Webber and Vettel lose one-two finish for Red Bull after collision (Poll)

Vettel spins off after colliding with team mate Webber

Vettel spins off after colliding with team mate Webber

Red Bull threw away a potential one-two finish in the Turkish Grand Prix after their drivers collided while leading.

Sebastian Vettel had pulled alongside team mate Mark Webber on the straight approaching turn 12 when the two made contact.

The collision put Vettel out on the spot. Mark Webber continued but had to pit to replace a damaged front wing and eventually finished third.

The pair were under pressure from Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren when they hit each other, and the accident let Hamilton by into the lead.

Vettel went down the inside of Webber as they blasted from turn 11 to turn 12. As Vettel drew past he moved towards Webber and the pair made contact. Vettel spun off with a burst tyre.

Afterwards Vettel said:

I was able to go quicker the two or three laps before. I had the corner on the left and was just trying to focus on braking point and all of a sudden I lost the car. You can see on the television we made contact.

I’m not kind of guy that pushes all the fault to one guy we are a team.
Sebastian Vettel

Webber explained what happened in the press conference:

Seb had big top speed advantage, he went down the inside and we were side by side for a while.

The he turned pretty quick right and we made contact. It happened very, very fast. It’s a shame for the team, it’s obviously not an ideal day.

There was long way to go in race, it wasn’t a guaranteed victory. But but it was an interesting few metres and in the end it wasn’t the result either of us want.
Mark Webber

Team boss Christian Horner said he was “disappointed” by the collision, adding “we handed 43 points to McLaren on a plate.”

Afterwards Lewis Hamilton said Vettel’s move on Webber was the same as one Vettel made on him when he tried to pass Vettel at the same place earlier in the race.

Who do you blame for the Red Bull collision?

  • Sebastian Vettel (75%)
  • Mark Webber (8%)
  • Both of them (14%)
  • Neither (3%)

Total Voters: 4,338

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416 comments on Webber and Vettel lose one-two finish for Red Bull after collision (Poll)

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  1. Hatebreeder said on 30th May 2010, 16:30

    Sucks. Itz obvious. Such stunts are to be tried only when there is no one behind the 2. when there is an attacker like hamilton who looks for such chances n mistakes from the ones in front itz best to not take a risk. worst it wudve put vettel a few points short of webber in the championship leads. now with a DNF its even worse.

  2. I think Vettel was caught between a rock and a hard place.

    This is how I saw it:

    At about 47 seconds in the video you see Webber twitch the steering wheel to the left (even though Vettel was alongside him by this point). Vettel had gained from the slip stream and easily went past him however was now being driven essentially off the road by Webber. As they approached the breaking zone Vettel was brushing the white line and instinctively cut right hoping that Webber was going to do the same for the left hander. He obviously did not.

    I wonder if they would still have come together if Vettel had’nt had gone right, Vettel could easily have done an Alonso from quali and get out of shape as a result of touching the white line.

    Racing incident for me (50-50), just unfortunate it was two team mates.

  3. m77t said on 30th May 2010, 16:45

    Just look at how much Vettel’s front left tyre moves from the white line on the side of the track after initially running parallel to it. I think the bumpy track can take a small part of the blame, but clearly seb moved across on Mark way to early

  4. Umm is it just me but in that video towards the end do you see Horner saying ‘move, move’??

    Guess there’s evidence he wanted Mark to open the door for their no 1… hehe

  5. Icthyes said on 30th May 2010, 16:50

    Hearing Vettel’s explanation I think less harshly of him than I did at the time, but it was still his fault. Understandable that he was angry at the time but his hand gestures were not impressive.

  6. DaveW said on 30th May 2010, 16:53

    Re: VMM, who else thinks the low fuel biz was a canard to keep the cars from racing? Not a lie—-Maybe they had some concern, but just made a big deal of it after seeing the RBR fail. The fact that Button trod to sneak one at the end was pretty conniving. The way Hamilton slapped him back summed up hamiltons domination of his teammate this weekend.

  7. What I would love to know is how come Jenson was able to catch up with Hamilton if they were both nursing low fuel. Something funny going on there!

    Note to the other G: choose a different name, it is very confusing seeing two different G’s!

  8. Hotbottoms said on 30th May 2010, 17:10

    I’ve always been a bit of Vettel fan, but it’s ridicilous he can’t admit his mistakes. Surely Webber could’ve given him more room, but he gave Vettel enough “team mate advantage” by not blocking him in the first place.

  9. Cesar M. Martin-Saez said on 30th May 2010, 17:14

    That’s why some are calling Vettel “Mini-Schummi”, I’m afraid. Same flag, same ego, same bad manners…

    CAESAR (S.P.Q.R.).

  10. theo said on 30th May 2010, 17:15

    give webber a nascar!

  11. Dabble said on 30th May 2010, 17:18

    This is ridiculous honestly… Vettel is always critical of his team when he isn’t pole, critical of other drivers when he instigates contact or crashes. Vettel is immature and far too agressive for F1… Nascar would suit him and his crazy, over agressive, egotistic attitude. I know I’m really having a go at Vettel here but 2 months ago he was my favourite F1 driver… But after this he has shown he is nothing more than a selfish egotistical driver who can’t ever declare he’s made an error. How low of him to do that to the team and teammate! I’ve had enough of defending him, you can’t defend this incident. Completely his fault & Red Bull just lost a fan because of him (not that they’d care as long as their pretty boy doesn’t leave then all is good right?).

  12. John said on 30th May 2010, 17:21

    And Horner now says that it was Webber’s fault.

    From what happened and the rumours it appears the red bull team tried to speed Vettel up relative to Webber and then wanted/expected Webber to give him the victory.

    Personally I just don’t think Vettel is all that although he certainly thinks he is.

    Everyone always said how Hamilton was dangerous in the beginning and even still now but Vettel is much more dangerous, that move and the one on Lewis earlier shows that now he’s feeling the pressure because he’s not quite as good as people and himself thought he was and now he’s starting to crack.

    That said I think there’s something going on in McClaren – I’ve got a funny feeling the team prefer Jenson and so does Lewis and that’s why he was so glum when winning. I can’t imagine why as I still think he’s proved he’s much faster although Jenson has shown himself a worthy champion.

  13. Ade said on 30th May 2010, 17:25

    IMO Vettel’s fault.To me it’s clear, Webber gave enough room and hold his line perfectly straight, Vettel “lost control” on the straight? No, he moved to the right to take the corner, before the overtake was even finished. He should have sticked to the inside line, overtake or racing line, in that case you can’t have it both ways!

    Vettel’s fault, but Webber is going to take the blame from Horner.

  14. DaveG said on 30th May 2010, 17:30

    The vote shows it — mostly Vettel’s fault. Mark was entitled to hold his line… Vettel is immature – lets face it he has “randy mandy” stencilled on his dash – is he 16 or what? What next – furry dice?!!

  15. Whitty 123 said on 30th May 2010, 17:33

    I think they were both extremely lucky as it could have been a collosal accident. Just imagine if Vettel had flipped it, dosn’t bare thinking about. Lucky, lucky boys.

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