Webber storms to win as it all goes wrong for Vettel (British GP review)

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Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix after team mate Sebastian Vettel went off on the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton capitalised on Vettel’s problems to take second place and hold on to the lead of the championship.

And Nico Rosberg held off Jenson Button to claim the final podium place for Mercedes.

Vettel’s race was ruined within a few metres of the race starting. Webber dived past his team mate and Hamilton followed him through to take second.

The McLaren driver made contact with Vettel’s car, which seemed to cause a right-rear puncture on the RB6 – though it could have been a consequence of Vettel’s trip across the run-off on the outside of Copse.

Vettel limped into the pits at the end of lap one, not long after Felipe Massa who’d suffered a puncture of his own having made contact with his team mate.

Webber and Hamilton ended lap one first and second and would ultimately finish in those positions, Hamilton admitting afterwards he didn’t have the pace to challenge the Red Bull.

Robert Kubica took up third with Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso in his wheel tracks. Alonso was the first of the three to pit, Rosberg delaying his stop and able to jump ahead of Kubica by doing so.

Alonso was climbing all over the back of the Renault driver and drew alongside on the outside as the pair headed to Club. He squeezed past Kubica but cut across the corner by doing so.

Renault appealed and Alonso had just been told to hand the position back when Kubica slowed and pulled into the pits to retire. Shortly afterwards the stewards announced Alonso would have to serve a drive-through penalty.

It got worse for Alonso moments later when Pedro de la Rosa’s Sauber began shedding bodywork on the track. With shards of carbon fibre littering the straight the safety car was summoned. This was a disaster for Ferrari, as Alonso now had to take his penalty after the field had bunched up.

After the safety car Rosberg held third ahead of Jenson Button. The McLaren driver gained six places at the start and then made his pit stop very late. That promoted him to sixth, after which he gained places thanks to Alonso’s penalty and a late pit stop for Nico H???lkenberg.

The safety car gave Vettel the possibility of points and he picked off several cars in the final laps. The likes of Vitaly Petrov, H???lkenberg and Michael Schumacher succumbed with little difficulty, but it took until the penultimate lap for Vettel to find a way past Sutil.

After several attempts to pass on the way out of the new Abbey and Farm corners – one of which resulted in Vettel running through the dirt – Vettel finally muscled his way past into the slow Loop corner. That left him seventh, with no time left to catch Rubens Barrichello or Kamui Kobayashi.

Schumacher and H???lkenberg rounded out the top ten, the latter stopping on his return to the pits. Vitantonio Liuzzi was 11th – he was passed by Alonso but the pair made contact, giving the Ferrari driver a puncture which compounded his misery. A late change for fresh tyres at least allowed him to claim fastest lap.

After the events of yesterday, when Christian Horner had order that the only remaining example of a new front wing to be taken off Webber’s car and put on Vettel’s, Webber had a clear message for the team after taking the chequered flag.

“Not bad for a number two,” he told them.

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  1. I have had enough of Red Bull i am buying Monster.

  2. COTD from Webber, put Horner back in his box nicely. He was quite circumspect in the post race press conference, but I imagine that there will be fireworks in the RBR garage. Again.

  3. so happy with web and ham! :)

  4. Quote of the day……

    “Red Bull gives you wings, it also takes them away” :)

  5. really good race from the highlights I’ve seen
    big congrats Webber,Hamilton,Rosberg,Rubens,Kobayashi and Vettel

  6. McLaren really did it today. After that desperate faffing around with the exhaust, using one practice period for set up, they finish 4th and 2nd. And the race pace, in Hamilton’s hands, was enough to keep Webber honest and lash the rest of the field. Webber aned Hamilton were on their own planet. One must wonder what would have happened if McLaren had begun FP1 with the current car. RBR must be really wondering what will happen when VMM sorts out their EBD.

    Result: VMM extends their lead in both championships, again. This is not a design or a qualifying competition. Until RBR understands that, they will fall further and further behind McLaren.

    Button is now like a terrible cough that Hamilton can’t shake. No matter how much he buries him in qualifying, no matter how well he does in the race, Button is just there by hook or by crook scoring major points. The tortoise, indeed.

    As for the rest: Schumacher: Heidfeld is German too, so was ist los, Norbert?

    Alonso: I’m starting to feel sorry for him and Ferrari. But the irony of him delaying taking his penalty or getting behind Kubica backfiring in his face was too delicious. Everyone knows the Hamilton-Spa rule, especially the guy who was so quick to condemn Hamilton at the time for it. If you try to pass a guy on the outside, be prepared to mow grass. If you get by somehow off the track, drop behind and stay there for the next corner.

    Kobayashi: How much money does Petrov have again?

    Last, as it were, but not least. Yamamoto showed up his detractors with a solid drive, keeping it on the track at a respectable pace.

  7. anakincarlos
    12th July 2010, 2:12

    It brings a tear to my eye to finaly see Mark get the support from the fan that he has trully deserved over the years.

  8. The thing is, ALL it would have taken is for them NOT to do the wing thing, and the RB/MW relationship could have taken a lift out of the big hole it’s in now. Instead, they just dug it deeper. What, for a few tenths (max) above a competition they had seven tenths over already… :(

  9. Watching on from the sidelines, Webber’s father, Alan, said he was not surprised, adding that he had ”worried” for his son such was his mood overnight.

    ”He clearly wasn’t very happy when he got back after qualifying and I have to tell you I didn’t know how he was going to be,” Webber Snr said. ”I was a bit worried about him. He was pushing the food around his plate at breakfast and looked a bit tensed up.

    ”Martin Brundle came on the television and said watch out for some fun at the first corner and Mark looked up and said: ”You bet there will be some fun at the first corner”, so I knew he was going to be up for it.

    & from Sir Stirling…

    ”I think what Mark Webber should do is say ‘OK, give him [Vettel] the best parts, and I’ll go out and beat him anyway’,” the 80-year-old told the BBC cameras.



  10. CovertGiblets
    12th July 2010, 13:35

    I sometimes wonder if half of the Red Bull team/garage aren’t suffereing from “Moses Syndrom” whereby they believe all competition should part before them to allow the holy one to the promised land!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not at all convinced by Seb. If he doen’t become world champion either this year or next, he never will.

    His move back through the field was hardly impressive, bearing in mind his car was upwards of 2 seconds a lap quicker than most of the competition. When he came across someone with a reasonable car, he had to barge him off the track to get by.

    Horner, Bernie & Dietrich Seb is not the messiah, he’s just very quick over a single lap.

  11. Webber gets his points across with such understatement as to come off almost as charming, in particular his No. 2 driver comment.

    Horner needs to end the B.S within his team. Webber should have been allowed to keep his wing; Sebby broke his, he should have used the old wing, not Mark.

    Vettel needs a a serious attitude check, his constant banging into his team mate can only be done with the team’s tacit approval. Sounds like they will petty argue themselves int a second place team finish, much as McLaren did in 2007.

  12. BRAVO Webber.
    This a race so much to talk about.But first the way Webber tackle Vettel to turn 1 was awesome I know they didn’t touch but it was Webber who helped Vettel to have a puncture.
    Good result for Williams as they looked very strong this weekend & also for Kobayashi who I think is getting into rhythm.
    A day to forget for Ferrari & Mercedes what is going on with Schumacher & his side of the crew???

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