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Championship leader Mark Webber is one of 12 active F1 drivers on Twitter
Championship leader Mark Webber is one of 12 active F1 drivers on Twitter

I’ve updated the F1 Twitter Directory which now boasts over 100 genuine F1-related Twitter accounts to follow.

Teams and drivers

As more drivers and team personnel have set up their own accounts I’ve split this section up by team to make it easier to navigate.

So far Lotus appear to have the most official Twitter accounts with eight including one driver, team owner Tony Fernandes and technical director Mike Gascoyne.

Williams have six and Virgin boast five.

Other F1 Twitter accounts

Four F1 circuits now have their own Twitter accounts and several people working for Codemasters on “F1 2010” are on the list as well.

You can also find accounts for 17 former F1 drivers including Romain Grosjean and Juan Pablo Montoya.

Other championships

As so many GP2 drivers end up in F1 I thought it made sense to include all the accounts I could find for F1’s leading feeder series as well.

A recent article on IndyCars here showed we have quite a few reader who follow that category, and as it often features ex-F1 drivers I’ve included a list of IndyCar accounts too.

F1 Fanatics on Twitter

I’d like to add a list for F1 Fanatic readers next, so if you’ve got a Twitter account and would like to share it with the rest of us please post details below and I’ll add an F1 Fanatics list to the directory soon.

Check out the F1 Twitter Directory now!

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