Ferrari extend Massa’s contract to 2012

Massa s set for two more seasons as a Ferrari driver

Massa s set for two more seasons as a Ferrari driver

Ferrari have announced Felipe Massa will remains with the team for the next two seasons.

Massa said:

Throughout my entire Formula 1 career, I have always raced with an engine made in Maranello and it is a matter of pride for me to be able to continue working with a team that I regard as a second family.
Felipe Massa

Team principal Stefano Domenicali added:

Felipe has been part of Ferrari for almost a decade and together with us, he has grown as a driver and as a man, going through some very difficult times as well as giving us moments of great happiness. We wanted to show proof of stability for the future, believing in the worth of a driver pairing that is without equal in terms of talent, speed and its ability to work together for the good of the team.
Stefano Domenicali

Massa had been off the pace of Fernando Alonso in the opening races, leading to some speculation he might be replaced at the team. But he led Alonso home at Istanbul last week.

He first raced for Ferrari in 2006 having joined the team as a test driver three years earlier.

The news comes just two days after Red Bull handed Mark Webber a one-year contract extension.

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84 comments on Ferrari extend Massa’s contract to 2012

  1. sid said on 9th June 2010, 19:11

    I guess this is a reflection of the strong association the team has with him. He is a good driver and worthy of a Ferrari seat.
    What saddens me is that Kimi is even more unlikely to come in now as there are hardly any seats left in the big teams.

  2. Chaz said on 9th June 2010, 19:49

    Nice one Felipe baby.

    And what of Kubica though…

  3. verstappen said on 9th June 2010, 21:48

    So, in this day and age of almost no testing experience is king. The only available alternatives would be inexperienced guys (or someone like Sutil) and no top team wants to burn her hands with that.

    Long time before any of the top tams will bring a ‘new Lewis’

  4. Magnificent Geoffrey said on 9th June 2010, 22:01

    I know I’m a bit late, but two more years of Mass-Smedley radio chatter? Yes please!

  5. Renzo said on 9th June 2010, 22:15

    I wanted to see Kimi back in F1, but yesterday Webber confirmed, today Massa… if it keep going like this in a week time Raikkonen will retire from motorsport.

  6. schooner said on 9th June 2010, 22:34

    From my prospective, the only bad news here is that we are going to have precious little to read about, and comment and speculate on, in terms of the driver market within the top 4 teams over the next year or so. That said, F1 has a rich history of always managing to come up with some sort of new drama or conspiracy theory for us to debate. It wouldn’t be F1 otherwise! :)

    • Icthyes said on 10th June 2010, 0:07

      “Alonso: I had affair with Danica Patrick.”

      “Kubica: at weekends my name is Robyn.”

      “Hamilton: kidnapped by aliens”

      I may jest, but they’ll probably end up on Planet F1 at some point ;-)

  7. Shimks said on 10th June 2010, 12:41

    I agree with several others here: Massa has been retained because he is consistent but won’t challenge Alonso in the long run. He is the next Barrichello and Alonso is the next Schumi.

    Of course, this will not have been spellt out. Ferrari can happily offer equal driver status, because it is clear that Alonso is the better driver by far. So Massa will be feeling very happy at the moment. Little does he know…

    Many of you will disagree with me, but I don’t think Massa is a special driver. A lovely guy, yes. But he doesn’t have the magic of top drivers like Alonso, Vettel, Kubica or Schumacher.

    Luckily, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ;)

    • Shimks said on 10th June 2010, 12:44

      What I forgot to say, is:

      A strong driver pairing with a number 1 and number 2, like Alonso/Massa, is the perfect combination for winning the constructor’s and driver’s championship.

      Button/Hamilton are an example of two number 1’s in one team. Good for the constructor’s, but not the drivers.

      I think that’s Ferrari’s thinking.

  8. That’s a shock! I guess they want someone to support Alonso and he has agreed…

  9. Abe said on 4th May 2011, 20:35


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