Button, Webber, Senna, Hakkinen and more in action at Goodwood (Pictures)

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Jenson Button, McLaren-TAG MP4-2C, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2010

The second day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed saw Formula 1 drivers past and present driving a selection of spectacular racing machines.

World champion Jenson Button drove Alain Prost’s McLaren which won the 1986 world championship while Mark Webber demonstrated last year’s Red Bull.

Bruno Senna drove his uncle’s last McLaren and HRT team mate Karun Chandhok was at the wheel of Keke Rosberg’s championship-winning Williams.

Jackie Stewart went up the hill in the same Lotus 38 that Jim Clark won the Indianapolis 500 with 45 years ago. And Mika Hakkinen got acquainted with a 1954 Mercedes W196.

John Surtees drove a Ferrari 158 which he won the world championship with in 1964.

Finally, Marc Gene and Nico Rosberg demonstrated two of last year’s cars. The latter was in the championship-winning Brawn BGP001 running in the colours Mercedes are using in F1 this year.

Check back here for more pictures later today as Jarno Trulli is set to take over Fittipaldi’s Lotus 72 and Button will be driving the 2008 McLaren-Mercedes MP4-23.

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53 comments on “Button, Webber, Senna, Hakkinen and more in action at Goodwood (Pictures)”

  1. Oh WOW………….
    Beautiful pics and great drivers. Just to see the #8 McLaren with Bruno Senna and to see the helmet in the car again. Chills down my spine kinda moment. Incredible!

    1. I love that photo of Bruno in Aryton’s McLaren. Awesome stuff. I wish I had been there for that. What a wonderful moment.

  2. what a waste that BGP001 is painted with mercedes livery

    why mercedes won’t let the original BGP001 livery to be display at goodwood?

    1. Very, very naughty of them. I’m surprised Goodwood let them run it in the ‘wrong’ livery.

      If I’d bought an old JPS Lotus and painted it red they’d tell me where to go…

    2. Yeah it’s really unfair.

      However, I thought that the original BGP livery was rank rotten, it looks great in Merc colours!

      1. Couldn’t disagree more…. !

        The first time i saw the Brawn car last year i thought it was stunningly different and I haven’t changed thnat view one iota.

        I think the merc colour scheme looks cheap and untidy. It looks as though they forgot to clean the car after a messy test day.

        To each his own…….

    3. Untitled258
      3rd July 2010, 17:35

      Its really really annoyed me. Imagine if Mclaren had turned up with the MP4-2c for the boys, but in a lovely shade of mirror and orange and ‘vodafone’ sprawled across the side. There would be an uproar, and the BGP001 is one of my favourite cars of all time :(

    4. Presumably because it’s there to represent Mercedes, not Brawn GP.

      F1 teams generally run show cars at Goodwood, i.e. last year’s car painted in this year’s livery – see the Santander signage on the Ferrari F60. Show cars tend to be shipped around the world for demonstrations and static displays as promotional tools for the team and its current sponsors. Mercedes bought Brawn and, unsurprisingly, wants to promote itself rather than a team that no longer exists.

      The older, genuinely historic cars are expected to be presented in the authentic livery and specification. It’s just not realistic to expect F1 teams to repaint a show car for a single event.

      1. Show Car ???

        So, by your reckoning, that Brawn car winning a double world championship in it’s first and only year of existence was not in any way memorable or historically
        important ?

        The Brawn BGP 001 is a historic car by any measurement or standard you care to construct. It was, in any case, a Honda chassis through and through, but with added Brawn magic breathed onto it and powered by an excellent Merc engine..

        As a car, it has about as much to to do with Mercedes current F1 status as I have.

        And I drive a Fiat !

        1. I wasn’t suggesting the Brawn isn’t a special car – but “genuinely historic” means older and rarer than last year’s model, whatever its results.

          The Lotus 72 wasn’t there to promote JPS, the McLaren MP4/8 and Alfa Romeo 182 weren’t there to promote Marlboro, the Ligier JS11 wasn’t there to promote Gitanes, etc. They are there because they’ve been kept/restored to their original condition and they’re rarely seen at all, let alone in action. However, when (for example) Marc Gene drives the 2009 Ferrari F1 car repainted in 2010 colours the lack of historical accuracy tends to be overlooked because a current F1 team has taken the trouble to attend the event along with one of its current drivers.

