Webber and Vettel lose one-two finish for Red Bull after collision (Poll)

Vettel spins off after colliding with team mate Webber

Vettel spins off after colliding with team mate Webber

Red Bull threw away a potential one-two finish in the Turkish Grand Prix after their drivers collided while leading.

Sebastian Vettel had pulled alongside team mate Mark Webber on the straight approaching turn 12 when the two made contact.

The collision put Vettel out on the spot. Mark Webber continued but had to pit to replace a damaged front wing and eventually finished third.

The pair were under pressure from Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren when they hit each other, and the accident let Hamilton by into the lead.

Vettel went down the inside of Webber as they blasted from turn 11 to turn 12. As Vettel drew past he moved towards Webber and the pair made contact. Vettel spun off with a burst tyre.

Afterwards Vettel said:

I was able to go quicker the two or three laps before. I had the corner on the left and was just trying to focus on braking point and all of a sudden I lost the car. You can see on the television we made contact.

I’m not kind of guy that pushes all the fault to one guy we are a team.
Sebastian Vettel

Webber explained what happened in the press conference:

Seb had big top speed advantage, he went down the inside and we were side by side for a while.

The he turned pretty quick right and we made contact. It happened very, very fast. It’s a shame for the team, it’s obviously not an ideal day.

There was long way to go in race, it wasn’t a guaranteed victory. But but it was an interesting few metres and in the end it wasn’t the result either of us want.
Mark Webber

Team boss Christian Horner said he was “disappointed” by the collision, adding “we handed 43 points to McLaren on a plate.”

Afterwards Lewis Hamilton said Vettel’s move on Webber was the same as one Vettel made on him when he tried to pass Vettel at the same place earlier in the race.

Who do you blame for the Red Bull collision?

  • Sebastian Vettel (75%)
  • Mark Webber (8%)
  • Both of them (14%)
  • Neither (3%)

Total Voters: 4,338

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416 comments on Webber and Vettel lose one-two finish for Red Bull after collision (Poll)

  1. The Nude Wizard said on 30th May 2010, 15:06

    Vettel’s gotta go. Hitting a team mate is unforgivable.

  2. djdaveyp said on 30th May 2010, 15:07

    Vettel is a great fast driver, but he doesn’t have the full package yet. This incident was completely his fault. He is too hot headed under pressure and he loses control, he can’t possibly win a championship until he addresses this.

  3. MouseNightshirt said on 30th May 2010, 15:08

    Vettel has too many high stakes collisions. Remember Kubica in Oz ’09? Fuji in ’08?

    He needs to calm down. He’s going to lose more than just the one world championship if this continues?

  4. Ronman said on 30th May 2010, 15:08

    Vettel is at fault 99.9% and if i hear anyone saying Webber should have given him more space, i say go and watch nascar or something… you don’t give space as a defender, you take it away, and the guy overtaking has to make it happen.

    in this case, Vettel had space, no need to force your way into Weber, but what i think actually happened by Vet saying he was concentrated on braking and lost the car, is that he forgot that he was still side by side, he did have a speed advantage but it was not enough, as clearly Webber was still there…

    it’s a shame for the team, stupid move by Vettel, excellent recovery by Webber, and the team bosses on the pit wall shouldn’t have tapped him on his back… unless they are still a junior still learning the ropes kind of team…

    • nik said on 30th May 2010, 16:25

      100% correct. The other guys are arguing by reading from some faux rule book that says if you are outside of the braking zone and have your nose infront, the other driver must yield (how very ‘f1′ of them).

      From a racing perspective, Seb simply lost it. He was too far down the inside to make the corner cleanly, which is why he started moving over (thinking he could nudge Mark in the process). The way he approached it was never going to result in an overtake, he either had to yield and pull back around to make the turn, or hit into Mark. He picked option 2.

      • fyujj said on 30th May 2010, 17:17

        100% agree.

        The out of the track factor was people (journalists and others that don’t have anything better to do) putting pressure on Vettel without any reason for that. As if not being able to overtake a guy with the same car was a failure. Now his pride will diminish a bit and maybe he’ll cope better with these things.

    • YeaMon said on 30th May 2010, 18:40

      You people never cease to amaze me. Just because you don’t like Nascar, doesn’t mean you need to include it in every post you make. Like really, let’s try to come up with something original.

      • Ronman said on 30th May 2010, 19:19

        Sorry YeaMon, I intended Nascar cause guys there IMO have balls of titanium and overtake at the slightest chance…i never seen a Nascar driver on the defense letting the guy through sorry if it sounded negative…

  5. Mac v2 said on 30th May 2010, 15:08

    Vettel clearly thinks he deserves number 1 status, even exepecting Mark to move aside so he can get the victory and the Championship.

    Mark Did well for not yielding and showing what he should expect next time.

    • Bill said on 31st May 2010, 0:46

      Webber just assumed Vettel didn’t have position to complete the pass and would yield. Vettel assumed Webber would yield because he was a half-car length ahead.

      Stupid decision on Vettel’s part. If you don’t have a clear passing opportunity you yield to your teammate. It’s not your teammate’s responsibility to get out of your way (unless you’re Rubens at Ferrari), but yours to execute a clean pass. Vettel didn’t do that, so it’s not a question of %s like some wonks are posting above, it’s 100% Vettel’s fault for assuming far too much.

      • Paul said on 1st June 2010, 7:27

        Wrong, with the corner coming up so fast you yield otherwise you crash or push the leading car into the dirt. You cant do the latter if it’s your teammate. Mark’s fault

    • Paul said on 1st June 2010, 7:28

      Exactly the point. Mark did not give way and compromised the team. He wont be allowed to do that again.

