Hamilton and Button limit damage with second and fourth (McLaren race review)

Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone 2010

The defining moment of McLaren’s weekend came on Friday evening when they abandoned their plans to run their new exhaust-driven diffuser.

After the race team principal Martin Whitmarsh admitted he’d have “ripped someone’s arm off” to ensure their second and fourth-placed finishes on a weekend when Red Bull and Ferrari were quicker.

Jenson Button Lewis Hamilton
Qualifying position 14 4
Qualifying time comparison (Q2) 1’31.699 (+0.581) 1’31.118
Race position 4 2
Average race lap 1’38.081 (+0.397) 1’37.684
Laps 52/52 52/52
Pit stops 1 1

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Jenson Button

Abandoning the new exhausts, but keeping the new front and rear wings on both cars, meant a late nights for the mechanics on Friday. Reserve driver Gary Paffett was summoned to the McLaren Technology Centre to work on a new set-up in the simulator.

Button seemed happy with the ‘old’ car in final practice but failed to progress beyond Q2 in qualifying, losing to Hamilton for the sixth Saturday in a row.

He made amends in the race, grabbing six places on the first lap and inheriting the rest through pit stops, penalties and retirements.

Compare Jenson Button’s form against his team mate in 2010

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton was delighted with his qualifying lap which gave him fourth on the grid – ten places ahead of his team mate.

The cards fell in his favour on race day as Fernando Alonso made a slow start.

He made contact with Sebastian Vettel at the first corner, much like he did in Valencia, only this time it left Vettel with a puncture and promoted Hamilton to second.

That was where he finished, unable to do anything about Mark Webber, though he made a concerted effort to pass the Red Bull at the restart of the race.

Compare Lewis Hamilton’s form against his team mate in 2010

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72 comments on Hamilton and Button limit damage with second and fourth (McLaren race review)

  1. mateuss said on 12th July 2010, 13:20

    I was very impressed by the Mclaren result. It is reflected by the fact that Hamilton finished in the position I predicted and Button finished one position higher than I predicted, and if you consider that I made the prediction when they still was supposed to run the updates, but instead had to rebuild the car with the old parts and then only had one hour to find race and quali setup, I think it is very impressive indeed!

  2. Pete said on 12th July 2010, 16:29

    Many times we have been told how great Jenson was in Australia. Don’t forget he was almost forced to make a bold decision, because he had suffered the ignominy of been overtaken by his team mate, on a circuit on which he would probably say is “impossible to overtake”. That should be his catchphrase along with the old chestnut “I couldn’t get the balance right”.

  3. salcrich said on 12th July 2010, 19:31

    This is a great website and I love reading the comments but where Jenson and Lewis are concerned you guys are never going to convince each other who is best. All I would say is that Martin Whitmarsh clearly rates Jensen very highly and some of his comments /reactions would suggest he favours him. It is also clear that Lewis has recognised not only Jensen’s pace but his approach which is trying to emulate thus demonstrating the new found maturity that some of your contributors refer to. As you can see I’m not biased!!

    • explosiva said on 12th July 2010, 20:10

      I think the presence of Jenson really is a big turning point in Lewis’s career. When Lewis looks back, I think he’ll say a big “thank you” to Jenson because Lewis is obviously learning a lot from him.

      • MclarenMad said on 12th July 2010, 21:09

        I think Lewis learned a lot form Fernando too!

        Lewis and Fernando are the best all round racers in F1 in my opinion!

      • kbdavies said on 12th July 2010, 21:30

        @explosiva – How funny! This is another silly statement bandies around Jenson’s fanboys – and the first time its been used so widely in team mate wars. Did Senna say thank you to Prost for what he learned from him? Have we asked Rosberg exactly what he has learnt from Schumacher so far? Or Hulkenberg from Barrichelo for that matter? Or Kobayashi from Pedro? Will they ALL be saying thanks at the end of the season to their teammates? What silliness!

        Every driver matures,learn and gets better with time. IT IS NORMAL. Lewis has spent 3.5yrs in F1, and he is maturing because of it – nothing to do with Jenson; especially as this outlandish statement cannot be proven.

