Sakon Yamamoto to replace Bruno Senna at HRT at Silverstone

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sakon Yamamoto, HRT, Istanbul, 2010

HRT reserve driver Sakon Yamamoto will take the place of Bruno Senna in both of tomorrow’s practice sessions for the British Grand Prix.

The team refused to confirm claims that Yamamoto will drive throughout the race weekend but other sources are reporting team principal Colin Kolles has stated Senna will not drive for the team at all at Silverstone.

Further details are expected tomorrow.

Yamamoto started 14 F1 races for Super Aguri and Spyker in 2006 and 2007. He last drove for HRT in the first practice session of the European Grand Prix two weeks ago.

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  1. Amateur hour at HRT. Terrible decision, but I see it playing out in Senna’s favor with other teams opening doors by the silly season… at the latest.

    1. I hope he gets a better drive for next season, were do you think he could go? I was thinking maybe FI, as Sutil could go to Renault and I read that Mallya was looking at Senna for 2009 :)

  2. Senna is just a name. Teams have already realised that he does not have huge amounts talent because if he did don’t you think a top team would have already signed him up before now? He is not 20 anymore…

    1. You do realize he only started racing again a couple of years ago? he wasnt racing when he was 20…

  3. What does the drive have to do with anything? We know the car is bogus however he has not delivered. Do you think Ayrton would have broken even with Chandok in his first season? No chance.

  4. Chandhok has proved himself……keep it going Karun

  5. But to say things as they really are , Senna has not exactly set the F1 world alight , has he ?

    1. What chance has he had? He is a rookie in the slowest car on the grid…

      1. As true as that is, I certainly expected him to beat Chandhok on a more regular and consistent basis than what he has done, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

        1. But the car is just so unreliable. It’s just not fair to really judge things. Senna does appear to have more pace, but has suffered a little more with reliability than Karun.

          Senna ability is really the issue. It’s clearly a financial decision.

  6. I wo’nt agree that senna is faster than chandhok.When you see the qualifying fight between them ie 6-3, you can leave three races one at bahrain,the season opener,the other two-canada && ——,where chandhok had engine failures.So it becomes 3-3.NOW COMPARE THEM!!!!!!!!????????

  7. it’s funny that the senna name seems to attracts less money than the yamamoto name…

  8. I’m guessing but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually Senna who’s walking away from this so called team, who’s car is a joke!

  9. We should never base driving talent by name, other wise I will change my surname to Senaa and apply to drive :p

  10. Jean Doublet
    9th July 2010, 10:01

    Kolles was afraid Bruno would start filiming the race from his cockpit with a cell phone. He couldn’t take such a risk….

  11. Jean Doublet
    9th July 2010, 10:03

    Kolles was afraid Bruno would start filming the race from his cockpit with his cell phone…

  12. Can’t believe Senna is unable to bring the money.

    Senna has the name, and Chandok has Bernie’s backing, the 2 drivers are both warm, jocular, decently talented AND they brought in the money too (or so I thought). The 2 drivers were the only good thing about the team. It is sad to see one of them leave.

    But one must question Senna’s manager. What *has* he been upto if not garnering funds for his driver?

  13. Let’s wait tomorrow to see if he’ll drive also in qualifying and race.

    1. Senna has been dropped for the season,i have just herd it on bbc red button!!!!

    2. Senna has been dropped for the season,i have just herd it on bbc red button!!!!

  14. It’s a shame that Senna has been replaced by Yamamoto for the British GP, and at such short notice too.

    Given their financial situation I suppose it isn’t that surprising that the have gone for the driver with more backing, but still.

  15. It might be a case of both Senna and Chandoks money still not being enough so they have to give Yamamoto a few races to unlock the funds that he is bringing. So far Kolles has said that its only for the British GP and a decision will be made over the course of the weekend on what to do next.

  16. Breaking News!!

    Senna has been dropped for the season,i have just herd it on bbc red button!!!!

    1. Apparently not… I wish they would tell us!

      The BBC have just said he is keeping his seat.

      1. they need to make their mind up!

  17. It disgusts me that HRT have decided to replace Senna. A man who is racing for free because he is desperate to drive an F1 car with a guy who is going to be back at square 1. Senna has spend the last 9 races getting up to speed. Why do they think Yamamoto is just going to come along and be faster?

    This could damage Brunos career massively. He had to sit out last year, now he’s going to get bad press from this incident. (If they don’t bring him back)

    To replace him for the British Grand Prix is very unfair. He spends most of his time in the UK & has most of his fans here.

  18. On Bruno´s Twtitter

    “Cycled round new-look track with Karun yesterday. Changes look pretty good
    about 22 hours ago via web”

    Obviously Bruno have not an idea about the Kolles cheat. From now, HRT suc…. for me. This was a horrible choice. Bruno is no Ayrton but is a very very good driver. He show it in the past leagues

  19. MMMM remembering that something like this pass to Ayrton on Toleman on 1984….

  20. Deja vu?? Maybe the birth of a new legend?

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