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115 comments on Rate the race: Europe

  1. Alex said on 27th June 2010, 14:58

    I think we might be on to something here! I mean they gave the track a lick of paint and we got the most exiting Valencia grand prix in years :D.

    Kamui for man of the race obviously. I was so happy when I saw he had overtaken buemi.

  2. BasCB (@bascb) said on 27th June 2010, 15:00

    For Valencia a memorable race. A big crash, SC confusion, amazingly fast lap from Schumi in the last laps. Kobayashi had a drive that might have just saved him and the team for next year. First he dropped back only because of the 2 compound rule. But those overtakes by him almost make it worthwhile to have this rule.

    Bushi (Burger – Sushi) champ. Let Burger king introduce that in the menue and sponsor Sauber full scale from next race on.

    • KNF said on 27th June 2010, 16:06

      Bushi in Japanese means warrior, which describes Kobayashi’s mentality towards having a go at Alonso and Buemi, something Button could not or did not do against him…

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 27th June 2010, 21:50

        I didn’t know that, but it makes it even better. Showed exactly what we hoped to see from him last year.

        Gutsy driving, not afraid to have a go at it and makes less mistakes than Sato. And a good job of conserving those tyres to last up to that point, 54 laps is massive for this track.

      • slr said on 27th June 2010, 22:34

        Senshi in Japanese means warrior. Bushi sounds like something to do with the word Bushido.

        As for Kobayashi, he did amazingly well. He really made the strategy work. Alonso is my favourite driver, but I was willing on Kobayashi all the way.

        • KNF said on 28th June 2010, 3:40

          Both words have similar meaning, but did Kobayashi make Button look stupid for following him for three quarters of the race when Button was going “Oh we can’t overtake in Valencia, not enough room at this track” when there was clearly enough room for Kobayashi to make moves on Alonso and Buemi…

          • RandomChimp (@randomchimp) said on 28th June 2010, 8:29

            Kobayashi’s overtakes were on FAR superior tires and Button’s lack of attempts at an overtake was probably partly due to him knowing Kobayashi…

    • Johann said on 27th June 2010, 19:00

      Some of us like the best car/driver to win. Not cheaters rewarded or stupid 5 second penalties for safety infringements. It is truly sad that Races must be “enlivend” by bringing the wrong tires to races and such.

  3. Webber fan said on 27th June 2010, 15:00

    Eventful race which was poorly handled by the FIA and will result in lots of protests after the race and some changes of the results. The only positive I could find was Webber emerging unscathed from a frightening accident.

  4. I can’t feel more frustrated and angry about a race.-

    I hate the stewards, they ruined what could have been another great race.-

    It feels like referees on a football game, they try to be the stars of the show.-

    I vote for Charlie Whiting and his troupe to retire ASAP!!

  5. sasbus said on 27th June 2010, 15:02

    What a joke. Shame on the Race Control.

  6. chaostheory said on 27th June 2010, 15:02

    First lap was interesting, last lap was quite exciting due to Kobayashi, that’s why I gave it whole one point. It was boring like hell. Both Spanish tracks are awful, I wonder what we have done wrong to have to watch Barcelona and Valencia every year :/

  7. sumedh said on 27th June 2010, 15:06

    This is a joke!!

    How could the race Control take so long to decide on the Hamilton penalty!!! Effectively meant that overtaking the safety car (breaking the rules) was the right thing to do, thanks to Kobayashi holding everyone up!!

    And that is not the only fault of the stewards here.

    Even if Button is issued a 25-second penalty, he still comes out ahead of Alonso.

    I think the penalties system must be changed from “times added” to “positions lost”. This way, Button onwards, everyone can get an appropriate 7-8 place penalty, putting them in their rightful positions.

    Such a system would have even worked in the Alonso-Schumi incident at Monaco. Schumi would have got just a 1-place penalty!!

  8. TommyB (@tommyb89) said on 27th June 2010, 15:09

    Good race for Valencia. Actually incidents to talk about and for my I’m chuffed Vettel won with Hamilton second and STR points.

    What I don’t get is how these new circuits are meant to be super safety concious yet the straights wiggle and it just encourages weaving. We saw what happened in GP2 and then with Webber’s crash.

    No words can describe what a legend Kobayashi is for overtaking Alonso at the end. Alonso is an extremely talented driver but why did he have to moan about Hamilton instead of concentrating on his own race.

    • sasbus said on 27th June 2010, 15:32

      What race were you watching mate? You seem to talk about every other thing except the great cock-up of Race Control which left the Ferraris at a 40 sec disadvantage.

  9. Simon said on 27th June 2010, 15:12

    I think since Alonso wont get the podium finish if ppl are dropped places, I think it will be a grid penalty for next race to help ferrari then.

    Overall pretty dull race apart from Kob’s passing and the accident.

  10. terrible race, but I gave it a 10 for Kobayashi’s overtake on Alonso ^^

    now downloading my next desktop image

  11. Slim said on 27th June 2010, 15:14

    The FIA really needs to iron out these safety car issues and so do the drivers because its crap and im tired of it

    Maybe they need to run some safety car drills, like a fire drill at an elementary school or a drill during football practice.

    I propose they do this between now and silverstone

  12. gero said on 27th June 2010, 15:18

    Whiting needs to resign.

  13. Manu said on 27th June 2010, 15:22

    It is pretty clear what Hamilton did. Watch the replay. Hamilton deliberately slowed down to make sure Alonso wouldn’t be able to overtake the safety car.
    What a shame.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 27th June 2010, 21:53

      I don’t for a second believe he did that on purpose. More a hesitation (somewhat like australia 2009 where he wasn’t sure and asked the team) before deciding to go for it and stay in front of the SC. I would be interested to see if the team gave any instructions here.

  14. TMAX said on 27th June 2010, 15:22

    Race ? Which race ? Who Raced ? Where was the race ?

    Valencia ? That was probably a Promotional Show or a Testing Program..

    After Canada this was a terrible show. But any expected this out of Valencia. Maybe Singapore would be almost the same show.

  15. I gave it a 6 because of Kobayashi’s last few laps. It was really good for Valencia but it would have been really processional if it weren’t for the safety car. I applaud Sauber for thinking out of the box and trying a different strategy. They deserved their result today.

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