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176 comments on Rate the race: Canada

  1. Jonathan said on 13th June 2010, 18:54

    I just realised it’s a full podium of world champions. when was the last time this happened?

    • Katy (@katy) said on 13th June 2010, 19:04

      Not sure, I bet it’ll come up in the facts and stats post Keith will do later :)

    • Klon said on 13th June 2010, 19:06

      2001 Spanish Grand Prix with Michael Schumacher winning in his Ferrari from Mika Häkkinen (McLaren) and the BAR of Jacques Villeneuve

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 13th June 2010, 19:21

        Thinking of BAR and Villeneuve actually making it to the podium! That is even more something not to expect.

        • David A said on 13th June 2010, 22:56

          He did it again at that year’s German Grand Prix. 2001 was almost Villeneuve’s only good season aside from 96-97.

      • David A said on 13th June 2010, 19:29

        Hakkinen retired from the lead, and Schumacher won, from Montoya who isn’t a world champion.

        • Klon said on 13th June 2010, 20:05

          Oh … now that I had a look into it, that’s right actually. I thought he only lost the lead not that he retired completely, my bad!

          • TommyB said on 13th June 2010, 20:21

            I was at that race. Gutted for Mika and yes he didn’t finish, think he was classified 6th or 7th or something.

    • slr said on 13th June 2010, 20:38

      I’ve looked up the last podium full of world champs and the race I have found with scenario is USA 1991. Senna winning ahead of Prost and Piquet.

  2. Rob said on 13th June 2010, 18:56

    I would like to be the first to register my disgust at how McLaren ruined Hamilton’s race by favouring Button and making bad decisions for Lewis and wanting a white driver to win… hang on, Lewis won?! Oh, well that’s just ruined my theory that I came up with without any logic!

    Fantastic race! I wonder how many comments there will be about Vettel’s ‘bad attitude’ on the radio, seeing as when Hamilton questions the team’s advice or instructions everyone says it is the wrong thing to do?

  3. Something tells me that the Canadian Grand Prix is going to be the best one we will see all year, barring a seismic 5-way title battle going into the final round, so it’s just had a 10/10 from me.

    The tyres did what they were supposed to do. The hard ones laster longer (but not too long), but were slower, the soft ones were like lightning, but as fragile as soft-scoop ice cream. Bridgestone got it spot on.

    Lots of overtaking from everyone, and even when that was done, there was re-overtaking.

    There was the stream of Schumacher incidents towards the end where his Merc seemed to be stuck in reverse gear. I’m surprised there was anything left of it in the end, the amount of people he bumped into.

    Massa proving that he couldn’t overtake the car in front without the help of a third party, and so still fails to go up in my estimations in any way. One could saw the same about Button’s move on Alonso, but they were both lapping at very similar pace, whereas Massa was clearly faster than the Force Indias.

    Right… time for some more football.

    Come on you Socceroos!

  4. Damon said on 13th June 2010, 18:57

    The race was almost as good as the CART/ChampCar races from the late 90s. *sigh*

  5. Electrolite said on 13th June 2010, 19:01

    9. Best first half of a grand prix this season, brilliant climax, lulle da bit in the middle but that was expected as the cars settled down. Dry race with no safety cars as well!

    • Scribe (@scribe) said on 13th June 2010, 20:59

      Seriously, I have to say this is the ultimate example of how the refueling ban has been a triumphant sucsess, we could never have seen this with refueling.

  6. MtlRacer said on 13th June 2010, 19:04

    Anyone who rated Turkey a 10/10 must be rating this 11 or 12!

  7. sw6569 (@sw6569) said on 13th June 2010, 19:04

    How annoying

    I think I was painfully close to getting a clean sweep in the f1 predictions competition. Awesome race though!

  8. Lee Sharp said on 13th June 2010, 19:08

    I will repost what Red Bull put on their twitter feed…..

    “If you’ve got friends who still think overtaking is all about the cars and not about the circuit, make them watch Montreal over and over…”

    • Patrickl said on 13th June 2010, 20:55

      Yeah, the people at Red Bull aren’t very bright …

      The overtaking happened because there was an element of randomness due to the different tyre strategies.

      Put the cars all on the same tyres. Drive them round this track and then watch how much they overtake.