  6. Jay Menon said on 30th May 2010, 15:10

    Bad team management, period. Christian Horner needs steel up his presence.

    This was a racing incident. I personally feel that both are at fault. We got Gary Anderson (Formerly of Jordan) out here in Asia for Star Sports. His take was that Webber should have thought about the championship and the team, let Vettel past (who did have the inside line), regroup and have a go again.

    Its easy to blame Webber, but Vettel was ahead and had the inside line…typically, Webber should have let him go..but in Webber’s defence, Vettel did look to turn in quite sharply..both are to blame!

    • Initially I thought it was a dumb move by Vettel, but I’m reading it like Jay now. Except I would disagree that Vettel turned sharply, he just headed for the braking point gently, Webber assumed they were still fighting and only gave him one lane.

      • smith said on 30th May 2010, 16:46

        Headed for the braking point gently? Are you nuts? He jinked hard and fast. It seemed like he was trying to ‘scare’ Webber out of the way.

        • DASMAN said on 30th May 2010, 19:39

          You must be blind – even Brundle said the cars appeared to merge together. There was no jinking as you suggest.

  7. dragon said on 30th May 2010, 15:10

    Does anyone know where I can hear/see Horner’s comments? I’m very interested. Mark hadn’t even had a chance to begin turning IN to the corner, so it’s not even like they steered into each other. Incredible that Eddie Jordan was defending Vettel. As Button beautifully demonstrated, brake in a straight line, take the corner up the inside and try and hold it for the following corner…and as Hamilton just as beautifully demonstrated, Mark would have attempted to get an earlier apex and re-pass back up the inside, had he been given a chance. Vettel signalling afterwards that Webber was crazy can be put down to hot anger, but if even now he still doesn’t acknowledge it was his fault…well, it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected either.

  8. Mark gave Vettel a car and a bit’s room on the inside, thats all he needs to give. Its up to Seb to work with whats he’s got to make it work.

    Vettels fault for sure for turning right….. seems he likes to push guys outta the way – remember how he tried to push Hamilton into mechanics in the pit lane a few races ago?

    • Patrickl said on 30th May 2010, 16:06


      Also don’t forget how he pushed Button into the pitlane exit at the Valencia 2009 start.

      Or how he shoved Hamilton into Webber in China after the restart.

  9. Antifia said on 30th May 2010, 15:11

    Webber was clearly going slower into the next corner and when Vettel put his car alongside, he tried to squeeze the German out of the track. Webber’s wife (David Coultard) saw it differently…but what would you expect?

    • Patrickl said on 30th May 2010, 16:07

      Initially Webber squeezed Vettel yes, but that was more because he was trying to close the gap. After Vettel dove into the hole, he yielded and gave Vettel enoug space.

      Vettel had more than a car width space. That’s enough.

    • David A said on 30th May 2010, 16:39

      Webber did squeeze, but once Vettel was side by side, he left Vettel enough room to get by. Then Vettel turned right, and striaght into Webber.

      Oh, and not every single person’s opinion is a conspiracy.

  10. Mike said on 30th May 2010, 15:12

    This is being taken way out of context because a) they are team mates and b) they were leading the race.

    This was a racing incident, as Vettel said, he was concentrating on the corner and moved across, silly yes, evil no. It was no ones fault, it was just a combination of events, both drivers could have acted differently and ergo prevented the incident, but fate had the last say.

    Of course Eddie Jordan had to come on and say they it wasn’t Vettel’s fault, so now everyone thinks it was……..

    They both drover very well through the race, And neither should be persecuted for it. Personally I think Alonso’s move on Petrov is much worse, Alonso could have avoided that, but he pushed him, Petrov had a great race and Alonso ruined it.

    • Scribe said on 30th May 2010, 18:03

      Man the fact that they are teamates is the context that this is being looked at. An errr, the fact that they where teamates an leading the race makes this even more sensational

    • I thought Eddie’s argument was particularly unconvincing. He kept stating how it wasn’t Vettel’s fault, but every point he brought up contradicted what he was trying to say. Remind me not to hire EJ as my defence lawyer if I ever get charged with a crime :)

  11. Emanon said on 30th May 2010, 15:12

    For those that doubt the guilt of Vettel, have a look at a reply and watch Webber’s hands.
    He doesn’t deviate from his line !
    Someone senior need to “educate” this upstart about earning his stripes and the team comes first.
    He cost himself, Webber and the team points with a stupid, frivolous move that only exemplifies his immaturity!

  12. Salty said on 30th May 2010, 15:13

    Crazy move by Vettel. Fast driver, but lacks the judgement to overtake well. Webber will not be buddying up to him after that. Big headaches ahead for Christian Horner this season I think.

  13. KiwiF1 said on 30th May 2010, 15:16

    When Lewis made a move on Vettel, Vettel did the same thing, moved right to scare Lewis off. Lewis went back to the team and called it dangerous.

    I agree re Honer interview, ‘give each other room’ to me thats a dig at Webber… They favour Vettel in that team it feels.

    oh and Lewis’ GF… what a drip…

  14. Sam said on 30th May 2010, 15:18

    Looked more like a “dont let it happen again” pat on the back.

  15. kallan said on 30th May 2010, 15:18

    As a Vettel fan I’ve been dissapointed in his driving a few times now. He doesn’t seem to have a cool head or the patience in these situations. That said, he was in Webbers view for a good second or so, maybe Webber had enough time to nove aside and open some space, but I don’t think he was obliged to.

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