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115 comments on Rate the race: Europe

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  1. Race control total utter joke.

    All drivers except Kobayashi should apply should taxi licenses. They have no business in racing.

  2. TommyC said on 28th June 2010, 1:04

    the race was kind of exciting and all with incidents but i think that was the sloppiest race i’ve ever watched. the very avoidable webber/kovalainen crash, senna continuing after damaging his front wing, glock pushing way too hard with a puncture, etc. but the most alarming thing for me is that button in a mclaren simply can’t overtake a sauber on 50 odd lap old tyres! just wow…

    and buemi/vettel locking up badly in the last corner still can’t be overtaken! more than once!

    The hamilton punishment was disgraceful. a drive through penalty within a lap or two surely could have been handed down, but really, no penalty at all.

    And what’s with 5 second penalties? of course alonso’s going to feel hard done by. why on earth could these incidents not be evaluated during or just after the safety car period?

    I’d go so far as to say that was the most disgraceful race i’ve ever watched! (but that’s only cause i missed indy 05). Hopefully they all get their acts together in britain. at least we have something (well, several things) to talk about after this race which is more than what we got out of the last two valencia races combined…

  3. dragon said on 28th June 2010, 1:06

    To me, this race was all one big joke. From Kovalainen’s ridiculous stance abount defending against a Red Bull, to the Stewards taking their time about deciding on Hamilton’s penalty, to the post-race 5 second penalties handed out to the drivers, and finally, the fact that when everyone was actually racing, the on-track action was dull as dishwater…

    I’d just like to forget this round ever happened, and look forward to Silverstone. The only highlight for me was seeing Kobayashi running around in 3rd for a good part of the race.

  4. dragon said on 28th June 2010, 1:40

    Also, I’d like to amend my previous comment, because I’m not angry at Heikki – it’s not his fault, Webber was also a little too aggressive, although he couldn’t have known Heikki would brake so early. All it is, is proof of several things – that plenty of run-off isn’t a bad idea, that f1 cars are incredibly safe beasts, and that significantly different closing speeds / braking power is dangerous.

  5. Gusto said on 28th June 2010, 3:14

    Hmm, 12% of F1 Fanatic must be Ferrari an Webber fans to rate this race as a 1. Come On the race wasn`t that bad, at least He walked away from it. As for Massa it reminds me of Herbert after He`s big one at Donnington?, never quite the same.

    • Mike said on 28th June 2010, 6:12

      That always happens. 1? I mean, to be honest from my perspective, F1 cars, just running, gets a 2.

  6. Mike said on 28th June 2010, 3:38

    I voted 4, In reality, I enjoyed it more than that, but it was the adrenaline from marls crash, and the great end with some incredible passes my kamui which did it.

    But the track is dire. And I don’t think I want to rate it higher based on marks crash.

    I was so happy when he threw out the steering wheel.

  7. antonyob said on 28th June 2010, 9:03

    If your not getting all over excited as an over excitable ferrari fan then it was a decent race as i predicted on this site last week. You dont or shouldnt rate the race as a fanboy, but whether or not it was a good race. England v Germany was a great spectacle despite the result – for us.

    Some decent overtaking, a scary crash, some intrigue and kobayashi having one of his good days. Vettel does what he does best, leading from the front but i think Lewis wouldve caught him but for the drive thru penalty. Shame for that reason but Valencia much improved and now a fantastic place to go for a weeks holiday next June

  8. I gave it a 5. Undoubtedly the best race we’ve seen at Valencia, but that is not exactly a ringing endorsement. At least there was a bit of action and it was not an entirely processional-follow-the-leader scenario. But again, not happy to see the race results change after the race.

  9. wasiF1 said on 28th June 2010, 12:58

    Can’t think of giving it more tan 5. The safety car rules is not good for racing.

  10. PJA said on 28th June 2010, 13:08

    It was better than I expected but then I didn’t have very high hopes. Due to the finish by Kobayashi I decided to add an extra mark.

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