      • I tend to agree with Patrick. There is no doubting that the race was exciting, it was, but it was exciting because Red Bull choose a different tyre strategy.

        If Red Bull had of gone with the softs in qualifying then the top ten excluding Kubica would have pitted within one or two laps of each other everytime and the race lead would have come down to who can do the fastest pit stops.

        As for most of the passing it was mostly back markers doing the passing, as per usual. As for the passes on Webber and Schumacher they only happened because their tyres were shot and the guys behind were lapping 2 to 3 seconds faster per lap. So yeah it’s passing, but it was more of a admission from Webber and Schumacher that they didn’t have the speed, therefore why hold everyone up potentially causing a crash, rather than an epic battle between different drivers over several laps cumulating with a brilliant pass to take the lead. Personally if there is going to be passing I want it to be both drivers on the absolute limit pushing each other so hard to make the pass, rather than “my tyres are shot, so cruise pass”, pass.

        So unlike Red Bull Spy (the twitter dude) I don’t really think it has to do with the track layout, although it is a very nice track. I think it comes down to strategy, caused by a rule (the two compound tyre rule) that promotes somewhat artificial racing / lottery results.

        I think F1 needs to ask itself “are we prepared to compromise the integrity the sport with rules that create artificial results, with the occasionally exciting race, or do we want to maintain the integrity of the sport with proper legit rules which may result in some boring races, but when there are exciting races, they will be genuinely classic exciting races”.

        • wasiF1 said on 14th June 2010, 2:17

          I do agree with Patrickl @ Pinball – roadography.com that the tyre poker did lighten up the race but I still think the tracks can be improved to provide some better racing.

  9. Steve said on 13th June 2010, 19:09

    easily the best race so far. great overtaking. massa for overtake of the day.

  10. David BR said on 13th June 2010, 19:09

    9, brilliant race. The tyre wear made it enthralling. Was Webber right to stay out so long? Or not go on softs earlier? Seemed odd. And what was Schumacher doing this race?! Not so much a mobile chicane as a mobile pinball bumper! Way out of line on Massa, double block and scrunching his nose. Alonso great race, but crucially caught snoozing twice?

    And a final thing: Lewis Hamilton, tyre-master :0)

    • Alexi said on 13th June 2010, 19:15

      Schumacher did like the last 30 laps on soft tyres. Surely at the end his car was close to a bowling ball.

      • David BR said on 13th June 2010, 19:31

        Hmm, that’s generous Alexi! Seemed to conveniently career into a lot of people. Massa must be feeling fairly set upon – turned into a bright red sandwich at the start by Liuzzi and Button, bashed off track and almost directly into the pits by his former team pal and good mate Schu.

    • disjunto said on 13th June 2010, 19:22

      yeah, Schumacher’s move on Massa was horrible, hope he drops a few more spots because of that one.

  11. Icthyes (@icthyes) said on 13th June 2010, 19:10

    Seriously, who votes 1 or 2!?

    Gave it a 9. Uncertainty coupled with overtaking to the end.

  12. mountain man said on 13th June 2010, 19:10

    Fantastic…Best race so far,..I’ve no nails left to bite.

    • wasiF1 said on 14th June 2010, 2:19

      Me too. I think I have to let them grow in the next 13 days & get them ready for the European GP.

  13. qazuhb said on 13th June 2010, 19:11

    awesome. epic. wonderful. terrific.

  14. Robbie said on 13th June 2010, 19:16

    Just brilliant. Of course I’m biased as my favourite team got a 1-2 but there were was so much going on. How many people led the race? Even Buemi did at one point! So many battles not just for the front but the back too. I’m gutted that Massa was pretty much a ragdoll at the mercy of his surrounding drivers and appalled at Schumacher here.

    Nice to see a bit of reserved respect between Alonso and Hamilton as well and of course Button and Hamilton are like best of mates.

  15. on9 said on 13th June 2010, 19:21

    is finished.

    That, is all.

    • Hey, that’s a little premature.

      Remember that they weren’t going into this race expecting to be at the front of the pack. I expect they will be reasonably content with the points for 4th and 5th place.

      It’s not over until it’s over.

    • wasiF1 said on 14th June 2010, 2:26

      This track shouldn’t be favoring Red Bull I think they will be back in their form in Valencia.

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