Red Bull’s Helmut Marko says “Webber should have let Vettel pass” (Video)

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Marko (right) believes Webber should have moved over for Vettel
Marko (right) believes Webber should have moved over for Vettel

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has reiterated his belief that Mark Webber was solely to blame for his collision with Sebastian Vettel which put both cars out of the lead of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Speaking to Speed TV Marko said:

Mark for whatever reason was slower. He was getting lap by lap slower, and Vettel was getting faster and was coming under enormous pressure from Hamilton. So if he would have stayed behind Mark, he would have been overtaken. So he had to do something. And Mark knew that he was slower, so he should have let him past.
Helmut Marko

Update: Red Bull have put out a video in which Mark Webber discusses the crash. See below.

Marko added that Vettel, who now trails Webber by 15 points in the drivers’ championship, had been “unlucky” not to score again:

It?s unbelievable how unlucky Vettel is. He showed so much speed, and if you have all these incidents it?s unbelievable how strong his morale and commitment still is. To make points in this new points system is the most important thing. And now Vettel has two zeroes.
Helmut Marko

Red Bull have come under criticism for their support of Vettel in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Team boss Christian Horner also said Webber should not have forced Vettel onto the dirty part of the track.

Most people outside the team appear to blame Vettel for the collision – including 74% in a poll of over 4,000 fans conducted by F1 Fanatic.

Webber discusses the collision rather cagily in this video for Red Bull. He said:

Unfortunately, Sebastien tried a move. For both of us, in the end, it didn’t work out for both of us and we made contact. And it’s a real shame for the team, obviously, because we lost a good opportunity to win the race. One of us could have won it and in the end we only got one third place.
Mark Webber

Vettel and Webber collide

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

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  1. Awsome. Just awesome.
    It will be AWESOME to see the team with the fastest cars on the track loosing the championship because of the awfully moronic team management.
    Marko, do are doing an awesome job! After the first four races I thought that the season will be a boring series of RBR 1-2s. Now, thanks to Marko and Horner, we will have some dispute because you two are cracking the team apart with your mindless statements.
    It will be awesome.

  2. I think at this point FIA should be investigating team orders by RBR during the Turkey Grand Prix. By continuing to insist Webber was wrong to defend his lead, Marko and Horner are effectively declaring that Webber was under ‘implicit’ instruction to let Vettel past: their complaint to Webber is that he didn’t ‘understand’ what the team wanted. That’s team orders, irrespective of whether they happened or not. RBR are throwing this season’s F1 championship into serious disrepute, since if their car continues to be ahead of the rest, RBR will be deciding off track who wins this year. And it isn’t their current best driver and WDC leader. This is a serious issue.

    1. I agree 100%.
      The problem will be how to prove before the FIA that RBR is using the fuel control to decide who wins.

      1. Haha no my friend. I think the bigger problem would be Jean Todt trying to enforce a punishment for team orders.

        1. lol, Hamish, lol

        2. Why would you say so. He is the expert on this matter, knowing exactly how to do it!

          1. MouseNightshirt
            1st June 2010, 14:47

            …which is exactly Hamish’s point! :D

        3. Sadly very true!

        4. LOL, Hamish, you almost made me spill my coffee all over my PC screen….

        5. Todt giving / enforcing a punishment for team orders…….

          my, the irony is simply delicious, isn’t it?

    2. Completely agree. Remember the Monaco 2007 case where they investigated whether McLaren had kept Hamilton back from winning that race.

      The data should show exactly how much fuel the drivers had and who was running at what engine setting. They knew this things during the Monaco 2007 investigation too.

      The team (especially Marko) is quite clear on the fact that the team wanted Vettel in front of Webber.

  3. “…with Sebastian Vettel which put both cars out of the Turkish Grand Prix.”

    erm…Mark finished 3rd.

    1. Sorry – fixed.

  4. Used to be a Red Bull fan.
    I’m a Webber fan now.
    How stupid all this sounds! Can’t explain the unexplainable. It is clear on the images how Vettel moved to the left and collided Webber who was on his lane and with enough space inside for Vettel to pass. If it was the dirty side, is Vettels problem. Can’t force Webber to the outside kerbs just to let your team mate go!!….
    The most important thing here is that Webber showed that he has what it takes to be a tilte contender in the last races, so RBR should give him the opportunity and don’t put all the apples on Vettel’s basket.
    Remember when Ferrari didn’t let Irvine to be WC, just because they wanted MSC to be the following year?
    Shame on them and shame on Red Bull now!


    1. Vettel moved to the right, sorry…

  5. My take on it was this. I thought, hats off to the kid for taking the shot at Webber. If Webber wasn’t gonna give him the room then the kid had the balls to try to push it. Webber didn’t give and SV ended up on the bad side of the deal. I think we can all think of more than a few WC’s that that had both those qualities. That’s racing isn’t it?

