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115 comments on “Rate the race: Europe”

  1. 5. Not much action really but Kobayashi livened things up towards the end.
    And obviously, as horrible and scary as it was, Webber’s crash was memorable.

    1. Yes I totally agree. This track needs to go as soon as possible. Every time someone attempted a pass, there was contact. Luckily there weren’t many crashes like Mark’s. But it was even happening it the support races. There can not be any better proof that this track is terrible. Well done Kobayashi though!

  2. Good race by Valencia’s standards! Overall pretty dull though, don’t think track design helps, too often we saw a driver lock up significantly in the final turn while being shadowed by another and retain their position.

  3. Before Webber’s crash, which was heartstopping and spectacular (I was extremely worried for his safety for a second until he threw the wheel out angrily), it was pretty decent. After the safety car it was just a procession and a bunch of disappointing penalties. It’s not often that a safety car makes the race less exciting but without it we would’ve seen Vettel and Hamilton battling at the end (made impossible by his drive through), we wouldn’t have to wait to see what the stewards have to make of the final result. That being said it was probably the best race we’ve seen at Valencia. It’s also a shame we have that 2 tyre rule because I really believe Kobayashi could’ve been on the podium if he was allowed to carry on. I was well happy when he overtaked Alonso and Buemi (on the final corner) though! And with the penalties still to come he might even be on the podium!


    1. You gotta be careful though. Even Brundle said without the safety car we would have seen a great battle but it was pretty clear Vettel was crusing out on his own and made to extend the gap when Hamilton pushed after his drive thru. Had there been no Safety Car Vettel would have just kept pushing the whole way.

      And if there were no 2 tyre rule then everyone would have done what Kobayashi did and not pitted at all and he wouldnt have made up the positions by not pitting.

      I was thinking the same things but you gotta take everyones race into perspective

  4. this was another strange race why cant f1 be just 4 or 5 drivers battling on the track at valencia we had cheating whining drivers fantastic crashes rocket kobayashi i think that will be a lot of DSQ hopefully too mutch luck too mutch artificial racing it seems impossible to have fair competition

      1. are you saying Alonso should have just shut up and driven? He was easily third, then he was easily tenth, through no real fault of his own – and in his view, the perpetrator escaped unpunished. If he wasn’t furious, he’s not a true racing driver.

  5. Kobayashi’s last leap moves made it an 8 for me.

    I notice that Alonso is 32.8 behind Vettel while Button is 7.6, so if Button does not get more then 25 seconds penalty, Alonso is still behind him, but Kobayashi would be just ahead.

    1. Btw, how much does a drive through penalty cost? I hope if those drivers that are under investigation does get a penalty it would not cost them more than a drive through penalty. My rationale behind it is that there are plenty of time to give those driver a drive through penalty so there is really no reason to give them more than that. They should give the penalty relative to the penalty they are given to Hamilton.

      Well, I’m still waiting on the post race analysis on whether if they are actually speeding under SC give them any advantage or not.

      And great drive by Koby… Burger power? :)

      1. I think a drive-through awarded after the race nets 25 seconds added to their finishing time. That’d put Kobayashi up to 3rd, Button down to 4th, still 0.2 seconds ahead of Alonso.

  6. What a farce. The SC just ruined a race when the top 3 where fighting for the win. Terrible decision form the stewards that favoured as always Mr. Hamilton

        1. He is referring to the way the penalty didn’t cost Hamilton anything. But this was because of a combination of two things- the time it took for the decision to be made, and Hamilton’s raw pace that he had anyway.

          1. Did stewards know he would exit the pits in front of Kobayashi when they penalized him? Hindsight is great but they needed to examine the situation first. We don’t know how much examinations they had and how many teams complained about. From the feature in F1 Racing about the stewards they have a lot of work examining situations, especially in first part of the race.

  7. Kamui driver of the race putting the move on both Buemi and Alonso. Webber’s crash fanstic. Have to see what happens with stewards decisions on the other cars. 8/10

    1. agree but there are 10 cars that probably are going to be penalised it will change this race a lot a complete farce fighting for th win should be on track and please ban all fuel mix options cause hamilton gave us hope for an exciting decider for the win but in the end vet was saving is car and eventually ham had to save fuel as well not to mention that if he had respected the rules he should have ended in a similar position to alonso

      1. well.. to be correct he did’nt stole anything, but where the stewards who gifted him with P2 awaiting 15 laps before taking a decision… really disgusting this time…

  8. After the messy race champ may be a bit scrambled counting the DSQ the classification might be
    8ºDi Grassi

    1. They made a hash of things today, but the stewards aren’t going to give Alonso 3rd and 4th place :P

      You might mean Hamilton in 2nd, and Kobayahsi 3rd, ahead of Button and one guy called Alonso.

  9. I think we might be on to something here! I mean they gave the track a lick of paint and we got the most exiting Valencia grand prix in years :D.

    Kamui for man of the race obviously. I was so happy when I saw he had overtaken buemi.

  10. For Valencia a memorable race. A big crash, SC confusion, amazingly fast lap from Schumi in the last laps. Kobayashi had a drive that might have just saved him and the team for next year. First he dropped back only because of the 2 compound rule. But those overtakes by him almost make it worthwhile to have this rule.

    Bushi (Burger – Sushi) champ. Let Burger king introduce that in the menue and sponsor Sauber full scale from next race on.

    1. Bushi in Japanese means warrior, which describes Kobayashi’s mentality towards having a go at Alonso and Buemi, something Button could not or did not do against him…

      1. I didn’t know that, but it makes it even better. Showed exactly what we hoped to see from him last year.

        Gutsy driving, not afraid to have a go at it and makes less mistakes than Sato. And a good job of conserving those tyres to last up to that point, 54 laps is massive for this track.

      2. Senshi in Japanese means warrior. Bushi sounds like something to do with the word Bushido.

        As for Kobayashi, he did amazingly well. He really made the strategy work. Alonso is my favourite driver, but I was willing on Kobayashi all the way.

        1. Both words have similar meaning, but did Kobayashi make Button look stupid for following him for three quarters of the race when Button was going “Oh we can’t overtake in Valencia, not enough room at this track” when there was clearly enough room for Kobayashi to make moves on Alonso and Buemi…

    2. Some of us like the best car/driver to win. Not cheaters rewarded or stupid 5 second penalties for safety infringements. It is truly sad that Races must be “enlivend” by bringing the wrong tires to races and such.

  11. Eventful race which was poorly handled by the FIA and will result in lots of protests after the race and some changes of the results. The only positive I could find was Webber emerging unscathed from a frightening accident.

  12. I can’t feel more frustrated and angry about a race.-

    I hate the stewards, they ruined what could have been another great race.-

    It feels like referees on a football game, they try to be the stars of the show.-

    I vote for Charlie Whiting and his troupe to retire ASAP!!

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