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What did you think of the British Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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173 comments on “Rate the race: British Grand Prix”

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  1. Racing was rather dull but thanks to all situations, we have much to discuss in 2 weeks brake, so I will give it a 7.
    I love Mark comment about second driver :)

  2. Boring up to the safety car, only interesting after that because some of the faster cars were out of position, so score a five for me.

    Trains of cars following each other for lap after lap doesn’t mean it’s an exciting race !!!

    1. But when there are battles between those train of cars it makes it exciting, and there was plenty of overtaking (for silverstone) too.

      It’s like people forgot how boring it was last year.

      1. A train of cars following each other for lap after lap isn’t a battle.

        1. When they attempt to overtake each other it is.

  3. Really good race, lots of good battles and unpredictability. Great drives from Button and Webber, superb first lap from Hamilton and a great recovery from Vettel. Alonso’s penalty was a fraud, and I say that as a British McLaren fan, but shouldn’t he have conceded, let Kubica by and THEN attacked at the next corner as soon as it happened?

    1. So which is it: should he have ceded the place back or was the penalty a fraud? Surely, it can’t be both.

      1. That’s the point… it’s hard to tell and this thing still isn’t done and dusted.

        1. There is nothing hard to tell at all. Alonso should have ceded the position as every driver does when he overtakes through he grass.

          After the Spa 2008 debacle, the rule has actually been refined to “cede the position AND don’t overtake at the next corner”

          How on earth Alonso thought he could get away with this is beyond me.

  4. Drivers of the race:


    1. Oops, can’t forget Yamamoto too, hasn’t driven an F1 car in ages and managed to stay out of trouble and on same lap as teammate.

    2. Mike Paterson
      11th July 2010, 15:20

      My drivers of the race

      Webber – poetic justice
      Hamilton – well raced given the car
      Rosberg – Blew MS away again
      Button – 14th – 4th – great first lap and strategy call
      Barichello – Well done Rubens

      1. I really do think Vettel belongs in there somewhere, mainly due to the last 20 laps.

    3. Did Kubica do much? I know he’s been brilliant this season but he didn’t do much today then retired.

      1. He screwed over his best friend Alonso (not really meant he was a driver of the race, more of a joke though)

    4. Kubica was more the driver of qualifying. He obviously got that car qualified much higher than the car could actually handle in the race.

  5. If Alonso was too upset to give back the place, the pit crew should have ORDERED him to give back the place. Two laps after, Kubica leaves the race… problem solved. Now we’ll have to hear his rants. Ferrari have gone too far into leaving him do as he pleases, I wonder if Montezemolo and Domenicali will stop letting him doing what he sees fit.

  6. i pitty Ferrari, they have got a pretty good car… but they seem to be losing out on driver errors, mistakes & blunders… also their pit calls are often horrible in between…

  7. Younger Hamilton
    11th July 2010, 15:27

    10/10 good amount of overtaking and surprises,a lot of dueling down the field and the fact that it was the British Grand Prix,my home grand prix and the new silverstone arena track is just brilliant.

  8. MouseNightshirt
    11th July 2010, 15:30

    It was nice to see Vettel do some actual overtaking. Took his time getting past Sutil, but demolished everyone else behind.

    1. Sutil seemed to be the first one that had a competitive car, and he knew he was close to the end of the race, so dared a bit more.

  9. if a race needs a sc to become interesting ok then yes it was a interesting race
    1/10 to the race
    10/10 to the sc
    20/10 to the stewards (which this year are all jokers)

    1. Alonso is the joker.

  10. i thought Alonso moved away from Kubica so they wouldn’t make contact, what was he meant to do, hold his line and have a crash?
    i thought the penalty was a bit harsh really, and im not a Alonso supporter.

    i just loved the start of this race, watching Vetel get his just rewards for the team taking Marks front wing was the best thing that could have happened for me. i was rolling on the floor laughing my head off.

    was a awesome result for Mclaren in the end, Button made a great start gained a few places, looked after his tires, pitted latter and made up a few more, with Kubica breaking down and he being promoted to 4th was pretty cool when you consider he did not have to pass anyone except at the start.

    being consistent and staying outa trouble has its rewards, hence the reason i still think he is good for McLaren.
    Lewis, great drive, well deserved second place.

    1. Alonso knew going in he would not make the corner, so he could have slowed and avoided it, or tried it, then given back the position. And he would have been rewarded when Kubica had to stop. But he decided to see what would happen, sort of testing the stewards.

