F1 Fanatic round-up 11/7/2010

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Who’s going to win the British Grand Prix? Head over to the pre-race analysis to shre your thoughts.

Here’s today’s round-up:


Red Bull Map-Q: The secret to the team’s Q3 pace (Scarbs)

“Rather than driving the piston down, the explosion of the mixture goes into the exhaust, still expanding as it does so. This creates a rush of gas through the exhaust mimicking the effect of running with the throttle open. Thus the diffuser still sees a flow of gas and maintains downforce despite the engine slowing down.”

Great Day For Red Bull Tarnished (Speed)

Christian Horner: ??For example, Mark has a new floor this weekend, and compared to Sebastian, Mark?s chassis is slightly lighter than Sebastian?s. There are always those little mini-decisions that are being made. They?ve always been fairly distributed. The problem is when you have one component and two drivers, only one can run it. I think there?s this emotion that it was robbed from Mark?s car, but the front wings change between the cars.”

Comment of the day

STRFerrari4Ever looks forward to an exciting British Grand Prix – behind the Red Bulls at least!

As for Ferrari, McLaren, Renault & Mercedes I think there could be some very fierce battles. Firstly Alonso will want to finish on the podium to try to get back into the title picture whilst Hamilton will give his all in his home race to get a result to stay near the top of the drivers championship. Personally I have a feeling that Kubica & Rosberg could spring a surprise, I know it doesn?t seem likely after all the sessions that have taken part this weekend but don?t count them out.

Further back Jenson will have it all to do I doubt he?ll be able to make much headway so I?m guessing he?ll end up with low points or no points at all. Strategy if there is a safety car or surprise, surprise some rain will be fascinating, seeing what teams & which drivers decide to take gambles will be very interesting.

Lastly one thing that could destroy a variety of driver?s races, is the Abbey corner that bump on full tanks & in a racing environment will cause many drivers to make some mistakes. Even the slightest mistake will leave a driver exposed going into the last sector particularly allowing the driver behind a run down the Wellington Straight. All these things being considered I feel this could be a very good British Grand Prix I sure hope it doesn?t disappoint!

From the forum

Nik asks who is the most improved team so far?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Pabs1, Joaqo and TomD11!

On this day in F1

Will the crowd see a home win in today’s British Grand Prix?

The race was also held on this day in 1993 and very saw Damon Hill’s first Grand Prix victory. But an engine failure on lap 41 of 59 handed the win to team mate Alain Prost.