F1 to race in Texas, USA in 2012

Keke Rosberg won F1's only previous race in Texas in 1984

Keke Rosberg won F1's only previous race in Texas in 1984

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed Formula 1 will return to the United States of America in 2012.

But, despite much speculation about a race being held in or near New York, the destination for F1’s next US Grand Prix is Austin in Texas.

According to Formula1.com a ten-year deal will see F1 race in Austin from 2012 to 2021.

Ecclestone said:

For the first time in the history of Formula One in the United States, a world-class facility will be purpose-built to host the event.
Bernie Ecclestone

The race is being organised by Full Throttle Promotions. Managing partner Tavo Hellmund said:

We realise that over the last 30 years there have been one or two missing pieces from the previous editions of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

We have a tremendous opportunity at hand to do it right – to feature Austin as the backdrop and produce the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix as one of the great sporting events in the world.
Tavo Hellmund

The promotion company say further details on the race will be announced shortly. At the moment there is no information on exactly where the track will be or who it will be designed by, though it would a surprise if anyone other than Hermann Tilke got the job.

F1 raced on a temporary street circuit in Dallas, Texas, in 1984, but never returned to the venue. The United States Grand Prix was last held at the Indianpolis road course from 2000 to 2007.

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255 comments on F1 to race in Texas, USA in 2012

  1. Luis Salvatierra said on 25th May 2010, 22:14

    As a resident of Oklahoma I will be happy to drive 8 hours to see the race. This is good news for the US and definitely for Formula 1.

  2. Dipak T said on 25th May 2010, 22:18

    Right, this could be fantasic if:

    2. Build a high speed blast through the hills, full of slipstreamin potential. Its something weve missed since Hockenheim was brutally murdered, and I think it would be just the thing to capture US attention. Not and oval, but in the same sort of ultimate speed principle. So yeah, simple track, long straights, actual overtaking chicanes and a proper compromised low downforce setup.

    • Prisoer Monkeys said on 25th May 2010, 23:00

      What slipstream potential? We haven’t had slipstreaming since the 1980s. It’s the aerodynamic regulations that cause this, not the circuits.

      Once again, I see the fans attack the most obvious target, blissfully unaware that they’re storming the wrong city.

      • Gerdoner said on 25th May 2010, 23:13

        Meh, forgot to enter my email address, so my whole post was deleted.
        In short:
        I agree with PM.
        Just because Tilke doesn’t make a new circuit doesn’t mean it’ll be any better. The designer still has to follow the FIA rules, which makes corners as the Eau Rouge or the corkscrew impossible. Still, I think some competition would be good ;)

      • Dipak T said on 26th May 2010, 18:42

        PM hes done 12 F1 traks, from my last count, and made alterations to many other. Even if he was brilliant, that sort of monopoly on track design is seriously not good for F1, i think even you can see that.

        And secondly, have you noticed how tracks are moving towards mid to high downforce setup. There are two low downforce tracks, Spa and Monza. Another one couldnt do any harm, we need vairety in tracks, cars designers, teams and drivers.

        Even though the rules are stupidly restrictive, its for the good of F1 that someone other than Tilke gets the gig, I dont get why you cant see this!

  3. Magnificent Geoffrey said on 25th May 2010, 22:31

    I’ve only just woken up to this news but this completely blows my mind. Formula 1 going deep into the American South? I really really hope this works!

    • Scribe said on 25th May 2010, 22:35

      That seems to be the generall reaction. Seems like Austin isn’t typical deep south Nascar land though.

  4. Butzi73 said on 25th May 2010, 22:42

    I think this is fantastic news. I would have loved for F1 to come out to Laguna Seca or Sears Point where I live in the San Francisco area, but Texas is a lot closer then NY and this makes it a real likelihood that I will get to see F1 in person soon.

    Austin is not like the rest of Texas from what I hear and I think the international fans will be pleasantly surprised by the culture there. It is probably a lot more progressive and cultured then Indianapolis.

  5. schooner said on 25th May 2010, 22:49

    Here’s my prediction:
    Lewis Hamilton will win the inaugural USGP in Austin,TX.
    On the way back to his hotel suite after the event, he’ll celebrate by thrilling some onlookers with smoky burnouts and donuts in his AMG Mercedes courtesy car. On a public road.
    He will NOT get arrested.
    More likely that he’ll be presented with the Key to the City! :)
    Go Austin!

  6. Mark Maloney said on 25th May 2010, 22:58

    Talk about surprised; I live in Austin and nobody in Austin knew about it even being in the works. I just said last week that the Monaco Grand Prix was my dream vacation. Funny, now people might be thinking the same about my home town; to a lesser degree, of course.

  7. Electrolite said on 25th May 2010, 23:00

    Eat your heart out, Hermann…



  8. Richard said on 25th May 2010, 23:15

    For all of those wondering how much America cares about F1…

    ESPN Sportscenter (the premier sports highlight and news show) just ran a brief 15 second segment on the news of the new USGP. However, they did not even have footage of F1, instead showing video footage of an Indycar race.

    Maybe it is a licensing rights issue, or the national media just doesn’t really care.

    I am personally disappointed with the announcement. I think Austin is a great city, but it is just not the right place for a race. Texas is so vast and the population density is so low compared with the East and West coasts. I just don’t see people traveling and attendance being poor.

