Every F1 car pictured at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren-Cosworth MP4-8

McLaren-Cosworth MP4-8

The selection of F1 cars on show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed span six decades and include championship-winning cars from such illustrious names as Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Lotus and many more.

Below you can find galleries of all the cars on show with many of them pictured in action and in close-up.

You can find an index of all the F1 cars on show here: Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010 images index

These galleries will be added to through the final day tomorrow so make sure to check back later to find more pictures of your favourite car.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the galleries for each car.

NB. Not all cars are shown in motion because some are only static displays.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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20 comments on Every F1 car pictured at the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed

  1. mani said on 3rd July 2010, 23:13

    great pics, thanks Keith.

  2. MouseNightshirt said on 3rd July 2010, 23:28

    I’m somewhat saddened to see the Brawn repainted in Mercedes colours :/

    • Hamish said on 3rd July 2010, 23:36

      I was about to say. That is horribly lame.

    • callum w said on 4th July 2010, 0:28

      agree, very unsportsman like of them to overwrite history by painting over a championship winning car with their SLOW grey paintjob

      • bosyber said on 4th July 2010, 11:31

        I guess it backs up the theory that they did not want to give Button his car because they just didn’t have the time to repaint it in ’09 colors :)

        • DGR-F1 said on 5th July 2010, 13:10

          I asked a Mercedes spokesperson at the Paddock about this, and they said that there was another chassis at the factory still in Brawn colours.
          The advertising for the show did show a Brawn in the original livery, so it really was disappointing not to see it there.

  3. schooner said on 4th July 2010, 0:13

    I was lucky enough to see the Tyrrell 006 in action (practice and qualifying) at Watkins Glen back in ’73. It’s absolutely one of my all time favorite F1 machines. Beautiful car, in a brutish kind of way. Unfortunately, this was also the weekend that Francios Cevert was killed during a Saturday qualifying run, and Jackie Stewart quit the cockpit.

  4. fordsrule (@fordsrule) said on 4th July 2010, 3:42

    Keith, wasnt the McLaren MP4-8 powered by Ford? not Cosworth?

    • miguelF1O (@) said on 5th July 2010, 19:01

      yes but thats the same of saying that jordan runned in 03 ford engines and jaguar runned cosworth

  5. GeeMac said on 4th July 2010, 6:03

    Who drove the FW18? Whoever it is has a Lotus badge on his/her helmet!

  6. Maciek said on 4th July 2010, 9:11

    Fantastic. Wish I could have seen them all with mine own eyes.

    Note: the “Red Bull-Cosworth RB1 (2005)” looks a lot like last year’s RedBull to me…

  7. Jared404 said on 4th July 2010, 10:54

    Great pictures. What a fantastic group of cars.

  8. Rob Gallagher said on 4th July 2010, 11:10

    Keith I think you’ve put pictures of the RB5 in the RB1’s section.

  9. bosyber said on 4th July 2010, 11:33

    Great pictures, and good work to get each of them a gallery of their own. I have to admit I was sort of expecting the Williams to have an initial try of the low exhausts, this being their chance of a promo even/test day :-p

  10. johnno said on 4th July 2010, 13:08

    which cars did hamilton drive?

  11. Jeroen said on 4th July 2010, 14:53

    I thought Hamilton would drive the mp4/4.
    Aren’t there any pictures of that?

  12. DGR-F1 said on 5th July 2010, 13:20

    I also have to mention, following on from a thread here a little while ago, that there are signs of a connection between Lotus Cars, Lotus Historic Racing and the current Lotus Racing team.
    This was apparent at the main Lotus stand, where they had an original Lotus F1 car in front of a graphic of the current car, showing the similarity of colours, and the advance of technology.
    The other obvious link was Kovy being allowed up the hill in a historic Lotus or two.
    The connection between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ Lotus teams does seem to be through Proton and the car company, but how much of this is PR and goodwill with the use of the name, is still not easy to tell, but it didn’t appear to bother any of the fans there…..

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