Ferrari bringing new exhausts to Valencia

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Ferrari will debut a new exhaust configuration in the European Grand Prix this weekend.

It is likely the layout is influenced by Red Bull’s exhaust-driven diffuser configuration, which is credited with helping the RB6 achieve high levels of downforce.

According to Ferrari:

The most significant feature is a new configuration for the exhaust system, aimed at improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. There will also be additional aero updates to the rear end of the car. However, these changes are just the first in a series of improvements to the F10 which will roll out over what is a very busy part of the season.

The revised aerodynamics parts have already been tested as the team used one of their allocated straight-line testing days:

Part of this phase of development included an aero test, when Scuderia test driver Marc Gene was at the wheel for one day last week at Vairano.

With the Valencia street circuit sharing some characteristics with the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, the team are expecting a similarly good performance:

Although Valencia requires slightly higher downforce levels than the Canadian venue, it is similar in having some high speed sections mixed in with stop-start corners, yet again making good traction and braking two priorities on the car set-up sheet.

Therefore there is every chance that the F10 could display the same degree of competitiveness that it showed a fortnight ago across the Atlantic.

Meanwhile former McLaren chief Pat Fry has joined Ferrari.

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