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115 comments on Rate the race: Europe

  1. Daffid said on 27th June 2010, 15:31

    What on earth are Ferrari moaning about? Even without Hamilton’s infringement they were still behind Kobi, Kubica, Sutil, Buemi and Barrichello – Hamilton had zero to do with that. And if those guys sped a little and get a penalty then Ferrari get places back, so stop whining. Alonso is by far my favourite driver when driving or talking about F1… right up till the point that Hamilton becomes involved, then he just loses his mind.

  2. NoRules said on 27th June 2010, 15:35

    Hamilton today showed how breaking rules is better than being honest.
    Great FIA!

  3. sasbus said on 27th June 2010, 15:36

    Looks like a lot of people seemed to have missed the fact that Hamilton did overtake the Safety Car and was in fact awarded a drive through very late in the race. Whilst the Ferraris which were only seconds apart from Hamilton decided to play by the riles and suffered a massive disadvantage.

    • bosyber said on 27th June 2010, 15:48

      So, say Hamilton had not done that, he would have ended ahead of Alonso on 6th, Button would have been 2nd, Kobayashi could still have gotten his 7th, and Vettel wins a minute ahead of everyone. Still no podium for Alonso.

      Or should Hamilton have speeded so that him and the Ferrari’s end ahead of SC, then gets a penalty for that speed and drops behind them? Sure.

      • sasbus said on 27th June 2010, 15:56

        What’s your point? Hamilton did speed up to overtake the SC…and he got a penalty very very late in the race. That penalty after two laps would have meant that he would have been at the end of the field. Race Control screwed up big time – irrespective of where the Ferraris ended up. Black on white. No doubt about that!

  4. Mountain man said on 27th June 2010, 15:37

    Great to see web come out unscathed . lewis did a great job… Oh poor Alonso and his Sour Grapes (even down to throwing an empty glass bottle of San Miguel on to the track to try & puncture lewis’s tyres!) did’nt stop Griping even after the race.Too Much Power in the stewards hands!!! Can we Just Race……..

  5. bronek82 said on 27th June 2010, 15:43

    Hamilton and McLaren cheaters and Hamilton should have black flag

  6. Circuit zolder said on 27th June 2010, 15:45

    This was a farce not a race.

  7. Daniel said on 27th June 2010, 15:49

    I couldn’t understand why Mercedes pitted MS under the SC. He was in front of Kobyashi and also on the harder tyre. He could have done the same thing the Sauber driver did.

  8. Steezy said on 27th June 2010, 15:57

    It had alot, people shouldn’t let their favouritism cloud the judgment of the race. The Webber incident, the first few laps were good. The safety car chaos. The spat between Senna and Glock just as everyone else was catching them. Kobayashi doing one over Alonso, and Buemi in the last corner!

    I gave it an 8.

  9. MacLeod said on 27th June 2010, 15:58

    I gave it a 4 as it was so boring. Sutil made one pass in the race and Koby did a good job at the end. Sorry i didn’t watch overtaking outside the top 10.

  10. mateuss said on 27th June 2010, 15:59

    For Valencia this was an awesome race!

  11. roberttty said on 27th June 2010, 16:00

    Decent start, spectacular crash, then a procession.

    But the suspense involving Kobayahi and his overtaking moves at the end made the race OK

  12. Kosmit said on 27th June 2010, 16:15

    A very eventful race by Valencia standards, but still weak compared to other venues. Kobayashi’s brilliant drive was a sight to see, especially the move on Buemion the very last corner.
    Oberall 6/10.

  13. matt88 (@matt88) said on 27th June 2010, 16:34

    nice race (too much action for Valencia!) spoiled by bad decisions. 7/10

  14. I wasn’t holding out for much, but ended up being pleasently surprised. A semi-gem of a race. 7/10.

  15. shazza said on 27th June 2010, 17:34

    Alonso has sour grapes for Hammie. Get a friggin grip and retire before you blow a blood vessel Alonso.

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