as well.

You can also find accounts for 17 former F1 drivers including Romain Grosjean and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Other championships

As so many GP2 drivers end up in F1 I thought it made sense to include all the accounts I could find for F1’s leading feeder series as well.

A recent article on IndyCars here showed we have quite a few reader who follow that category, and as it often features ex-F1 drivers I’ve included a list of IndyCar accounts too.

F1 Fanatics on Twitter

I’d like to add a list for F1 Fanatic readers next, so if you’ve got a Twitter account and would like to share it with the rest of us please post details below and I’ll add an F1 Fanatics list to the directory soon.

Check out the F1 Twitter Directory now!

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  • 47 comments on “Over 100 F1 Twitter accounts to follow”

    1. I’ve been waiting for this, now I’ve finallyyyy set up my twitter.


      And by the way Keith, you’ve got a great list going, keep it up :D

      1. @TommyB89

        Absolutely love Twitter, so great for F1 fans to chat and share stories :)

        1. @Scrib3d

          I was really unsure about it at the start but I’ve definatley come round

    2. I’m on twitter (click my username above) but I’m not saying much at the moment, mostly just the odd reply to other tweets, as a bit busy with work and home stuff at the mo. I used to tweet news items but realised I was just regurgitating stuff so a bit pointless for me really. My own opinions will be coming soon though. I mostly follow a lot of the F1 accounts above and the F1 media stuff, but I’m becoming more interested in fans opinions too.

      Otherwise, I follow MotoGP, American Football, and Science accounts… and mostly tweet from my Google Android phone, an HTC Hero.

      ps. Gone through a few name changes too, but I think I’ll be sticking with this one.

    3. Love these twitter pieces; they’re very handy!
      I’m on @stephfarnsworth

    4. @mattclinch

      all things F1, design and visualisation based.

    5. Mine is @f1givesyouwings ! A bit of Red Bull bias though :)

    6. Am I the only one who finds this Twitter-mania totaly ridiculous and mostly useless?
      I’m a huge racing fan, but why would I care for what Mark Webber tweets about? (or any other driver) Seriously.

      Webber: “In Nice now, just about to hit the hay,in position to try and get to Uk tomorrow”

      Hahha, come on, who cares?

      1. There is a fair bit of dross on some accounts, but you can get some excellent insights from it as well. After Monaco Chandhok was Tweeting about his crash, and there was an interesting exchange between Adam Cooper and Rubens Barrichello – Cooper was showing Barrichello photographs of his accident site and trying to get a handle on whether the drain cover might have contributed to it.

        1. Have to completely agree with Keith here, you can get some fantastic insights, and very up to the minute news as well, that you might not be party to for a good few days if you just read the websites (f1fanatic.co.uk excluded… as its pretty awesome for fast news)… also allows for some good banter between like minded fans.

    7. @runoffarea is me. Follow for the F1 news too false to be published elsewhere! (Except Planet-F1, obviously).

      1. already a huuuge fan of your blog and follower on twitter.

      2. Huge fan of yours Andy!

        I’m almost always laughing on my own since nobody in my house watches F1, except for me.

        Some of the things could learn a thing or two by reading your blog (Really they could!)

        Your site and F1 Fanatic are my two most visited sites and I mean that in the least stalker-ish way possible! :P

    8. I’m @Dan_Thorn. Perhaps I should have been more original but hey-ho! I don’t tweet that often but when I do it’s usually something to do with F1, motorsport in general or the terrible standard of drivers in Weston-super-Mare.

    9. This is great Keith. Would be interesting to see all the updates n opinion from all the F1 Fanatic fans. This is my details : cmike_f1

      Cheers !

    10. @mcmercslr is the place to go!

    11. Nathan Bradley
      20th May 2010, 10:58


      Although I don’t tweet a lot, mostly just follow.

      Drop me a message if you want to talk F1!

      Great directory Keith :)


    12. Peter Cackett
      20th May 2010, 11:22


      Don’t really post much, more a follower of anything Motorsport related :) .



    13. I use twitter solely for F1 purposes… and it’s awesome! I love the behind the scenes pictures that the teams put up, and seeing what the drivers get up to in their spare time.