          Had the Goodwood organisers told Mercedes it was a Brawn BGP 001 in its original livery or nothing, I suspect it would have been nothing…

          1. 2009.

            What a show!

            Has to be one of my fav seasons ever, just for the absolute unlikely bolting of a Merc engine in the back, and it being so good out of the box.

            Jensons driving was sublime in that first part of the season.

    5. UneedAFinn2Win
      3rd July 2010, 19:54

      I believe Jenson has one of the last original livery BGP001:s now, and I’m sure he will someday drive it in these types of events. But for now he changed, teams changed, sponsors changed, everything changed.

      I do agree it’s just disrespectful, and a bit petty for Merc, but hey if this is the extent of politics in F1 this year compared to the last few, I’ll take it anytime!

      1. It would be great if he drove it next year, in original colors, of course.

        Or maybe he should ask McLaren to but a branding package around it and pretend it is painted in their colors, and only unveil it at the last moment, saying “no, we wouldn’t dare!” or something.

        1. Has he got the BGP001, because last I heard he was taking Mercedes to court because they wouldn’t let him have one?

          1. That is very bad by the Merc team. I think it should be a rule that the winner always gets to keep a chassis. Like, in order to compete in F1 the teams must agree to it and so on…

            Honestly though, If it wasn’t for Schumacher, and perhaps a bit of Rosberg, I wouldn’t be a Merc fan.

            Haha! Imagine at the start of the season when button had that clause put in! Haha, that would have been a hilarious situation. Looking back.

          2. Ahhh good, I on’t think it is fair at all what Mercedes did to him. I personally think that if he was driving for them this season there would have been no problem!

            Lets just hope he gets his Brawn in the original Livery and not that disgusting silver one!

          3. Yes, he won the case on that one.

            I think they were more keen to give him last years Merc. :-)

  3. The BGP001 looks so wrong in the mercedes livery. There is some weird stuff going on with that team that they couldnt display it in its true livery

  4. Mercedes livery??? What a massive disapointment. And a bit disrepectful..

  5. miguelF1O (@)
    3rd July 2010, 16:11

    got to see this festival once in my lifetime of course like every f1 fan i love the lotus 38 72 and other lotus that mclaren porsche is one of my fav although not the most elegant f1 car the non turbo williams should be driven by his son but…and seeing bruno senna on that i think it was a bit disrespectful it looked like an ghost was driving that

  6. What’s the story with the Prost livery? The famous chevron turned into some weak curve, looks like a cheap knock-off.

    It raced and was celebrated in Marlboro colours, and should be preserved and presented as it raced, anything else is dishonest.

    When Lewis drove it at the TAG event, and in the Button seat-fitting youtube video …
    … it still had some Marlboro chevrons and at least a barcode (yeuchh), but even that has all been crudely airbrushed from history in the intervening weeks.
    Enough is enough, surely?

    I didn’t see anything about McLaren bringing along Senna’s MP4-8, and it retains it’s original, spectacular, glorious livery. Is it a private collectors?

    1. Not sure, but the MP4-8 has its original livery.

    2. miguelF1O (@)
      3rd July 2010, 19:19

      you´re right whats up with the tobacco liverys on this kind of festivals

      1. I guess all the tobacco ads livery that has been there before the ban on tobacco ads was imposed are allow to stay as they were

        correct me if I’m wrong on this matter

        1. miguelF1O (@)
          5th July 2010, 17:40

          so why is the mp4-2c without the tobacco livery and the mp4-8 is with it

    3. The MP4/2C was brought by McLaren, and Ron being Ron had all ‘Marlboro’ decals removed when West took over (in 1997). The MP4/8 is privately owned and is in it’s correct livery from Monaco, where this particular chassis (#6) claimed Senna’s 6th and last win there.

      1. No it didn’t … that particular 2C still had (most of) it’s Marlboro decals a couple of months ago (TAG-Heuer event at MTC),


        … and probably a coupla weeks ago, the Jenson Button seat fitting video I linked to.

