F1 to race in Texas, USA in 2012

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Keke Rosberg won F1's only previous race in Texas in 1984
Keke Rosberg won F1's only previous race in Texas in 1984

Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed Formula 1 will return to the United States of America in 2012.

But, despite much speculation about a race being held in or near New York, the destination for F1’s next US Grand Prix is Austin in Texas.

According to Formula1.com a ten-year deal will see F1 race in Austin from 2012 to 2021.

Ecclestone said:

For the first time in the history of Formula One in the United States, a world-class facility will be purpose-built to host the event.
Bernie Ecclestone

The race is being organised by Full Throttle Promotions. Managing partner Tavo Hellmund said:

We realise that over the last 30 years there have been one or two missing pieces from the previous editions of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

We have a tremendous opportunity at hand to do it right – to feature Austin as the backdrop and produce the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix as one of the great sporting events in the world.
Tavo Hellmund

The promotion company say further details on the race will be announced shortly. At the moment there is no information on exactly where the track will be or who it will be designed by, though it would a surprise if anyone other than Hermann Tilke got the job.

F1 raced on a temporary street circuit in Dallas, Texas, in 1984, but never returned to the venue. The United States Grand Prix was last held at the Indianpolis road course from 2000 to 2007.

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  1. great another hot dry anonymous desert location with no spectators. just what F1 needed, why not just put it on the moon bernie!!! ?

    a slightly reprofiled laguna seca wouldve been my choice. or better still put all 18 races on in Britain we’ve some of the lousiest weather and most enthusiastic fans in the world. a grand prix in the lake district would be spectacular.

    1. I’d say you might need to educate yourself about Austin before you call it a “dry anonymous Desert location”


      Here ya go I’ll help you out a bit.

  2. graham228221
    26th May 2010, 10:37

    I’d love to see F1 and one of the american series race on the same track, preferably on the same weekend.

    It would be the easiest way for Indy/NASCAR to get more exposure in Europe and for F1 to start breaking into the US properly.

    BE might not like it, but I think it would be an entertaining weekend!

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      26th May 2010, 11:43

      Pffft, that’ll never happenen.

    2. Would be great, no questions.

  3. Keith I know you did it a while back, but this site has gathered a lot of momentum since then. Perhaps have a design a Austin Texas circuit? No prizes, merely pride and recognition at stake.

  4. Tilke needs the blueprints to Road America, ASAP!

  5. your quite right Glennda, the Americans are so educated about the rest of the world that i feel duty bound to educate myself about Austicks. To be fair, its not just Texass that is an anonymous dustbowl not fit for an f1 track, almost anywhere in the US of HA couldve been picked

    1. Hey I’m not claiming to be educated about the rest of the world, but I surely will try to educate myself before making a statement about something I dont know about. Apparently you have another agenda, so I will leave you to yourself, you doing an excellent job discrediting yourself on your own.

  6. thanks Glenn. no problem.

  7. Paul McCaffrey
    26th May 2010, 17:24

    I just found out and am glad to hear that the USGP will be in Austin. Totally a shock.

  8. Steven Hoover
    27th May 2010, 1:18

    I live in Austin Texas and this is huge news. Within 4 hours of Austin live 22 million people so I don’t think having people come to the race will be a problem. Texas has the world’s eleventh biggest economy and we’re just a state. Austin has lots of money and a vibe unlike anywhere else. If it happens, I think it will be very successful.

  9. I like to see Jerry Jones involved as is Mark Cuban and promote the Cypher Group as their 13th entry!!!!!!

  10. Before everyone goes gaga over this step back and ask the question. Where is the money to come from to build this facility?
    It will cost upwards of $500,000,000 when all the track related facilities and infrastructure and land acquisition is factored in. It will take promotors at least 10 yr to cover their costs and get a ROI.
    As usual Bernie has been dazzled by people of great ambition but little else. He messed up with Donington while Silverstone has built something from something.
    The lesson here was to do something about Indy or do something with an existing facility to bring it up to a standard that the FIA could approve.
    My bet is this will die an early death and we will never see a race there.

  11. SF Bay Area F1 Fan
    27th May 2010, 20:17

    What a shame! Austin, TX, a poser wannabe City, hosting something as global and glamorous as an F1 race. Bernie’s showing his age…

    By the way, PJA, please note that NASCAR does run on a regular, non-oval circuit at Sears Point Raceway (aka Infineon Raceway) in Sonoma, CA, and not surprisingly, JP Montoya usually does well at that track.

    If a new circuit must be built, why not build it in a non-hickster metropolis like San Francisco, LA, New York, or even Florida? I live in San Francisco, and know that the steep varied terrain here, combined with unpredictable weather, would give us exciting races. Add the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco’s hills and cable cars, the wine country, and wealth from Silicon Valley and THE highest average education level in the country (Berkeley and Stanford are both here), and you will get the next ‘it’ F1 event.

    By the way, not all of us drive Priuses in San Francisco. No, we respect people’s choices. My neighbor has a Prius and a guppy-looking Lexus hybrid. I park my Audi R8 V10 and my Ford F-350 diesel (with dual rear axle) right next to his cars, and we both respect each others’ choices.

    Finally, why not just take Laguna Seca and upgrade it? It is one of the most exciting tracks in the world, just an hour south of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and has the famous corkscrew turn. (For y’all Texas hicks, a corkscrew is what y’all use to open this thing called a wine bottle; wine does not go well with crawfish and chewing tobacco, so y’all just keep on moving).

    1. f1 new neighbor
      17th April 2011, 4:59

      To bad California is too broke to make that happen anymore…by the way – Texas has surpassed the silicon valley in tech head quarters, and there are more than hicks in Texas, and especially in Austin. Ever been to Austin? Way more to offer than the Bay Area, but no point in thinking about it now – the 400 million dollar project is already underway. See you in Texas in 2012!

  12. http://en.espnf1.com/f1/motorsport/story/21905.html

    Read the last quote. Just what is the Bernmeister smokin’? 100m in 7 secs? uh… no… we can say definitively that you are incapable.

    It is hard to envision how such early threats are an appropriate incentive to get it right. Penalty clauses are probably useless against an organization that will fade into the night if it fails, only to reassemble somewhere else. All these threats do is create an unnecessary spectacle and give the sport even less leverage against the dominant motorsports.

    and as witnessed with the USF1 debacle… early threats chase away sponsors, which create a vicious cycle.

    come on Bernie… you can do better!

  13. wherever is the track if they put Herman Tilke to make it will be a beautiful place with a horrible track.

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