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What did you think of the European Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 European Grand Prix out of ten

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115 comments on “Rate the race: Europe”

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  1. Decent start, spectacular crash, then a procession.

    But the suspense involving Kobayahi and his overtaking moves at the end made the race OK

  2. A very eventful race by Valencia standards, but still weak compared to other venues. Kobayashi’s brilliant drive was a sight to see, especially the move on Buemion the very last corner.
    Oberall 6/10.

  3. nice race (too much action for Valencia!) spoiled by bad decisions. 7/10

  4. I wasn’t holding out for much, but ended up being pleasently surprised. A semi-gem of a race. 7/10.

  5. Alonso has sour grapes for Hammie. Get a friggin grip and retire before you blow a blood vessel Alonso.

  6. 6 for me. Not a bad race, with great entertainment including Webbers crash (glad he’s ok) and Alonso’s crying.

    Good job from Kobayashi for a change. He kept his head together instead of his usual banzai attitude.

  7. 7/10 for me.

    Some of the reactions here are highly amusing. Where was the indignation after the fixing of Malaysia 1999?

  8. Aw,come on commentators,tell the truth for a change!Webber was just not in the mood for 9th place!!As for ferrari,listen girls, Hamilton came out at exactly the place meant FOR HIM.

  9. When is alonso and ferrari going to stop crying like babies and get on with racing?Probably never!

  10. Can we please get new fresh commentators who does not side with any team let alone ferrari like they just did?PRETTY PLEASE?

  11. You fly like the wind Hamilton and Button,gentlemen of Formula One.You race without the use of tongues!Bravo!!

  12. Charles Carroll
    27th June 2010, 19:04

    Great job for Kamui and Sauber!

    Best parts for me:
    Kamui’s pass of Alonso and Buemi
    Webber and Heikki getting into trouble

  13. I gave it an 8 because it WAS a thrilling race. However, the lack of passing (save for for the first few and last few laps) is what keeps it from being rated higher in my book. For a little bit before Webber’s accident, it was already turning into a processional. Thankfully the safety car threw a wrench in a lot of people’s strategies, which mixed things up and proved to gives a more interesting race to watch.

  14. Two. Worst circuit on the schedule.

  15. The voting profile is looking a bit odd at the moment. Did the people who gave it one out of ten think it was a very boring race or did they think it was an otherwise good race spoiled by the stewards?

    1. I gave it a two because it was mostly processional. Good start and good last lap. Sutil’s pass on Buemi was the only other positive moment. Other than that not much going on except Webber’s backflip(I’ll give that one a 9.5, good technique).

      I would have prefered Webber to stay in the race and try to push forward. No one else looked interested. All in all a boring race only notable for all the wrong reasons.

  16. shame hamilton couldn’t fight with Vettel but a good race none the less.

  17. I’m getting tired of Hamilton doing all kinds of shady things, and getting away with it. It’s like the seven race of the year he does something that rises controversy and he is leading the championship, and the worst thing is people (“f1 fans”) so biased with nationality defending him all the time.

  18. William Wilgus
    27th June 2010, 21:57

    Safety Car Roulette again. Terrible—that’s not racing!

  19. What a farce, Hamilton is allowed to overtake the safety car and effectively comes out unpunished (whatever happened to the ten second stop go penalty? Surely breaching the safety car procedures should have a penalty greater than a drive through), Schumacher obeys the rules (not leaving the pits when there is a red light that should not have been red in the first place) and his race is destroyed as a result, Alonso obeys the rules and doesn’t overtake the safety car like Hamilton and his race is destroyed also. What a dismal end to what was shaping up to be a great race. The stewards and race control got it very wrong on this race. And thank god MW is alive.

  20. This might sound very off putting to some, but I would of liked to see Mark Webber break at least a finger so that he could not compete in the next round and let one of the very highly rated RedBull Reserve drivers (Daniel Ricciardo in particular) compete in the one of the most competitive cars on the field against the likes of Sebastien Vettel and Lewis Hamilton at a track which highly suits the RB6’s in theory.

    Kobayashi was an incredible highlight to the race, I was watching the live timing during some of the boring periods and Kobayashi was lapping faster then Hamilton at times. An Incredible effort by the Japanese driver demonstrating the same style of driving we saw and enjoyed last year, and to the Sauber team for the pit strategy that allowed him to be competitive in what is an unrealistically competitive car.

    Although what was demonstrated by the Sauber team is that they were able to run extremely long on their tyres, similar to the data that they collected from testing earlier in the year. Hopefully at Silverstone they will be able to use this car trait to their advantage to provide more exciting racing for us!

    I am personally always cheering for the underdogs, like Alguersuari beating Schumacher, and Kubica always popping up for a fight from time to time. That’s what makes it exciting.

    In the debate from who was wrong, Kovalainen and Webber, the Australian broadcasters/reporters were very one sided saying that Kovalainen was in the wrong 100% but to me that sounds way to harsh. All weekend the footage and interviews with Mark showed this very depressed body language, and I honestly do not think he was in the right mind set. Heiki, slower car yes, but he was racing for position, he was defending for as long as possible, you did not see Kobayashi let Button through because Button was in a Mclaren, challenging for the drivers championship and faster. My hat goes off too Heiki for defending because that provides exciting races. eg. Alonso trying to get past Di Grassi i think it was at the Monaco GP? That was exciting even if you were an Alonso fan and didn’t believe he deserved to be down there. Mark made a mistake, its as simple as that. He stuffed up the start, decided to pit and come out racing the “B” cars and he made a mistake drafting Heiki. If he wanted to avoid an incident he would of braked earlier not go through with the move, but he didn’t because as I mentioned before, I don’t think he was in the right mind set.

    Overall I gave this race an 8 because it had its memorable moments.

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