F1 Fanatic round-up: 2/6/2010

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

After Red Bull’s statement yesterday I suspect the frenzy around the story will die down today. Look out for articles on some other post-Turkey developments today.

Yesterday I also wrote a new article for ITV F1 which I’m expecting to go live on their site soon, I’ll post a link here when it goes up.

Here’s today’s round-up:


F1 boss Ecclestone says talks underway on 10-year Turkish GP deal (Canadian Press)

“We’ll be here again next year.” Good to hear.

Red-faced bulls and sunburnt fans (Brits on Pole)

“About 20 minutes before the start, a group of Spanish fans in full matador dress were accompanied by a loudspeaker blasting out traditional Spanish music. It was good-natured but unfortunately timed as ?ǣ unknown to them ?ǣ they were drowning out the Turkish national anthem. Upon discovering this they turned off their music and sheepishly took their seats.”

F1 diary: Turkish Grand Prix (Daily Telegraph)

“From the loftiest perch in the Red Bull food chain, former grand prix driver Helmut Marko blames Webber. But then he would: Vettel is the chosen one, a Red Bull ‘product’, if you like. ‘Sebastian was clearly faster at that stage of the race,’ Marko says, ‘so Webber should have moved out of his way.’ The bottom line, though, is that the Australian never deviated from his chosen line and was simply mounting a firm but fair defence. The view of almost every other former racer in the paddock, and there are many, is that the collision was 100 per cent Vettel’s responsibility. For what it’s worth, that’s my verdict, too.”

Comment of the day

Matt90 considers opting Brawn tactics to improve his chances in the Predictions Championship:

I?m doing so badly, I think I?m going to abandon development to give me the best possible advantage for next year’s championship.

Happy birthday!

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On this day in F1

McLaren founder Bruce McLaren died on this day 40 years ago.

He was testing a McLaren Can-Am racer at Goodwood when part of the bodywork broke off and he flipped into a marshalling post.

McLaren scored his first Grand Prix win at his ninth attempt and was the sport’s youngest race winner for many years.

His final win, at Spa in 1968, was also the first for his eponymous team.