    • Glenn said on 26th May 2010, 2:12

      So say you I have local group of guys here in Miami, Fl (40 guys) who upon hearing this news are already planning our trip for. I am sure the sheer number of road car clubs and endless SCCA clubs around the US are doing the same.. You are talking about the US here.. Where a regular Nascar race sees upwards of 200,000 people in the stands… And the 12hrs at Sebring brought in approx 90,000 people and Sebring if you look on a map in the dead middle of FLorida with the closest big city being Miami about 120 miles away.. SPEED will be all over this and the event will be huge.

      There is a saying in Texas, “Go Big or Go Home”

    • Adam Tate said on 26th May 2010, 5:27

      Richard, did you even read the article. 4 of the 10 LARGEST cities in the whole U.S. are within a couple hours of the race site. Just as much population density as the West or East coast, and let’s face it, it’s about time something cool went to the heart of the country instead of hugging the coastline for dear life.

      • Richard said on 26th May 2010, 13:04

        Texas is 28th in population density of the US. Not to mention significantly less than any east coast or midwest state.


        So, yes i did read the article.

        • ATX said on 26th May 2010, 18:43

          That’s a very misleading statistic. Texas is bigger than the other lower 48 states. While much of the population is, in reality, concentrated in the larger metropolitan areas of Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin; your statistic incorporates the vast and relatively sparcely populated western portion of the state.

  9. Prisoer Monkeys said on 25th May 2010, 23:37

    I’m excited for it – I love a new circuit – but I’m a bit bemused as to how this is going to work. Given the expenses involved in shipping everything everywhere, it makes sense that the United States Grand Prix will be twinned with the Canadian Grand Prix as a flyaway leg. But Austin is a full 24 hours’ drive from Montreal. I suppose the races could be held two weeks apart with the teams driving cross-country to Austin, but how many of them would be receptive to that? Surely this would just create a situation where Austin is consider a flyaway race in the middle of a flyaway leg.

    Another potential solution would be to twin it with Interlagos on the final leg of the championship – the late-October/early-November weather in Austin would make this possible (unlike in Montreal), so adding it into the string of flyaway races might work.

    • Gman said on 26th May 2010, 2:32

      Yeah, but in October/November, football (the American kind) is KING in Texas, and pretty much anywhere else in America as well. Having the race that late would be a major blunder in my view.

  10. Salty said on 25th May 2010, 23:38

    Texas – marvellous! Her indoors is half Texican, so just got free accomodation to a GP, whilst visiting her daddy… Total win/win for us(me!).

    Only slightly skewed aspect was location in Texas. Dallas/Fort Worth has the largest infrastructure in the South. Guessing Tavo Hellmund has a personal affection for Austin and is thus pushing it’s profile in this, but believe a US Grand Prix should represent just that, a big flashy reflection of the US of A. Is Austin really the place to do that? Last time I checked, Austin, to most of us auto-geeks, was the company that birthed the modern production car (the Seven) and signalled the nadir of taste (the Princess VDP).

    Given that even Bernie can’t afford Central Park, somewhere along Jersey City would fit the bill and provide easy access via Newark.

    Now what can be done to Herr Tilke’s rep to prevent him access to the US ;)

  11. Yukirin Boy said on 25th May 2010, 23:39

    I guess I am too cynical.
    With recent F1 history of Donington, USF1, the abort by Prodrive and (OK it had two races) Fuji amongst others – I remain unconvinced.
    I really hope that a good circuit that can show off F1 can be built in Texas and have a race in 2012. But show us the plans, the money and local support at the time of the announcement.

  12. Mark in Florida said on 25th May 2010, 23:53

    It`s good news that America is getting an F1 race.I`m very suprised that its going to be in Austin though.Austin is a great city but its not considered a racing mecca by very many people.I wonder if the New York plan fell trough financialy and Bernie being committed to bringing a race back ended up in Austin.Maybe this wont be another Donnington.It was said that this was being privately financed so I would assume that there`s still plenty of oil money around.One thing that is in Texas favor is that it is centrally located albeit in the south.It`s not too far from the high rollers in Vegas or the fans on the east coast.Hopefully the track design will be one that is memorable and not some forgetable clone.The redesigned Silverstone track seems very interesting.Lets hope that it will succeed and be a great success.

  13. Stephen_P83 said on 26th May 2010, 0:24

    Wow….GREAT NEWS!!!! I hope this happens since I live in Austin. Honestly, there isn’t much of a racing heritage here (unless you’re talking about cycling). We had an awsome karting track that got closed. There is one private sports car track and that’s it for racing in Austin. There is a fan group at the University for people to watch Grand Prix together and it’s very small. I obviously love the decision since I live here, but it’s an odd one.

    Glenn, it’s sixth street not eighth street with the night life!

    • Glenn said on 26th May 2010, 2:20

      Sorry about that.. honestly i spent a weekend there in march of 09 and by the end of the weekend i couldn’t see anymore… Either way Austin is the sheit!!

  14. tj martin said on 26th May 2010, 0:25

    Austin Texas ; Lets see . Great music . Great food . Educated . A bit of insane side to it . So whats not to like ?

    And if you read the official B. Eccelstone letter this has been n the works for a couple of years . So NJ and NY were I think a bit of a diversion tactic .

    See Ya all down there . Yee Haaw

    ” Thats right I’m not from Texas but texas wants me anyhow “

  15. Hope its an oval

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