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What did you think of the Turkish Grand Prix? Rate the race and leave a comment below:

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125 comments on “Rate the race: Turkey”

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  1. Mark Hitchcock
    30th May 2010, 16:24

    Great race. Rated it 8, but thinking a bit more about it, maybe it deserved a 9.

    As I said on the live blog, for much of the race the battle for the lead was very exciting despite no overtaking. The gap was opening up and closing again visibly throughout the lap and it was fascinating.
    Then came the red bull crash crash, and hamilton and button’s battle.

    Once again, anyone expecting much more than that in a dry race needs to watch a different series.

  2. 8/10 for me. There was tension through the whole race, which exploded twice. I can see this being a very divisive racre though – some appreciate tension like this, whreas others just want to see action.

  3. Probably the best race to be held on a Tilke designed circuit. The best race at Turkey. It could be the last race in Turkey too.

    1. I doubt that Yes there were less crowd on track but they were more than last year & one shouldn’t forget it it Bernie’s favorite track.

      With that piece of action I believe that this track will be in F1 in the near future, they just need to make F1 popular in Turkey.

  4. Pretty good race from the drama that unfolded – my heart was thumping like mad during the Hamilton-Button battle!

  5. 8/10 for me as well. I loved the tension, there was geniue racing between Mclaren and Redbull. It would have been perfect 10 if rain came down as well. From what I read in Turkish forums, it had poured with rain in places close to circuit around the halfway mark. Not the light showers teams were expecting but proper rain.

  6. Great race but what happened with Schu? 4th is a decent finish but at one point he was 33 seconds behind button and finished more than 30 seconds after Hamilton. Surely he can manage a better pace than that? There’s definitely some good defensive strategy at work in holding off the rest of the pack but I expected him to be a little closer to the race leaders.

    1. Thats the car, not Schu’s fault. If you think how much faster the McLaren was down the straight, an how much faster the Redbull was throught turn 8 it’s no suprise really that the margin opened up.

      More confirmation if needed that Button was completely right to go to McLaren, 30seconds ahead come the end of the race, plus clear an obvious fuel saving at the end. Still Mercedes shouldn’t be judged till next year when they get the chance to build a car in a stable budgeted state.

  7. The single best part of the whole race was the McLarens side-by-side through 5 or 6 corners. I can’t be the only one reminded of two other world champions going wheel-to-wheel like that when they were teammates.
    The clip should be played for the drivers before all future races to remind them it IS possible to go off-line and race side-by-side, and survive to do another lap!

  8. Great race!! Even though there wasn’t that much overtaking I could feel my heart pounding, it was really exciting to see the leading four cars close to one another swapping fastest laps, the excitement I think was purely in the fact that I was waiting for something to happen. I felt a real suspense from the start till the end. Best race in a long time as far as I’m concerned :D

  9. Great action. Ok, there wasn’t overtaking every lap, but that is not what F1 is about. F1 is about the build up, the attack, the defence and then eventually the passing attempt and following that whether it sticks or if the passed driver can counter-attack to regain his place. We saw all of this today. Enormous credit has to go to Jenson and Lewis for giving great racing without touching [significantly]. Christian Horner should sit down with Webber and Vettel and say “that is how you race your team-mate”.

  10. Pretty good race, I gave it a 7(would never give a 10). The WDC is really shaping up to be epic. Development will be key. Mclaren are closer but may struggle on high aero circuits like Silverstone. Mercedes and Renault are improving but still have a substantial gap to RBR. One can feel the chill settling over the Ferrari garage.

    12 races to go and the teamate battles are beginning to rage. Team principals keeping the drivers ego’s in check may make the difference. Wouldn’t want that job as there are some massive ego’s involved here. Can’t wait for the Canuck GP which always produces an exciting race.

  11. Well, I think that’s one of the first real classic races we’ve seen in a very long long time.

    In the dry, tight battle all the way at the front, pit stop strategy and mind games with Red Bull countering McLaren’s stop, real overtaking with drivers fighting back after overtakes.

    Some real good moves. Fantastic driving with Lewis and Jenson.

    I’m genuinely impressed. Is Formula 1 back???

  12. what are u waiting from a race ? i think i found everything at this race what i waitin for.. webber or vettel not alone at the race.. 4 cars race with each other at the head of the race.. i think it was better than monaco because it was not like a race it was like a boring movie..i m sorry about ferrari and redbull.. congratulations mclaren… 8/10 certainly everybody will remember this race at the end of the season especially redbull and mclaren fanss …

  13. A deserving 8.
    The best race of the season next to Australia. Just explain what didn’t happened on this race.That lap 40 was exciting. Did you guys saw that live when Vettel & Webber collided as the ESPN in Asia went for a commercial break which was pretty frustrating. Again the fight between the Mclaren’s drivers really had my heart in my mouth when they fought down to turn 1.

  14. It was a good race, quite apart from the own goal scored by Vettel. Naturally disappointed that Webber didn’t win, but it was good to see four people out the front battling it out, and a genuine pass for the lead – when did we last see that?

    1. Indeed but perhaps Webber ‘was’ actually a big winner in today’s race, both in terms of his gap to Vettel and the amount of fans he has won around the world in the last 24hrs.

  15. Vettel decided that all team decisions were now his and he screwed up. Lucky no-one was hurt. An argument cannot supercede this unless instructions were given to take the spot under any conditions. Webber should be talking in AM to team manager about the future of his health under these cicumstances.

  16. First half was very boring

    Second half was very good

    1. And your reasons for this succinct analysis?

  17. STRFerrari4Ever
    31st May 2010, 9:29

    I personally don’t agree with all the comments regarding it as a dull race. If you watched it from the start to the very end you would’ve appreciated the sheer quality the top 4 guys were showing. Putting in fast & consistent laps for a long period whilst they were under pressure from the car behind was a joy to watch. 8/10 for me the two RBR’s colliding prevented a possible grand-stand finish.

  18. F1’s all about what could happen, for me. There was always the chance of someone making a mistake or whatever, either in the top 4 or the Merc/Renault/Ferrari group. And this time, for once, things did happen. Once the Red Bulls were gone, Button v Hamilton gave us more than we could have expected from two team-mates, particularly given what had just happened to the other team-mates…although I felt a bit cheated by McLaren’s “save fuel” instructions.
    A gripping race, lots of pressure and driving skill on display, and no fuel stops to distract us or the commentators – that was the best 2010 race so far.

  19. This was a great race.

    We always look to the past with rose-tinted spectacles (“look at this, wheel to wheel stuff they’re almost tocuhing… Mansell gets in there…etc”) but try to imagine Murray and Hunt commentating on today’s race and you’ll realise F1 is in good shape these days – not bad.

    We don’t need overtaking every 5 minutes to make a great race. Keep races long. Stay away Briatore!

  20. 9 for me. Thoroughly enjoyable race and a pleasure to watch Webber get a gap through Turn 8 and then Hamilton get back on him the rest of the lap.

    Thoughts on what this race indicates for how to improve the racing in general (and mentioned in the excellent earlier discussions on this topic):

    1. FIA to reduce the allowed fuel – it’s now clear that the VET/WEB and BUT/HAM dices were due to different engine settings. Lowering the allowed fuel load would encourage different strategies (take it easy early and push hard later vs. go hard then dial back). Equivalent of a race long “push to pass” and plays to environmental concerns too.

    2. Publish the engine settings so we know who’s dialled up and who’s conserving.

    3. For the “show” ensure full interviews available with drivers involved in an incident BEFORE the PR minders take over. (There is so much that could be done with the coverage to improve the show without putting it all on the teams, particularly the parallel use of online as the live blog on this site shows)

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