Red Bull’s Helmut Marko says “Webber should have let Vettel pass” (Video)

Marko (right) believes Webber should have moved over for Vettel

Marko (right) believes Webber should have moved over for Vettel

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has reiterated his belief that Mark Webber was solely to blame for his collision with Sebastian Vettel which put both cars out of the lead of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Speaking to Speed TV Marko said:

Mark for whatever reason was slower. He was getting lap by lap slower, and Vettel was getting faster and was coming under enormous pressure from Hamilton. So if he would have stayed behind Mark, he would have been overtaken. So he had to do something. And Mark knew that he was slower, so he should have let him past.
Helmut Marko

Update: Red Bull have put out a video in which Mark Webber discusses the crash. See below.

Marko added that Vettel, who now trails Webber by 15 points in the drivers’ championship, had been “unlucky” not to score again:

It?s unbelievable how unlucky Vettel is. He showed so much speed, and if you have all these incidents it?s unbelievable how strong his morale and commitment still is. To make points in this new points system is the most important thing. And now Vettel has two zeroes.
Helmut Marko

Red Bull have come under criticism for their support of Vettel in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Team boss Christian Horner also said Webber should not have forced Vettel onto the dirty part of the track.

Most people outside the team appear to blame Vettel for the collision – including 74% in a poll of over 4,000 fans conducted by F1 Fanatic.

Webber discusses the collision rather cagily in this video for Red Bull. He said:

Unfortunately, Sebastien tried a move. For both of us, in the end, it didn’t work out for both of us and we made contact. And it’s a real shame for the team, obviously, because we lost a good opportunity to win the race. One of us could have won it and in the end we only got one third place.
Mark Webber

Vettel and Webber collide

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

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372 comments on Red Bull’s Helmut Marko says “Webber should have let Vettel pass” (Video)

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  1. Palle said on 2nd June 2010, 23:14

    Most of the comments here in favor of Webber is clearly biased by the fact that he is Aussie (with a very nice charming accent) and in any conflict between 2 F1 drivers You would naturally favor the one from within the old english empire vs. someone from somewhere else. At the votes about who was at fault is much more divided, so when some of You claim that almost everyone blames Vettel, it is simply not true.
    If I where a Redbull team fan, I would blame Webber for not adheering to the teams policy (any teams policy) – give Your teammate room at the track.
    Most of You claim he did give Vettel enough room, but clearly he didn’t – they had an accident.
    Many are more or less fan of specific drivers, despite the fact that the driver, excuse me for the simplification, is only the pilot. The real hero in F1 is the team effort, beginning with the designers.
    If I owned an F1 team, and the drivers in this way put their own ego clearly above the teams best interest, then they would be in serious trouble…

    • DaveW said on 2nd June 2010, 23:41

      OK. But let me say that until this event, it was Vettel who had the golden brand as the fun-loving scamp who gave his cars interesting names and always had a smile on his face. I think his amazing transformation from a netter Typ into a terrible hissing cockroach, to apply a literary reference, is what explains the voting. Regarding, I assume you are aware that this is the official, and carefully sanitized mouthpiece of F1 management?

  2. dj said on 3rd June 2010, 0:22

    The truth has been taken down…”This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Formula One Management. “…sorry but it will live for ever…just some place else on the web.

  3. This guy Marko is unbelievable. RBR should do two things to help the company restore some public trust in them after the PR disaster by senior members. First they should send Marko packing and fire him, secondly they should publicly apologize to Mark Webber.

    • strongly agree with “car driver’. So bias while his little child is 100% at fault. He made a story like Hamiltons pressure etc. bla bla blah. He should be fired.

  4. He didn’t swing into MW, SV’s rear hit MW front,bottom line is MW when right,SV when left to pass ,MW them when left, SV still managed to get passed the center line of MW car,he should have given his Team Mate a little room,just like LH an JB did in their dual.

  5. Torg said on 3rd June 2010, 17:00

    The way i saw it from the outset and still do is that they are both at fault. Ok so Vettel caused the contact by edging right at the last moment but Mark is not an innocent party in all of this. He gave Vettel minimal space and was asking for trouble imo. Watch the onboard footage and you will see from Marks car that Mark actually edges left himself to the point where it was lucky that they didnt make contact earlier down the straight. Both are naughty and should get a telling off!!

  6. DB4 GT Zagato said on 4th June 2010, 4:55

    Helmut Marko = dimwit who knows not about racing.

  7. M0tion said on 4th June 2010, 8:04

    this DJ and robby are sticky little creatures on this issue aren’t they? Well a little note for RBR’s Marko, we Webber supporters want to put it behind us for his good and the good of other drivers in your programme. So spare us a favour and stop rubbing our nose in it so we can get some closure .. note we can’t unsubscribe to what we subsribed to on the blog and we keep getting this incredible dribble from your protaganists.

  8. Lewis H said on 4th June 2010, 13:12

    Was Vettel going to make the corner, unlikely from the position he held, So Lewis would have gone pass both RBR cars if Webber had moved right. His initial poor judgement is the problem and not the accident. His after crash actions are inexcusable from adult. He is a man after all, not a boy.

  9. DannyJ said on 5th June 2010, 18:49

    Not enough space? Did Horner expect Vettel to make that move even if Webber wasn’t there? Should Webber expect the young punk to be a reckless juvenile? It would seem so!

    If you go up to the biggest kid in the playground and poke him in the eye, you shouldn’t be surprised when he turns around and kicks your head in. You’ll always come off worst. An important lesson in there me thinks.

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