Hot weekend ahead in Valencia

The European Grand Prix may be two months earlier on the calendar this year but it will have little effect on the temperatures at the track this weekend.

Hot and dry conditions are forecast for all three days of the event with temperatures in the high 20s – just as they were last year when the race was held in August.

The lack of rain between now and Sunday means we can expect to see rubber levels build up during the race weekend making the temporary track progressively faster.

You can use the radar link below to check if there is any rain in the area ahead of the five sessions but at the moment there isn’t much to see!

2010 European Grand Prix

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10 comments on Hot weekend ahead in Valencia

  1. wasiF1 said on 24th June 2010, 2:12

    It will be a very interesting race on tyre wear if it’s hot.The concrete walls will also play it’s part & some driver may struggle with their fitness at the end of the race.

  2. Stephen said on 24th June 2010, 2:33

    There is no chance this race will be any good, even the weather is boring there.

    • fordsrule (@fordsrule) said on 24th June 2010, 4:07

      I hope they just scrap the event once the contract is up, if bernie wants more tracks in get rid of the crappy ones you put in before!

      • Ace said on 24th June 2010, 7:11

        I hope they scrap the race BEFORE the contract is up. :)
        I find myself in the unusual position of not really looking forward to a Formula 1 race. It’s almost as if I’m preparing myself for disappointment… I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Dave Blanc said on 24th June 2010, 6:22

    I fear this is going to be bore-fest. Happy to eat my own words but without Rain in Spain it’s going to be processional with the odd overtake in the pitstops. Looking forward to seeing how the Ferrari upgrades will fair – if they don’t get the sort of uplift they are hoping for it will be a serious hit to their championship aspirations.

  4. BasCB said on 24th June 2010, 6:55

    Good we have the green walls to look at. I am not really expecting much exitement, after learning weather the updates brought by Ferrari and Mercedes are somewhat up to the task.

    But i keep spirits up. Nothing like Sutil/Liuzzi or Hulkenberg tagging Massa or Schumi having to fight of being passed to spring some incidents!

    • bosyber said on 24th June 2010, 7:44

      You forgot the “bigger than usual” Renault updates (floor, and yaafw). And the return of the Red Bull f-duct. But yeah, maybe practice will be interesting, and qualifying probably.

  5. Steph90 (@steph90) said on 24th June 2010, 8:34

    What I don’t get is that when I got the wii game last year whenever Valencia came on it was always chucking it down with rain. Who knew that game would pose more excitement

  6. Kevin said on 24th June 2010, 15:04

    Oh yay,another boring race

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