Webber storms to win as it all goes wrong for Vettel (British GP review)

Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix after team mate Sebastian Vettel went off on the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton capitalised on Vettel’s problems to take second place and hold on to the lead of the championship.

And Nico Rosberg held off Jenson Button to claim the final podium place for Mercedes.

Vettel’s race was ruined within a few metres of the race starting. Webber dived past his team mate and Hamilton followed him through to take second.

The McLaren driver made contact with Vettel’s car, which seemed to cause a right-rear puncture on the RB6 – though it could have been a consequence of Vettel’s trip across the run-off on the outside of Copse.

Vettel limped into the pits at the end of lap one, not long after Felipe Massa who’d suffered a puncture of his own having made contact with his team mate.

Webber and Hamilton ended lap one first and second and would ultimately finish in those positions, Hamilton admitting afterwards he didn’t have the pace to challenge the Red Bull.

Robert Kubica took up third with Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso in his wheel tracks. Alonso was the first of the three to pit, Rosberg delaying his stop and able to jump ahead of Kubica by doing so.

Alonso was climbing all over the back of the Renault driver and drew alongside on the outside as the pair headed to Club. He squeezed past Kubica but cut across the corner by doing so.

Renault appealed and Alonso had just been told to hand the position back when Kubica slowed and pulled into the pits to retire. Shortly afterwards the stewards announced Alonso would have to serve a drive-through penalty.

It got worse for Alonso moments later when Pedro de la Rosa’s Sauber began shedding bodywork on the track. With shards of carbon fibre littering the straight the safety car was summoned. This was a disaster for Ferrari, as Alonso now had to take his penalty after the field had bunched up.

After the safety car Rosberg held third ahead of Jenson Button. The McLaren driver gained six places at the start and then made his pit stop very late. That promoted him to sixth, after which he gained places thanks to Alonso’s penalty and a late pit stop for Nico H???lkenberg.

The safety car gave Vettel the possibility of points and he picked off several cars in the final laps. The likes of Vitaly Petrov, H???lkenberg and Michael Schumacher succumbed with little difficulty, but it took until the penultimate lap for Vettel to find a way past Sutil.

After several attempts to pass on the way out of the new Abbey and Farm corners – one of which resulted in Vettel running through the dirt – Vettel finally muscled his way past into the slow Loop corner. That left him seventh, with no time left to catch Rubens Barrichello or Kamui Kobayashi.

Schumacher and H???lkenberg rounded out the top ten, the latter stopping on his return to the pits. Vitantonio Liuzzi was 11th – he was passed by Alonso but the pair made contact, giving the Ferrari driver a puncture which compounded his misery. A late change for fresh tyres at least allowed him to claim fastest lap.

After the events of yesterday, when Christian Horner had order that the only remaining example of a new front wing to be taken off Webber’s car and put on Vettel’s, Webber had a clear message for the team after taking the chequered flag.

“Not bad for a number two,” he told them.

2010 British Grand Prix

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129 comments on Webber storms to win as it all goes wrong for Vettel (British GP review)

  1. Rob said on 11th July 2010, 15:46


    lol love this quote by MW

    some of the other drivers tried to offer me a new front wing – Seb didn’t, but others did.”

  2. Scribe (@scribe) said on 11th July 2010, 15:46

    What an incredbile Race! What a fantastic season, it’s just brilliant, every track.

    Anyway, loads more to be said, but really my star of the race has to be Adrian Sutil, what a pass on MSC, and too absolutley outdrive Vettle in a car vastly inferior. Really Renault should sign him for next year.

  3. Ral said on 11th July 2010, 15:50

    Yah, good day for team radio today. Mark’s gem and then there was Alonso’s “No more radio for the rest of the race”.

    Realising you take gambles all the time in F1, I do not understand the one taken yesterday by Horner and/or RBR by taking the new wing off Webber’s car to put it on Vettel’s. And I have to admit I was annoyed with the safety car more for bringing Vettel back into play then for ruining Alonso’s race. Because before the SC, Vettel looked like a spoiled brat not really even trying to get himself up into the points again. Karmic payback, yes, but lessened by Vettel’s end-result. More so because RBR might go away and say Vettel might not have been able to do this without the new wing.

    I am also getting more and more annoyed with Leggard’s commentating. After a year and a half he still hasn’t learned to shut up every now and again, to the point where it’s actually getting in the way of his own interpretation of the events unfolding. As for example when he said Alonso lost a place to Liuzzi when Alonso failed to make an overtaking move stick. Please, please, please BBC, put Leggard on the other commentating team and get Anthony on with Martin Brundle.