  6. My previous comment just got me thinking.

    I’m not saying this is the case but lets just say for the sake of this comment the whole Mark turned engine down/Seb turned engine up was to get Seb past Mark. That would therefore bring us back to team orders. Now my question is what type of reaction would there be from teams, commentators, the media and us with Jean Todt trying to enforce and punishment for team orders? I know his position is President of the FIA but once again the sport would be subject to ridicule in which it has no defence for.

    1. Hamish , the only driver that listens to orders is the #2 driver ;)

      Is there a #2 @ RB?

      1. MouseNightshirt
        1st June 2010, 14:48

        Going by what’s happened… obviously is the answer to that!

  7. If nothing else it simply proves that Webber and Vettel don’t know how to overtake. Australia ’09 and ’10 anyone?

    Vettel and Webber can cruise at the front all they like when no-one can pressure them but the minute another team matches their pace or they need to take cars for position they lose it.

    1. Webber CAN overtake, though, there are some classic moves in the 2009 season. His move on Hamilton earlier at Albert Park this season was horrible, and he admitted as much. Occasionally it CAN go wrong.

      On a side note, I’d be very curious to hear Adrian Newey’s opinion. I always got the feeling he supported Mark wholeheartedly.

      1. Adrian Newey being on the side of the driver against the team management is not exactly a new position for him. Whether or not Newey will be as annoyed with Red Bull’s treatment of Webber as he was with Williams’ treatment of Damon Hill (ie, enough to leave the team) we shall have to wait and see.

    2. i think you’ve forgotten malaysia and spain 09 for some good overtaking by webber. to be honest though, nothing springs to mind with seb…

  8. Frank from Oz
    1st June 2010, 13:46

    I hardly ever post comments on the internet, but this incident has certainly made me want to share my humble views.
    I am a Webber fan since he started in F1, but it is not the actual shunt during the race that bothers me. It is the reaction by Vettel and in particular the comments by Horner and Marko placing blame on Webber. I guess under pressure the true colours emerge, though Webber has remained remarkably dignified and composed.
    It will be interesting if anyone from RBR has more to say on this, I’m sure they will be asked plenty at the next event.
    Cheers all and enjoy Montreal.

    1. Well thanks for choosing this site to share your views, Frank. Hope to hear from you again soon.

    2. I agree, He is composed in this video, but he does look incredibly tired, even close to crying. What have they done to him?

      1. They have shown him that a mature, skilled, dominant Aussie driver winning the WDC in a Red Bull car is less important to them than having their younger more-marketable fair-haired boy German driver win the WDC for the Austrian registered team.

        Also, Red Bull’s management have demonstrated that their integrity may leave something to be desired, which I am certain is a great disappointment to Webber. He may be envisioning his car full of glitches and “unlucky” happenings for the remainder of the season, as Vettel is pushed to the front by Red Bull.

        I sincerely hope I am wrong about that last bit of speculation, as webber ceertainly has demonstrated, to me at least, that of the 2 drivers at Red Bull, he is the one with class enough to be a propersort of champion.

  9. This situation is emerging as I feared it may. The management and corporate people at Red Bull clearly favor Vettel: he’s their product and clearly the guy who they’re building the team around for the future. Of course, being arguably the most talented driver out there and having the perhaps most potential of anyone, Red Bull bigwigs know they must do all they can to keep him happy or risk losing him to Ferrari or Mercedes. Plus, there have been rumblings in the past that Marko, in addition to his pro-Vettel agenda, also has an anti-Webber agenda, and this incident provided him with the perfect opportunity to advance it.

    This could seriously blow the team apart. aside from being a conflict between drivers. Upper management has now chimed in on Vettel’s side, and it could stir up other people in the team with whom Webber has deep and strong ties dating back to the Jaguar days to stand up for him. It’s a shame, because Red Bull as a team has so much potential.

    I know this; if the situation isn’t fully resolved by Canada, there is zero chance Webber will be back at Red Bull next year. The good news is he’s on great form, and if he continues it, there could be a cozy seat ready for him next year in a red car.

  10. MouseNightshirt
    1st June 2010, 13:55

    A translated entry in Seb’s fan diary:


    You all saw what happened. That were such racing moments in which you should shut yourself away for 20 minutes without running into cameras immediately. That’s why I often feel sorry for football players, who have to do interviews right after a match, still being full of adrenalin and so they might say something they regret afterwards. Nevertheless, I did no mistake. I was much quicker than Mark. I will try to see it positive because I found the speed I was missing for the last two races. In Canada it will be difficult with the straight lines, but I will attack again…

    Your Sebastian”

    1. As he should ;)

    2. MouseNightshirt
      1st June 2010, 14:16

      Just to note, I didn’t do the translation, it was pulled from a forum.

