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What did you think of the British Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 British Grand Prix out of ten

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173 comments on “Rate the race: British Grand Prix”

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  1. 10, because it’s so much more awesome in person! 24 cars leaving the grid with their blown diffusers pointing straight at your face makes the most amazing noise in the world ever.

  2. I gave it a 7, and COTD to Webber for the ‘not bad for the second driver’ remark. I though Alonso’s penalty way too harsh. Yes he probably should have given the place back to Kubica straight away, but with Kubica retiring a lap or two later the whole incident became a bit of a moot point.

  3. Newnhamlea1
    11th July 2010, 22:19

    Had to give it a 10/10, twas my first ever live grand prix, the eruption in the chaple general admission area as vettel straightlined becketts made it so much sweeter.

  4. Matt G (lotus fan)
    11th July 2010, 23:18

    7. Was a good race to watch, good job by Webber showing just how much pace the red bull had. Lewis also showing that he was the only driver able to keep pace with the red bull today. Another podium for Rosberg finnishing well infront of Schumacher. Best result possibe for Button getting 4th from 14th. A great result from Rubens and Kob High places for Williams and Sauber respectivly. Also it’s the first double car finish for Lotus of the season so that made me happy.

    Lastly it was unfortunate what happened to Alonso but it could have been avoided by giving the place back to Kubica straight away, though the slow responce by the stewerds didn’t help.

    1. Hamilton, for all his problems, has shown repeatedly, that when there’s the faster car to hang on to, he’s the guy who can do it.

  5. 7/10 Exciting start gave way to a few battles here and there until the Safety Car,

  6. Absolutely brilliant race. Would have been a 10 but for the non-sensical Stewards decision over the Alonso / Kubica incident.

    I’m a Brit and even I was wondering what the hell Mansell was smoking, and if the whole drive through penalty / safety car debacle was an attempt to give Hamilton and Button another bite at some places. Madness. I just pray Mansell was not the one who gave another driver such a dumb penalty for what even Kubica called a “racing incident”. I was stunned that Alonso kept on driving. If it had been me I would have parked my car and walked out of Silverstone, or ignored the penalty until black flagged.

    1. Im sorry, but the precedent was set with the lewis/kimi incident in spa 2008. It is irelevant that Kubica retired, Alonso failed to let kubica past and made an illegal move.

  7. 6 Tense and exciting but less overtaking then I had hoped for. The only thing scarier then the Red Bull’s pace is the teams chemistry.

  8. i noticed one car go past the Safety Car after it had crossed the the white line. did anyone pick up on that????

    is this ok now as the Safety Car is trying to pick up the leader when it comes on track.

    the rules have changed then changed again, so im a bit lost as to what they can do or cant.

    1. Yes i was wondering about that too…but some people rate this race 8 or higher because of some flying carbon fiber . So long as faster drivers can’t pass slower drivers ,it will be a boring show.

    2. Mike Paterson
      12th July 2010, 20:13

      The safety car will generally wave drivers through to pick up the leader. They do not have to do this, and in Valencia they decided (possibly for the first time??) not to do this due to the nasty nature of the accident.

    3. Grenn light on the back meant he was allowing them through.

      1. ok, got that, thanks guys for the info.

  9. gave it a 10 because I WAS THERE!!

  10. I gave it a 10/10 due to the fact I got to witness such a great and well organised race in the flesh. I take my hat of to Silverstone they have really turned a corner from the old to the new and what they have managed to do it such a short space of time is testimant to their hardwork. My only complaint was it was sooo dusty but this had no impact on the race and the only thing it ruined was my ice-cream (went from nice white ice-cream to brown grity ice-cream in a mater of secs)! I for one look forward to another 17 years of F1 at the home of motorsport :-)

    1. One complaint i will add to the point is the way in which silverstone circuit metaphorically raped me when i went to get breakfast early on sunday morning.

      1. Completely agree, we cooked our own breakfast on the other days but on Sunday we had no choice but to pay £4.00 for 1 piece of fatty bacon stuck between 2 stail slices of bread…it was terrible. Grandstand seats and full english back at the tent next year.

  11. I thought it was a great race and that the layout was a success.

  12. I would have given it 7 but a win for Webber will add one more points to the table.The new section is the place where it seemed like all the overtaking have had happened.
    I thought that there will be more overtaking at Hanger straight but there weren’t.

  13. I totally agree with ivz about Alonso. He gained a place by illegittimately cutting a corner, therefore gaining an advantage. From what i have understood the team immediately asked Mansell if he had to give the place back and Mansell put the team on standby as he was making a decision. in that time Kubica retired so in effect Alonso hadnt any longer gained a place. So A- he shouldnt have been penalised in my opinion B-Mansell should have notified the team in a timely manner to order Alonso to give the place back. Alonso was once more harshly done by

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