Di Montezemolo attacks new teams and calls for shorter races and more testing

Luca di Montezemolo is still dreaming of three Ferraris in an F1 race

Luca di Montezemolo is still dreaming of three Ferraris in an F1 race

Luca di Montezemolo has repeated his criticism of the sport’s new teams, calling them “a joke” in an interview with Autocar.

The Ferrari boss said:

There is a need to have competitive teams. F1 is like soccer. It needs heroes and it needs big teams. You cannot equalize everything. We need to avoid having too many small teams as it means too many compromises.
Luca di Montezemolo

As shown here last week, the new teams have made considerable progress since the start of the season, reducing the gap to the midfield teams by more than a third.

Di Montezemolo repeated his argument in favour of three-car teams and argued for sweeping changes to race weekends:

Do we need to race at two in the afternoon when everyone is at the sea? Could we have two races per meeting? Do races need to last so long? F1 is not an endurance race. We need races to be short and tough.
Luca di Montezemolo

But yesterday McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh admitted having three-car teams “hasn?t been discussed recently” by the Formula One Teams’ Association. Whitmarsh added:

If you introduce a third car McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes would all be, probably happy to have it. But I think in fairness to the smaller teams it would only disadvantage them further.
Martin Whitmarsh

In a poll of over 4,500 F1 Fanatic readers in February, 62% were against three-car teams.

Di Montezemolo also urged the return of in-season testing – hardly a surprise given Ferrari’s difficulties keeping up with the pace of development this year, while owning a test track its F1 team cannot use for most of a year.

And he said Ferrari would consider entering a series of Le Mans-style endurance races if enough manufacturer interest could be found.

Much was made of di Montezemolo’s visit to the Le Mans 24 Hours last year during the height of the conflict between the FIA and the teams, when he participated in the ceremonial start of the race.

New teams and three-car teams

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131 comments on Di Montezemolo attacks new teams and calls for shorter races and more testing

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  1. Chaz said on 10th June 2010, 12:43

    Will the FIA ever get someone strong and bold enough to take on Ferrari. Max tried and so someone could learn from his mistakes. Todt is a former Ferrari man so I’m guessing no, although ironically he would be ideal as he knows the inner workings of the team. I’m tired of Ferrari’s winging and its time for them to put up or shut up or leave. I more curious how well Ferrari would do without F1, rather than the other way round. F1 has proved and will continue to prove that no one team is bigger than F1 and frankly the racing, technical advancements, determination, commitment and drive is equally good with non manufacture cars…

  2. jobseeker said on 10th June 2010, 17:19

    I also think Luca should leave the sport alone. as for the testing ban i also think it is a good thing. my reason for this is it shows who can develop a car/upgrades through the season and therefore instills some sort of innovation.
    On the testing thing if they want to allow test drivers to do thier jobs why not have the test drivers do a seperate short race series on the fridays, or saturdays after qualy. Then you have a 3rd car, testers doing what theyre paid for, more moneys worth for the fans visiting and a compramise for all.

  3. Mike said on 12th June 2010, 5:46

    “I’m really starting to dislike DiMontezemolo, what an arrogant and unpleasant person!!” You said it!. So Luca wants shorter F1 races, but Ferrari is looking at participating in a series of LM-type endurance races? Huh?

    Basicaly what he is saying is he wants to be out on his yacht in July/August and September – no sitting on a beach like us plebs who pay to see races, whether live or on TV.

    Sod-off Luca and leave your job for somebody with some enthusiasm for F1 RACES, not just your glamorous part in it.

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