Webber wins but team tensions hit new high (Red Bull race review)

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Silverstone, 2010

Red Bull began the weekend trying to put psychological pressure on McLaren’s drivers, saying the friendly relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button is purely for show.

Maybe it is, but there’s no hiding the growing animosity within the Red Bull camp as the team again found themselves accused of favouring Sebastian Vettel over Mark Webber.

Sebastian Vettel Mark Webber
Qualifying position 1 2
Qualifying time comparison (Q3) 1’29.615 (-0.143) 1’29.758
Race position 7 1
Average race lap 1’38.364 (+0.706) 1’37.658
Laps 52/52 52/52
Pit stops 1 1

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Sebastian Vettel

The controversy over Vettel being given a new front wing that had been taken off Webber’s car has been covered extensively in earlier articles.

And although the wound which destroyed Vettel’s race was inflicted not by Webber, but by the front wing of Lewis Hamilton’s car, it came as Vettel was straining to stay alongside his team mate who had out-accelerated him into the first corner.

A slow return to the pits for a new tyre condemned Vettel to finishing outside the points. His race was saved by the safety car, which cut his 83-second deficit to the leader to just ten.

He picked cars off quickly, including Felipe Massa at Club, then the likes of Jaime Alguersuari, Vitaly Petrov and Nico H???lkenberg who were less well-equipped to defend.

It took him ten laps to find a way past Adrian Sutil, finally barging his way down the inside at The Loop on the penultimate lap to salvage six points for seventh place.

Compare Sebastian Vettel’s form against his team mate in 2010

Mark Webber

Vettel squeezed Webber hard as the Australian made the best start but Webber said afterwards it hadn’t been a concern: “[There was] plenty of room, you could drive a bus down the middle.”

From then on his race was quite straightforward. He pulled away from Hamilton seemingly at will, only coming under pressure during the restart.

Despite having carried the day he had more sharp words for his team afterwards, accusingly describing his performance as “not bad for a number two”. Christian Horner replied “You can smile now”.

It’s going to take more than a cheesy PR photo to sort this one out. Despite having a 0.8s margin over their rivals in qualifying, Red Bull only reduced McLaren’s constructors’ championship lead by a single point.

Compare Mark Webber’s form against his team mate in 2010

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149 comments on Webber wins but team tensions hit new high (Red Bull race review)

  1. W154 said on 12th July 2010, 13:25

    An ex Australin Prime Minister once famously said “Balmain boys don’t cry”.
    Fast forward to 2010 “Queanbeyan boys don”t cry….they just shove it right up em “.

  2. Subaru_STi said on 12th July 2010, 13:34

    This all comes down to corporate directors of Red Bull poking their noses in and making decisions thet Christian Horner should be making, Christian Horner has proved himself to be a splinless corporate sellout who has no power over the corporate cronies at Red Bull, if they say Vettel should have the wing then thats it, its pathetic and Red Bull will lose every championship even with the fastest car.

  3. Cool_Bob said on 12th July 2010, 13:44


    i see you all discussing webber vs vettel and team mates rivalry but webber was done ver by the team not by Vettel and horner’s dcesion was logical not partial to anyone.

    However given the recent happening in turkey the action has a knck on effect getting webber to think vettel is being favoured.

    the decesion is like anything else like pit calls RBR do in a race, the carc leading has the first call when to make the stop. so same rules applied so i don’t know why webber is so upset. webber is doing a good job and he should continue to focus his efforts on his perfromance and not create a drift by being outspoken in the media. such actions are not required and dmaging to the team and sport.

    • Subaru_STi said on 12th July 2010, 14:50

      there is no way it was Horner decided to rip it off Vettels car and stick it on Webbers it was someone from higher up i am sure, Horner has more logic than that and you could see he was uncomfortable with the whole thing. i dont see how in any the it was logical, and how you can say that Vettel was not being preffered in any way, it was so blatant if it happened to someone like Alonso i could see him smashing his garage to peices and right hooking the team principal, Webbers reaction was less fiery than i expected.