      I see he agreed with penalty, sort of saying: I fought the law, and the law won. He might even feel he was making a point after Valencia.

      I agree that on the whole, McLaren have a good team of drivers.

  11. After the racing incident between Lewis and Vettel the race was boring. Thanks to the SC we got a bit action at the end of the race but no position changes in the front.

  12. one more time we see a manipulated race, again a british driver as a steward….it´s…mmm and obviusly, the big cheater/cryer/sucker….kubica crying on the radio to blame Alonso… Nigle, You are too old to be involved in F1 make yourself a favor and go to play golf…please, use charlie “big lier” whitting as a ball.. Well, i dont like the new Silverstone for F1 there is no place to overtake another car (It will be different in touring cars).

    1. Alonso penalty was exactly what you would have expected under the rules. The silly thing about it is he could have easily avoided it had he just let Kubica past: Alonso’s race ruined after Kubica pass

  13. Craig Woollard
    11th July 2010, 16:58

    8/10, lots of overtaking, not just from Vettel, Massa and Alonso, carnage with De La Rosa’s wing, a very difficult new layout too. Good result for English and British sport after the World Cup and Wimbledon. The twits who voted it as 1/10 must clearly be Ferrari fans ;)

  14. I assume there are 53 crazed Italians who will only enjoy a race when their driver does well. Those that say “British race”

    Ferrari fans, they’re all the same really..

    8/10 – What they should do is reverse the field every race. Fast guys at the back and the slow ones up front. That’ll get the blood flowing!

  15. In my opinion Silverstone isn’t much better than Bahrain. It’s all about history…

    1. I agree. Silverstone is nothing special. Spa, Montreal, Suzuka or even Monza are way better.

      1. bad_whippet
        11th July 2010, 18:51

        But all the drivers disagree with you, so it must be a good track – look how enthused Vettel was, talking about it pre and post race, not to mention Hamilton.

        Both Brundle and Coulthard also talked endlessly about the combination of corners and how excellent it is…

        I’m not trying to say you’re wrong, you did after all say, “in my opinion”, but it seems the drivers (old and new) thoroughly enjoy racing at Silverstone.

        1. Vettel was happy to be on pole. When he’s on pole he’s a happy camper and he loves everything. When he’s not on pole he complains about something that must have prevented him from being on pole.

          The British drivers seemed to be in Ultra PR mode. They just kept repeating how the fans were helping them go faster and such nonsense. It was all a bit too much.

          Still, even if Silverstone comes right after the few tracks that Manu mentions it’s still a pretty good track.

  16. cube
    yr name tells its all

    1. It is no good entirely viewing it from a British point of view as the Internet is Worldwide..It is obvious by these comments,unpalatable as they may seem to all GB fans, that many watchers were disappointed..

      1. @almanac, That doesn’t make any sense.

        I don’t really care it the British drivers do well or not, since I don’t support them.

  17. silverstone sucks

      1. It’s clearly a great track for speed, viewing and tradition. The bumps were terrible this year and need to be improved. Is the spectator environment improved over years past when I went there? I expect so, but it used to be less than comfortable. Nice to see some overtaking on the new section and some real racing throughout the field and throughout the length of the race. This was not all due to the track, and some was possibly due to the bumps and resultant safety car but the track permits real racing, so thumbs up from me.

        1. Interestingly in discussions that I have seen/heard in recent weeks, the consensus is that bumps actually improve the racing by making the braking area more unstable and therefore opening it up for more overtaking.

          1. I think that’s right, but Sauber need to beef up their wings (again) it would seem. The latest version of Abbey, for example, was intended to be awesome, not tricky.

          2. @ almanac

            Ok the bumps were bad but the new section did provided some good racing?

  18. i’m extremely pleased for webber and extremely dismayed for ferrari. i think the on-track action was kinda meh. mclaren are simply the best when it comes to spending money and that enabled them to salvage some results from disaster. williams and sauber classified better than they really are, but at very least it will cost bernie a bit more at the end of the year. 6 from me.

  19. Charles Carroll
    11th July 2010, 20:51

    I gave it a 6. The first few laps were exciting and thankfully the safety car made it more interesting later on. Otherwise it was not as good as some of the other races this year.

    I was happy to see Kobayashi perform so well, as well as Rubens and Sutil. It was sad to see Kubica retire, but that is the way it goes. I’m not big into the Red Bull soap opera suffice to say that I personally was sad to see Vettel out so early, because the battle between Mark, Lewis and Sebastian would have been more entertaining.

    So, a 6. Looking forward to the next.

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