        It has only been shorn of it’s proper livery and decals very recently, and for this outing.

        All other ex-sponsors logos (including those that conflict with current contracts) remain intact and historically accurate, it is only Marlboro that has been so crudely excised.

  7. Why does this author keep saying Mark Webber is in a RB1? The RB1 was built for 2005 F1 specs. (Low and wide rear wings, etc.) The car Webber is driving is the RB6, this year’s contender.

    Here is the RB1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Bull_RB1

    1. Praveen Titus
      3rd July 2010, 20:54

      That car certainly isn’t the RB6. Strangely, the overhead airbox and the low cockpit sides look similar to the RB1. So it seems it is an RB1 modified to the new rules – though I can’t figure out why Red Bull would want to do that. Any idea Keith?

      1. It’s the Red Bull Racing “Running show car” a sort of hybridised RB1, with the latest RB6 aero kit, used by Red Bull to do demonstrations (like the pitstop) all over the world, without coming into conflict with the engine limits, or the testing ban.

        1. I wonder if it is faster this way!

    2. As some people have said, apparently it’s an RB1 with RB5 front and rear wings, and possibly some other bodywork modifications.

      PS. Hi! I’m Keith. Call me Keith…

      1. Keith, is that short for: “This author (“I”) prefers to be not keep things impersonal, because a blog works better when there is an actual living person feeling and showing his passion for the blog and its content. Thanks, Keith” :)

  8. I’m confused. Red Bull said they’d bring the RB1… and you say Webber was driving the RB1… but that isn’t the RB1………………

    1. it’s a sort of hibrid… it’s not the RB5, but i has its the front wing… look at the sidepods, with the exhausts ends… it’s a RB1 pimped up

    2. Yeah its a bit like saying he’ll be driving a ferrari then it turns out to be a modified Toyota MR2 with the daft ferrari kit in it,
      Why couldnt they of left the RB1 as it was>

    3. miguelF1O (@)
      5th July 2010, 19:15

      on the f1 site they were also confused they tagged it as being an rb5

  9. HounslowBusGarage
    3rd July 2010, 20:50

    What are the tyre rules and arrangements for an event lile Goodwood?
    I’m prompted to ask because of the tyres on the McLaren-TAG MP4-2C that Button was driving; what are they?

    1. They are Goodyears as the original. Mclaren seemed to have a new set of dry slicks when I went on Friday so I guess they get a few made for them so they can run the car.

  10. Was it really Adrian Newey driving ?

      1. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
        3rd July 2010, 23:33

        Did he race in some other categories before?
        How can he drive it?

        1. MouseNightshirt
          4th July 2010, 1:07

          I guess he places his hands on the steering wheel and places his right foot on the accelerator pedal.

          Sorry, had to do it! :D

        2. Newey is an experienced (and very fast) racer – he has a collection of classic racing cars and more modern stuff. I’ve seen him race a Lotus Exige in the Britcar race (as seen on Top Gear) and a Jaguar E-type at Goodwood Revival.

          1. And when he got injured last year he was racing a Ginetta wasnt he?

            He spent the lunchtime at the test driving his own GT40 round the track.

  11. I’m sure that’s the first photo I’ve ever seen of Jackie Stewart in a race car without his iconic tartan band helmet. A Jim Clark replica maybe?

  12. Schooner I noticed that as well. It looks like a Clark style helmet sans visor.

    I love these historic articles… thanks, Keith.

  13. I was just wondering if I could own one of these cars… which one would it be? The choices are killing me… lol. Anyone else?

  14. Thanks for clearing up the RB1/RB5 hybrid; you’ve cleared up a mother/daughter argument.

  15. There is no way that is an RB1 – Isn’t this an RB1


    … can’t see anything that matches.. exhaust, wings, ridges on the nose-cone flowing into the main body…

    Would love to have been there though, looks like it was a top w/e

  16. I think it’s disgusting they’ve got the BGP001 in the Mercedes livery! Why? Am pretty sure they would have had enough spare parts with out that livery on!

  17. Mika Hakkinen drives W 196
    heres some video i found nice stuff

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