    • Peter said on 12th July 2010, 15:03

      Hey Bob, I agree with you. Like I said earlier, I don’t think that Webber has a problem with Vettel as a person (he may question his character as a racer though after a few on-track incidents between the two). I think most of the beef is between Webber and team management (Christian Horner & Helmut Marko). Also agree that all the in-fighting isn’t good for the team or the sport and public comments like Mark’s post-race aren’t going to do anyone any favors. But hell, it makes it better for the fans :)

      As to Webber being upset, he had right to be since team management made the decision to take the new wing from his car to replace Seb’s broken one in the time between Q2 and Q3. Not good timing, especially as Mark was faster in Q2. It showed some favoritism toward one driver over the other. There was no reason behind the decision other than team management wanted Vettel to have the newer and supposedly better front wing rather than Webber.

      • Eric said on 13th July 2010, 10:13

        BBC commentator Martin Brundle said after Silverstone that he feels “uncomfortable for Horner” because he suspects he is receiving orders from the team’s German-speaking owners.

        Horner insisted: “Never, at any point, has pressure been placed on me to favour Sebastian because it’s better for selling cans of Red Bull.

        “I didn’t have a conversation with Helmut (Marko) or anyone from Red Bull regarding the decision to give Sebastian the wing. It was purely a technical decision, which I discussed with Adrian.”

        He also slammed reports that Webber’s mechanics taunted Vettel’s side of the garage by waving the old front wing at them as the team packed up the garage.

        “It’s ridiculous,” he said. “Our mechanics are completely for each other, irrelevant of the car crew.

  4. PJA said on 12th July 2010, 18:27

    Considering before the weekend Red Bull were trying to stir up trouble between Hamilton and Button at McLaren, I found it quite funny that Red Bull were the ones who showed more divisions in their team.

  5. beneboy (@beneboy) said on 12th July 2010, 19:17

    For a guy that had a reputation as such a nice and humble young driver Vettel has managed to shoot himself in the foot more times than I can remember over the last season and a half and is now getting a reputation as a petulant and dirty driver who can only overtake people in much slower cars.

    I can understand Mark’s reaction this weekend, it was bad enough when certain people inside Red Bull tried to make out it was Marks fault that Vettel had crashed into him a few races ago but now they’ve started taking new parts off his car to replace broken ones on Vettel’s and it is blatantly obvious that people in the team want Vettel to win, even at Mark’s expense.

    I personally hope that Webber wins this season and then leaves Red Bull for a team that will treat him with a bit of respect. He had an accident that would have had me in dire need of a new race suit two weeks ago and still turned up at Silverstone ready to race and then wiped the floor with everyone out there (even in a reject of a tub with an old style front wing).

    • studi06 said on 12th July 2010, 23:28

      “Vettel has managed to shoot himself in the foot more times than I can remember over the last season and a half and is now getting a reputation as a petulant and dirty driver who can only overtake people in much slower cars”

      I couldn’t agree more, his pr people need to act fast to turn around this growing public perception mentioned above. Right here and now I am struggling to think of a decent pass he has made on a car that wasn’t much slower than he was or that he didn’t make contact with to make it stick..

  6. Terry said on 12th July 2010, 21:52

    I can’t believe how blatant Vettell was at the start trying to block his teamate before the first corner. He came across and tried to block him. He has no respect and I’m so glad Webber got him. Go the Aussie!

    • Dianna said on 12th July 2010, 22:57

      Vettel is an up and coming driver,there will be plenty of teams who would love to have him come next year.I don’t think rivalry within a team is a bad thing in F1,after all if it is made too cosy and safe it will get mightily boring.
      I still preferred the F1’s of the 1980’s & 1990’s as that was edge to edge racing,Mansell,Senna,Prost,Schumacher – those were the REAL race days.
      Too much red tape now,too many rules tying the drivers in knots,not enough risk taking out of fear of being penalised.Ask Alonso about it!!!!

    • studi06 said on 12th July 2010, 23:33

      Well said..!!! We are starting to see more and more of this side to Vettel and I must say I’m not as much of a Vettel fan as i once was.. Sure he is fast but can he race..?

