Helmet-cam video lap of Fiorano with Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F10

The helmet camera footage shows Alonso driving around Ferrari's test track

The helmet camera footage shows Alonso driving around Ferrari's test track

Ferrari have published two videos of Fernando Alonso’s shakedown of the updated Ferrari F10 at Fiorano last week.

You can watch both the videos below.

Ferrari used a filming day at their test track to evaluate updates to the F10 including Red Bull-style exhausts which feed air to the diffuser.

While all teams are allowed to conduct filming days the limits on the amount of running they can do and the cost of circuit hire may discourage Ferrari’s rivals from doing it. As Ferrari have their own test track it is probably more cost-effective for them.

In the first video Alonso talks us around a lap of the Fiorano circuit:The second shows Alonso’s track time in full, with him leaving and returning to the garage and performing a standing start:

As ever the helmet camera gave a fabulous impression of what it’s like to be behind the wheel, even if the video Ferrari has supplied is not very high quality.

If only we saw pictures like this during races instead of the flat and unexciting onboard footage we’re used to.

Here’s a satellite image of the Fiorano circuit where Ferrari have tested their F1 and road cars for decades:

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52 comments on Helmet-cam video lap of Fiorano with Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F10

  1. BasCB (@bascb) said on 24th June 2010, 19:18

    Maybe something like this could have us actually enjoy watching Valencia, make it part of the updated Ferrari package now they were tested together.

    Oh and about this not being a fast, full speed, lap. Scribe is right about that. The guy doing the lap record did over 10.000 laps on this circuit in cars going much faster. Alonso did maybe his first 3 laps of the track in a F1 car, a completely new one at that.
    So he went full out with it, just not as close to the limits of the track as he does not yet know them.

  2. Stuart said on 24th June 2010, 19:40

    I can’t see that it could bring any useful information.According to Alonso on other sites, the car was carrying ten cameras, plus helmet cams.That lot would ruin any viable aero data they collected.

  3. Here are a couple more:
    (last 2 not quite from the visor level but still)

  4. US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 24th June 2010, 20:00

    Fascinating watching his practice start. It really illustrates how many little knobs and buttons they have to mess with especially at the start of a race…

    • LosD said on 25th June 2010, 5:19

      I thought exactly the same, it’s just too many buttons.

      Not to mention all the adjustments he needs to do while racinng (and now they are going to introduce even more).

  5. David said on 25th June 2010, 5:14

    My God these cameras are so much better. Engine sounds meaner. Car ‘looks’ quicker and more aggressive. If only they could incorporate them into every car at a Grand Prix.

    • David said on 25th June 2010, 5:19

      btw, not sure if this has been posted yet, but here is Schumi going around the same track in the F2004. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifKQoW3Cuzk

      Freaking tremendous sound. Can see how much better cars corner nowadays, even though they’re still miles behind on acceleration (not that they can help that).

  6. macahan (@macahan) said on 25th June 2010, 6:23

    Hey the red/white smoke brand bar codes (or the not the smoke brand) where on Alonsos gloves. ;)

  7. joe said on 25th June 2010, 7:33

    cheeting or not, what ever, thank you for the video ferrari!

  8. Ade said on 25th June 2010, 11:13

    Interesting onboard video, but the camera really was too high to give impression of what drivers can see.

    And where are the overtaking opportunities? The comment on the lap was kind of pointless to me, I don’t think many people would be interested in such a private track.

  9. Chaz said on 25th June 2010, 20:37

    This camera positioning is much better than the one Coulthard used in Brazil if I recall correctly…

  10. mr. t said on 29th June 2010, 22:05

    Interesting to see the santander logo reflected in the wing mirrors. Now that all the mirrors are inboard, I wonder if more teams will take advantage of the commercial opportunity and reposition logos so the reflections appear in onboard footage.

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