    3. he is truly lost

      1. I think that’s the attitude that a WC has to have.

        1. MouseNightshirt
          1st June 2010, 14:49

          If he doesn’t grow up a bit, he could be waiting a long time before he wears a number 1 on his car…

        2. Don’t think so. A true champion knows that he did something wrong. He would find some excuse for it, but still.

    4. He found the speed he’d been missing …. ? “I was much quicker than Mark” … ? Yeah, right after Webber was instructed to turn down his fuel mix.

      Dear heaven, this boy displays such a lack of character with these remarks.

  11. Well, at least F1 has a new whipping boy which lets Lewis Hamilton off the hook.

    Vettel has a history of doing this (although Mark Webber is no angel when it comes to causing crashes – but at least he apologises when he knows he is to blame as in Australia). He did it in the pitlane in China – squeezing Hamilton into the path of the mechanics when he had heaps of room on his other side.

    I wonder if those who were so quick to put the blame for that squarely on Lewis’s shoulders will now re-evaluate. Even Charlie Whiting said the pitlane incident was more Vettel’s fault than Hamilton’s.

    What makes a bad situation even worse is the hand gestures indicating that Mark was crazy. How rude, unprofessional and unsportsmanlike! Particularly to a teammate and when the incident was entirely his fault.

    1. Prost and Senna come to mind?

    2. yeh, the china thing i thought was completely hamilton’s fault during the race but after watching replays, he was just unlucky with wheelspin and vettel was a tad rude to say the least. i’s marginal though cause lewis could have yeilded.

      1. But Hamilton didn’t have to yield. That’s exactly what Charlie Whiting said. Racing on the fast lane is ok, but pushing each other off is not.

  12. LOL!! To quote Bruce Wade-Schuz here…–Not-A-Result-To-Savour-021242854675153#comment-462

    “Perhaps its not Vettels fault at all. As the great Jeremy Clarkson pointed out, theres a problem with many German cars in that the moment you take your hands off the wheel, even for an instant, they automatically turn towards Poland. If Webber was between Vettel and Poland, that would explain the incident.”

    1. MouseNightshirt
      1st June 2010, 14:24

      Ah, bless Clarkson!

      1. At this point I have to add… good thing that Vettle isn’t American. ;)

  13. Lot of Vettel haters here but lets look at it from a racing standpoint. There was no way in hell Vettel was going to make a left hand turn from the left side of the track (dirt side) at those speeds. Yes Webber new that and left himself to either A) hit webber B) over shoot the corner… Vettel choose C) cut right to make the turn which yes he shouldn’t of done knowing Webber was there.

    1. from a racing point of view Mark would have known that and expected any other driver on the dirty inside to have backed off early so he could re-take his line behind webber and have another go at another corner. Mark was defending the lead of the race and the lead in the championship.

    2. or D) drop back and try to make a safe pass?

      why do people keep forgetting Vettel could have easily pulled back if he couldn’t make the move stick?

    3. “There was no way in hell Vettel was going to make a left hand turn from the left side of the track (dirt side) at those speeds.”

      Ehm … isn’t that exactly what defending your line is about?

      If Vettel had a better chance on the outside of the corner he could have gone there too. Just like Button did.

      The fact that you put your car beside another car doesn’t mean that the lead car should simply yield their position.

      It’s not a sport for little girls …

  14. Sush Meerkat
    1st June 2010, 14:38

    I’m pretty sure Christian Horner was out of shot in that video pointing a gun a Webber’s head telling him to “KEEP TO THE SCRIPT!”

  15. Randy Mandy to charge Vettel for assault and public humiliation.

  16. I haven’t read all the post so i don’t know if this has been asked already but why did the FIA not investigate this accident? surely if it wasn’t two team mates vettel would find himself 10 grid spots further down in Canada.

    1. Someone claimed that the incident was looked at by the stewards, but wasn’t investigated because it didn’t happen in the braking zone.

      I haven’t seen any official confirmation on this though. The only stewards document on the FIA site (document 33) is now gone missing. Maybe they retracted it?

  17. come on, as if a german driver would deliberately drive into someone!

    1. I truly laughed so hard at that, that tears ran down my cheeks.

      Great comment.

  18. Lee McKenzie on Twitter, quoting a debrief recieved from Christian Horner…

    Horner – “What we expect from our drivers is that they show respect for each other and allow one another enough room on the race track”

    Well, Mark did… Vettel didn’t.

  19. More reaction from Red Bull: Horner blames both drivers for crash

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