    14. @IrishKimiFan is my username
      pretty much tweet on all motorsports

    15. Guilherme Teixeira
      20th May 2010, 12:09

      Ok Keith, you gave me enough reason to create a Twitter account…

      What a pain it was to find a username though! Had to go with @Guilherme_Mach

      1. Welcome to Twitter Guilherme!

    16. michael bradshaw
      20th May 2010, 12:21

      mine is @michaelf1fan if anyway wants to add me up! also people should activate the twitter mobile thing. i get all updates from drivers and teams(the ones that have twitter accounts and keith also. cheers for the tweets by the way… they help when i cant get near a radio or tv to watch practice.

    17. Didn’t think to include this before but should anyone be interested in following me in a non-F1 capacity there’s also http://twitter.com/keithcollantine

    18. I created a Twitter account precisely for this reason, to follow F1. It’s great that Keith, James Allen, Adam Cooper, Joe Saward, Autosport, etc. use Twitter to post links to new stuff because it makes it simple to keep track of everything. Not so much a fan of the drivers’ and teams’ ones because it’s mostly just other stuff and I don’t have the time to trawl thought every single one!

      I dislike Twitter as a social networking tool, though. I know it’s like sending people quick texts, and that’s good, but we already have Facebook, as much as that has gone downhill overall over the years. I’m also conscious of it as a fad. But I do like that it’s a bit more private than Facebook, so why not:


      I have to approve of anyone who wants to follow me, so let me know you’re from F1Fanatic!

    19. keith! claire williams has changed her account to-

    20. Okay, okay, I’ve finally set up an account as well.
      Damn you Keith!!!

      @Caccarella (two c’s for the twitta account)

    21. macahan2000 is my acct. Mostly tweet about F1 occasionally some indycar. Following F1 and indycar drivers and teams plus numerous racing news sites and a few F1 fans. There is @loismarketing on there whom every Monday at 3pm GMT-6 runs #f1chat where she will ask questions and fans can join in talk about and cuss and discuss. Usually last 1.5-2 hours. Great fun.

    22. Follow @watsontom91 for misguided opinions and rubbish satire :-)

    23. @AnF1Blog_com is my username Keith!

    24. @Enigmaf1 (comment too short)

    25. I’m a huge F1 Fan. Follow it closely.

      I also run a meetup locally for racing enthusiasts, where we talk motorsports – mostly F1 – and we meet and race as well, Karts mostly – http://www.racingmeetup.com.

      I’m on Twitter @ racingmeetup

      Your newsletter is something I look forward to everyday. Great job Keith!


    26. I tweet from time to time although have been inactive for a while. Mainly just give opinions on F1.

      1. Forgot to put my twitter is the same as my username flamer_92

    27. Thanks Keith for the definitive Twitter List, I probably follow about half of those.
      For Webber-centric chatter and other things I’m @Kateafan

    28. My name is @lookingspiffy and I am a Twitter based F1 fanatic.

      /poor attempt at witticism

    29. @CraigWoollard92

      I already have a few, but hope to add one or two more :P

    30. @ wasiFormula1

      really loved to hear from the F1 drivers & also fellow members from F1F.

    31. Also make sure not to miss @BreakingAuto for hilarious satirical F1 and auto industry tweets.


    32. im on there im @ratonedge I tweet about everything, F1, BTCC, work, friends and everything else mostly at random

    33. RedBullRacer
      22nd May 2010, 4:43

      I’m on Twitter as @F1_MHM
      Mainly just tweet about F1, occasionally MotoGP or other motorsports…plus the odd tweet about something totally random. I love Twitter as a tool for following F1, it’s great that so many teams and drivers are getting in on the act nowadays!

    34. My Twitter username is @lacanta and use it for, among other things, live commenting on F1 practise sessions and LMS sessions.

    35. Please add me to your list – @alexjsnell

      We’ve swapped messages a couple of times now – I’m the chap who’s going to all the races this year.

      And to all those twitter doubters, just give it a whirl – the more you put in the more you’ll get out of it, trust me!

      1. oops!
        My apologies – I’m on it already! (in the oz list).
        Cheers very muchly! :)

      2. the more you put in the more you’ll get out of it, trust me!

        That’s a very good way of putting it!

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