  4. Ral said on 11th July 2010, 15:53

    Also, amazing drives from Barichello and Kobayashi. Really good results for both.

  5. It’s getting very interesting.. with things going on at such levels, championships are really falling into mclarens & its driver’s hands.

    Ferrari- ALO & MAS issue , with un competitive car- ALO puncture his own team-mate and china incident and etc, hmm getting abit explosive real soon, given MAS & ALO emotional self at time.

    Red Bull- Real Quick, but really explosive situation between VET & WEB. WEB felt he is disadvantaged by red bull, and makes very interesting & saracastic comments to media, hmm, Horner & that fizzy drink boss sure doesn’t like it. AND its sure to be more of such inter-team rivalry which mclaren will gain to capitalize while they increase their speed of their own car.

    MERC- really far off pace the top three teams. I guess they will soon write of this season and focus on next year one.

  6. Oli said on 11th July 2010, 16:07

    I’d rather wibber won than vettel

  7. nik (@nik) said on 11th July 2010, 16:07

    Mark won with the old nose, in a chassis that Vettel didn’t want because it was broken, and beat Vettel to the first corner – awesome :)

    • Jhonnie Siggie said on 11th July 2010, 16:15

      Yup very good points you have made. We all know about the nose because it is fresh but it is easy to overlook the patched up chassis that he used.

  8. Rob said on 11th July 2010, 16:10

    One thing I think many may not remember/realise with Webber, is that he’s never been one to mince words. He has a reputation for speaking very frankly, and I found his restraint over the past few GPs quite incredible, demonstrating how annoyed he must really be.

    Remember, his calls about SV ‘listening to his iPod’ when Seb stuck it into his gearbox under the safety car (in Monaco was it)?

    I don’t think Mark is being particularly sarcastic, unreasonable, and to be honest, I am surprised it took so long for something to slip out!

  9. nik (@nik) said on 11th July 2010, 16:14

    10 out of 10 to Eddie Jordan for asking the questions that everybody watching at home is thinking. Coulthard is conflicted and Jake is more suited to interviewing the Telletubies, so it is good that the BBC team has somebody like Jordan representing the views of the audience.

  10. MacademiaNut said on 11th July 2010, 16:28

    “Horner: We will act differently at the next race”


    Just by the title, you would think that when a similar situation arises in the next race, he still would favor Vettel as they will no longer go by who’s leading the championship. :)

    • patrickl said on 11th July 2010, 16:30

      Yeah then they will go by FP3 where they let Vettel do qualifying simulations while Webber has to do long fuel runs.

      Well they did that this weekend already.

      • KnottyBwoy said on 11th July 2010, 17:21

        Then horny…oh i’m sorry…horner then just admitted that they were really favoring vettel? :-)

  11. Bartholomew said on 11th July 2010, 16:31

    I think Ferrari should just pack up and go race in America to support their brothers at Chrysler.

    • David A said on 11th July 2010, 17:35

      They have been here for 60 years, and have been through worse times than where thy are now. So there is no reason they should suddenly quit.

  12. Eric said on 11th July 2010, 16:39

    After Webber crossed the line for the victory, team boss Christian Horner said over the in-car radio, said: “Well done Mark, you can smile now.”

    And while the more cynical of us repeat those words with a rather facetious tone, Webber’s response said it all.

    “Well done guys – not bad for a number two driver!” he said.

    i hope it sorts itself out.
    good on you Mark excellent win, certainly justified since they took your wing off your car and gave it to Vetel,
    i laughed and clapped for you as you got passed him, my highlight of the Silverstone race, even if im not your supporter.

  13. Slim said on 11th July 2010, 16:50

    o man how uncomfortable mustve christian horner been standing with eddie jordan after the race…

    when jordan said i dont think your comments are sincere and basically was like shame on you i was so happy inside bc i severely dislike the red bull team, their favoritism, their energy drink sponsor, horner, and dont get me started on vettel their unimpressive, inconsistent superstar “wonderkind” driver who often makes poorly calculated racing decisions

  14. John Cousins said on 11th July 2010, 16:54

    It seems that the race gods read my mind… What an outstanding drive by Mark. He rose to the challenge, stuck his head down and showed he still has what it takes. Possibly the drive of his career… I think so!
    I truly can’t stand Vettel… and I’m half German. He acts like a spoilt brat. I recieved the full Red Bull kit for my birthday from my better half.. bless her. A beautiful RBR jacket and shirt. She knows how much I support Mark. I don’t like wearing it since Turkey as I only like 1 driver and the team has left me a little sour… Don’t tell her though ;)

  15. rashid hasan said on 11th July 2010, 16:58

    congratulations to webber & hamilton. well done.

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