Schumacher unpunished for Massa move

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The Canadian Grand Prix stewards decided to take no action over the collision between Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa in the closing stages of the race.

Massa’s race engineer Rob Smedley claimed Schumacher had caused a collision by braking too early for the final chicane. Massa drew alongside the Mercedes and lost his front wing as the pair made contact.

The stewards’ report said:

After hearing the explanation of both competitors’ representatives and the drivers [we] decided that the incident requires no further action.

Massa, however, was given a 20-second time penalty for speeding in the pit lane in his subsequent pit stop.

Two other drivers received reprimands for incidents during the race.

Robert Kubica was reprimanded for weaving around Adrian Sutil at speed on his way into the pits.

And Jaime Alguersuari was reprimanded for a collision with Rubens Barrichello, which caused Barrichello to pit for a new front wing.

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  1. IMHO, Brundle sounded like a man who had an axe to grind today

  2. Defending is one thing, driving people off the road is another…

    Kubica. He was alongside when Schuie pushed him off (much like he did to Alonso at Silverstone a few years ago). Out of order when the other car is alongside (as Webber will agree). The move or we crash mentality is just wrong no matter how you paint it.
    * Penalty

    Liuzzi. I don’t have a problem in this instance – he stayed alongside but there was room for Liuzzi. The fact that he slid into the side of Schuie was just a racing incident. I’m sure he didn’t intend it but it happened.
    * No Penalty

    Massa. Bad driving from One-Move-Michael although I have to say Massa was a tiny bit naive. Michael is king of the swerves and the move really wasn’t on even if he’d stayed alongside, so a bit of self preservation and getting a better exit would have been the smart thing to do. Still, two moves on the straight (especially moving in the braking zone) is frowned upon for other drivers
    * Penalty.

    I would add though that I think the infractions were marginal – if he’d left a little more room, there wouldn’t have been a problem and he probably still wouldn’t have lost the places either. The were certainly not the blatent moves of his Red days.

  3. his tyres really were gone..Massa was able to keep up with him easily in that one lap that he went around on with a broken front wing

  4. I think the steward’s decisions regarding Schumacher and Kubica were right, but I can’t remember the Alguersuari and Barrichello incident.

    One thing that I was a bit surprised about was that cutting the final chicane whilst defending a position didn’t cause the driver to yield position. Hulkenberg did it when racing with a Force India, Schumacher did it when defending against Luizzi and although I don’t think any footage was transmitted the BBC commentators said that from their where they were they saw Alonso also cut the chicane when defending against Hamilton.

  5. Schumacher – bad rep but gets the position. Schumacher wins. It went in his favour and I doubt it’ll matter to him what people thought of it.

    I have to say I’m appalled though. For me, things have now gone too far the other way. There have been 3 incidents this year (that I have counted) when a driver turns in on someone and it is ok. Twice with Vettel and now this. There was a wall there, what more could Massa do?

    It’s alright saying we wanted wheel-to-wheel racing but a move that dangerous is, I;m sorry, completely unacceptable. I want exciting, clsoe racing but these are the best drivers in the world and they should know how to do it instead of punting someone off.

    No favouritism just a plain bad decision.

    1. “what more could masa do”

      Well, he could realize that shumacher had just awful tyres, and would hence be braking earlier than him. Schu covered the inside, then went wide to take the corner. He left masa enough room, he did not punt him into the wall, nor did he chop him off.

      1. I don’t get the brake testing him excuse that’s been going around as for me that wasn’t the issue it was that Massa nearly ended up in the wall. I’ll have to watch a replay and I’m all for defenmding the position (correct me if I’m wrong) but it seemed far too aggressive and Massa ending up nearly in the wall avoiding him. If I am wrong I’ll happily take all of that back though it’s just what I thought I saw at the time and I was on the live blog so I dopn’t always take everything in as much :P

        1. Haha, no worries steph, we can’t all agree all the time otherwise there would not be much to discuss. I to, will take it back if i am wrong, although at this stage we agree to disagree – plus it was massa so we all know your passion there :)

  6. I would like to know what would happen if Algersuari or Petrov put Alonso or Schumacher on the wall and later cuts a chicane while fighting for 9th place.
    Schumacher’s race was plainly ridiculous.

  7. Scummy got what he deserved out of that race – nothing. As for the Massa incident, he moved left, and then moved left again, and I think it should have been penalised. Then again, maybe the stewards thought Massa deserved nothing better, after driving into Liuzzi about four times in the first couple of corners.

    1. No. Liuzzi started the first corner incident by diving into a gap that simply wasn’t there, having been beaten handsomely off the start line. Massa finished it.

      1. No. There was enough of a gap that any of them would have dived into it. Then Massa drove like he was on the dodgems.

        1. Liuzzi hit Massa as he was alongside Button. The Force India should have yielded the position rather than dive in and cause the contact.

        2. After being hit by Liuzzi and before being sent to the wall by Schumacher, Massa was consistently among the fastest drivers on the track, going from last to 10th.

  8. What? So everyone who tangles with Old Schuey gets a penalty? Am I reading this correctly? :-)

  9. OK here’s my 2p.

    Firstly, none of the individual incidents by Schumacher deserved any action. Any one taken individually, IMHO, was just a racing incident. Saying that, there were 3 such incidents through the race, each *just* not deserving of a reprimand, and I think that qualifies for a reprimand. It was consistently over-aggressive driving which caused dangerous situations to arise.

    Secondly, to all those who justify his actions later by saying “his tyres were shot”… that is no justification. If, as has been suggested, he was out of new tyres, and none of the old ones were any better, then he was driving an unsafe car and should have retired. The fact that he stayed out and endangered other racers was perfectly in character for Schui. He doesn’t give a damn about what happens to anyone else on the track, and is the least sportsman-like driver I have ever seen.

    1. I don’t think he did himself any favours by staying out,he should have retired….but that is not his way.

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