    • Doug said on 13th July 2010, 9:01

      I dont see what you didnt like about Vettel’s move off the start line. He was racing for the lead. He tried to make it as hard for Webber as possible in an effort to maintain his position. Webber gave Vettel some room but kept his foot down so the block didnt work. No one crashed. So IMO good exciting racing from both drivers (and Hamilton too).

  7. Phil said on 12th July 2010, 22:44

    I think that really everything is hunky dory at Red Bull, this is all just smoke and mirrors…

  8. Nice race from him.It is vindication from him.
    I am betting him taking the drivers championship from Vettel & Hamilton 3rd.

  9. drezone said on 13th July 2010, 10:10

    Championship appears to be between Hamilton & Webber so why doesn’t Vettel stop acting like a little kid and spoil Red Bull getting drivers and constructors championship. then again the team are also helping this.

  10. drezone said on 13th July 2010, 10:16

    Webber is going to have a hard time next year with Red Bull even if he’s driving the car with number 1 on it next year. evidence 1: Turkey evidence 2: Britain. When is Horner and co going to admit they are favouring Vettel. Horner & Newey looked so excited on the pit wall when Webber was in the lead and Vettel was coming last at the British GP.

  11. drezone said on 13th July 2010, 11:30

    Looks like the championship is between Hamilton & Webber and the sooner Vettel realises this and stop acting like a kid, the sooner he can stop Red Bull getting the drivers and constructors championships. maybe the team could help as well.

  12. Jean said on 13th July 2010, 11:33

    Goes to show that Red Bull does not always give you wings , after all.

  13. karl said on 13th July 2010, 11:36

    just so I’m understanding all this vettel hating….RBR had 2 new wings (far from ideal situation), one broke on one car,(no fault of anybody) and Horner(????we, joe public will never know) decided to give Vettel (with the most points at that stage) the use of that part. Race is won by Webber (well done) and vettel finishes 7. F1 has seen many a team have situations such as these, but I really can’t begin to understand the anger being directed at vettel. I believe webber is simply at that stage of his career that he feels he needs to flex his muscle (we must remember until last year he hadn’t achieved anything in F1 and was labelled an underachiever by many) and who better with a younger team mate. Yes, vettel has flaws, but will learn and improve. webber will be best served to knuckle down and perhaps remember that he too was young and has also made the mistakes.

    • Julie said on 14th July 2010, 16:43

      You make a very good point, and as you say why direct all this hatred at Vettel – what has he really done to deserve it? If Red Bull do favour him he will use that to his advantage like anyone else would.

      Until Webber joined Red Bull his career was unremarkable and now he is a serious competitor. He has the most the prove now and Vettel has plenty to learn.

      Red Bull now need damage limitation and they can still walk away with the drivers and constructors championships – if they can only stop pressing the self destruct button.

  14. Palle said on 14th July 2010, 1:03

    It is clear from their body language after qualifying and races, that they hate each other, and their behaviour in the first 2 turns at Silverstone showed that they have not the will to stay clear of each others cars during the races. Red Bull have to fire one of them to win either championship this year. In this season the 2. Red Bull car’s job is to pull as many points away from the competition, like McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes as possible, but with this conflict it is not happening.
    Apart from that I don’t see how You objectively can be so impressed with Webber. He has always been a Qualifying specialist, but not achieved much in F1 other than a history of collisions with his teammate. He hit Hamilton early this year, his temper maybe caused him to try to go airborne without a takeoff permit, when coming up behind Kovi and he refuses to accept the fact that the team isn’t there for him, i.e. if management decides that he should race with the old type wing, then he should accept this decision, without anger.
    As an employee it is ok to debate and discuss with management, but once they have decided and things are as they are, then You have to accept and play along without being destructive or publicly disloyal. That kind of behaviour is very expensive for a company or organization.

  15. RubinhoFan said on 14th July 2010, 10:21

    Hey everyone check this out Webber to drive a whole new car at the Hockenheim Gp.


    • Julie said on 14th July 2010, 16:33

      Thanks for pointing out that link, very funny, I hope someone at Red Bull gets to see it. Might help lighten the mood over there

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