        I guess Jenson should switch to RBR next season – so Seb can learn from him. He should also move to Sauber in 2012, so Koba can learn from him!

        • explosiva said on 12th July 2010, 21:56

          Don’t let the avatar fool you, my friend. My favorite driver is Hamilton. Yes, I was happy to see JB win the title last year, but I will take Lewis over JB any day. That said, Martin Whitmarsh himself said:

          “Lewis can learn a lot from Jenson, probably more than he expected to. Jenson is five years older, five years more experienced and has made some brilliant calls. Lewis has perked up to realise that Jenson is a fantastic, hard-driving racer.”

          Senna and Prost were openly at each other’s throats. We know Schumacher plays dirty, steering team resources his way w/ his mind games. But you can’t tell me Barrichello isn’t passing on his knowledge to Hulkenberg. And Lewis and JB are co-existing – some might even say flourishing – together…so far.

          Why are you so quick to jump to conclusions? To say think that I’m only saying “Lewis is learning from Jenson” simply because I’m apparently a JB “fanboy”?

          • kbdavies said on 12th July 2010, 22:11

            @explosiva –
            Apologies for the assumption. I still stand by my statement though – despite what Whitmarsh may say; and we know he is a Jenson fanboy.
            ANY driver can learn from ANY driver. Thats my point. Yes, Lewis can learn from Jenson, but Jenson can ALSO learn from Lewis – so why do we never hear any of that?

            And why does Lewis’s achievements this year have to be linked to Button being his teammate? Why didnt we hear the same in 07′ whan Alonso was his teamate? A double workld champion? I hope you get where im coming from. Its like people are somehow trying to undermine Lewis’s achievements, whilst talking Jenson’s up.

            As i said earlier, if Jenson was not British(this forces people to choose btw the two), we would not even be having this discussion. Whilst Jenson is a likeable character, it is clear that majority of British fans are sympathetic towards him only because he is British.

  4. MclarenMad said on 12th July 2010, 19:45

    Does anyone else think Vettel is erratic and dangerous or just me?

    I dont think he will ever be world champion, he just doesnt have the mind for it.

    A few races ago he asked Rocky if he needed to overtake the cars in front…no Sebastian, they are going to move out of your way!

  5. explosiva said on 12th July 2010, 20:08

    I wouldn’t say they “limited damage”. Didn’t McLaren actually increase its championship lead? And Didn’t Lewis increase his driver’s points lead over Jenson?

    • Burt (@) said on 13th July 2010, 1:28

      Macca lost 1 pt in the constructors.
      RBR 25+6=31pts, Macca 18+12=30pts

      ‘Limited damage’ because they expected to lose a heap more points.

  6. Burt (@) said on 13th July 2010, 1:20

    Into the 2nd half of the season and Lewis has hit his stride. He’s gained the ascendancy and has been faultless in recent races. Having said that, there’s only 12 pts between them after 10 races. Jenson seriously needs to get his act together in Qualifying. Starting behind his team mate is going to kill his challenge.

  7. Good race form Button & too for Hamilton for keeping up the pace. I think Hamilton is now the sole challenger for the two Bulls.

  8. Obster said on 14th July 2010, 16:55

    I have to weigh in on the Jenson Button topic here. “Luck” is where opportunity meets preparation. Jenson appears to have his head on straight about his abilities…and possible limitations. He is calm and aware and able to take advantage of opportunities presented to him without screwing up. To me, this takes extraordinary presence of mind while going as fast and as hard as the drivers do in modern F1. I am sure he realizes he is not the fastest driver in the field, but he sure gets the award for best thinker. That can get you quite far over a long GP season, if you have a good car.

  9. Sri said on 19th July 2010, 12:33

    One thing that my brother noticed was, the fact that over the broadcast by Star Sports, here in India, Button appeared to have started and finished the race on the same type of rubber. Under 2010 rules, you must change to the other tyre type at least once, which he seemingly didn’t. Could someone shed some light on this…

    Had made this comment earlier, but can’t remember where :(

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