‘It won’t happen again’ – Webber

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The picture, taken today, which Red Bull issued along with its latest statement
The picture, taken today, which Red Bull issued along with its latest statement

Red Bull have issued another statement which the team hopes will ‘draw a line’ under the fall-out from their drivers’ collision on lap 40 of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Mark Webber Said the pair will not allow a repeat of the collision:

It?s a shame for the team, as we lost a good opportunity to win the race. It?s sport and these things can happen, but it shouldn?t have done. I feel for everyone at Red Bull, at the factory and everyone involved. Seb and I will make sure it doesn?t happen again and will continue to work openly together, no problem. We have talked enough on it now, it?s done, we?re looking ahead and I?m focused on the race in Canada next week.
Mark Webber

Vettel added he was “sorry” about the collision:

The team had got us into a great position and it wasn?t good for them what happened ?ǣ so I?m sorry for them that we lost the lead of the race. Mark and I are racers and we were racing. We are professionals and it won?t change how we will work together going forward. We have a great team and the spirit is very strong. I?m looking forward to Canada.
Sebastian Vettel

The team may be keen to move on but they can expect plenty of questions about the state of the relationship between their two drivers and what exactly happened in the run-up to the controversial collision when they next face the media at the Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

The Red Bull crash

Image (C) Red Bull/Getty images

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  1. Webber: Ey Seb, who’re we foolin with this friendly-look-alike-but-oh-so-faked attitude?
    Vettel: Hmmm… 600 million viewers out there still believing FIA was serious about not allowing teams to favor one specific driver.
    Webber: And who’s that specific driver then?
    Vettel: Go f__k yourself!
    Webber: Woos!

    Bernie: Well done guys. This will pump the media up even more. :p Now, who’s up for some cheap Canada promotion?

  2. Robert McKay
    3rd June 2010, 15:58

    The annual Red Bull “What-a mistake-a to make-a” competition was reaching a thrilling climax

  3. Vettel: If you close room again I’ll beat ya!
    Webber: what?, of course I will, tos*er

    Aplogizes for my rudeness

  4. It looks so staged and fake. I can’t imagine what they are mutering under their breaths to each other!

  5. Caption:

    “RBR–The Crashmaker”

  6. “Here Vettel and Webber hold the trophies from the brilliant Red Bull 1-2 finish in Turkey.”

  7. “So who knows what racecraft is?”

  8. Mark: “No Seb, in general you’d only ever be fondling one woman at a time.”

    1. After reading the above comment, you really need to scroll back to the picture to truly appreciate the genius behind this.

      Well done!

  9. Vettel: “hey mate, check how you left Randy Mandy”.

    Webber: “You got a puncture on your girlfriend and still want I don’t laugh at you??”

  10. Grosjean's rubble
    3rd June 2010, 19:33

    which one of us is going to follow team orders in Montreal?

  11. Red Bull milking the publicity… go on boys…

  12. Alonso and Hamilton 2007?? Which is which?

  13. And people say McLaren are obsessed with PR! Maybe if red Bull hadn’t been so partisan in laying the blame none of this would be needed. Everything now looks like backtracking or hiding their true feelings.

  14. Mark: “my balls are this big”

    Seb: “but mine are like this big”

  15. HounslowBusGarage
    3rd June 2010, 20:38

    After the photo session, the drivers discussed the effectiveness of the Red Bull PR Department.

  16. This is great. You’re all way funnier than I am! I think we might have to have a regular caption competition from now on.

    1. This is actually a great idea Keith, I’m all for it

  17. “Vettel and Webber demonstrate the new, official, Red Bull hand gesture”.

  18. “Still no rain yet”

  19. The fish picture is great!I don’t have anything to add except:
    Where is our self proclaimed “caption King” PrisonerMonkeys?He had some witty ones in the forum a while back.

  20. Seb: Helmut, these hooks in my mouth and strings on my arms are hurting!

    Mark: Shutup you pansy, I’ve still got a steel plate in my leg.

    Marko: Talk to him like that again Mark, and it won’t just be a car I hit you with.

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