Massa admits Ferrari development struggle

Felipe Massa says Ferrari’s upgrades for its F10 have not improved the car as quickly as they expected to.

Writing on his blog Massa described the Turkish Grand Prix as “the poorest performance from Scuderia Ferrari so far this season.” He added:

We were uncompetitive through the whole weekend from Friday through to Sunday, struggling in every session, especially qualifying. So, when it came to the race, I think we did the best we could do, given our pace and our position on the grid.

It was a shame, given that the Istanbul track is one of my favourites, where I have won three times in the past at the wheel of a great car. This time, it was not so positive, but no way are we going to give up and we must just keep on working and try to fight back immediately.

We can do it, because we did a fantastic job over the last winter and came out with a great car at the start of the year, which was a massive improvement compared to the car with which we ended the 2009 season. At that point, we had found the right direction to take in working on the car. However, from a certain moment of the season up until now, our development has not seen the car improve as much as we had hoped for or expected. In the same time period, we saw our competitors improve their cars significantly.

This is the situation facing us now, so we must start by understanding why the good direction we had up until that moment has not continued. I am sure we can do it, because Ferrari has the capacity in terms of the people working for the team and also because it has come from behind in the past to again be competitive with the very best cars on the grid.

As far as the championships are concerned, the situation is not yet in a critical position for us: given that there are still twelve races to go, it is one hundred percent open, which means we can still fight for both championships. However, at the moment, it?s true that Red Bull has a better performance level, as it has done all season, while McLaren which was behind us a few races ago is now ahead of us in terms of their car performance.

We simply have to push hard to try and get ahead again. If the ability to achieve this goal is based on our desire to do so, then I am confident we can improve.
Felipe Massa

Ferrari has already promised a major upgrade for the European Grand Prix at Valencia in three weeks’ time, after the Canadian Grand Prix.

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35 comments on Massa admits Ferrari development struggle

  1. Nuevo said on 4th June 2010, 21:46

    1st, Im not going to take the remarks about a race of people as rascist..What I will take it as is basically, Luca should hire the best no matter the nationality..nationality shouldnt factor into anything..there are experts in all nationalities, and IF..notice I said if..Luca is hiring simply based on nationalities, or A nationality..he may be passing on some brilliant people walking around..And Im sure there are brilliant people from his country walking around, mabey Luca’s cheap…..Yes, I do remember how political Ferrari used to be, especially when Piccinini was team boss…they fought, the cars suked…

  2. Nuevo said on 4th June 2010, 21:49

    Id like to also mention, what I dont like about the F10 is the way the sidepods look to be a carryover from the F60, a dog in its own right..I must say, I really did expect a better package given the fact they started on it so long ago….right now they need about a second a lap…do you know how hard it is to find a second a lap in F1? I may not be a Macca fan, but those guys do react, and they do so quickly..

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