Are you an F1 Fanatic? Now you can wear the T-shirt that proves it…

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F1 Fanatic is proud to offer its first official branded T-shirt available to buy.

The Official F1 Fanatic T-shirt features the F1 Fanatic logo on the front and web address on the reverse.

It is on sale from Unlap priced at ?é?ú15 – or you can win one…

As of this week the runner-up in each round of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship will win an Official F1 Fanatic T-shirt plus a race winner’s T-shirt from Unlap.

The shirt is made using 100% cotton with styling features including ribbed neck knitted with Lycra, hemmed sleeve and bottom, taped neck from shoulder to shoulder and twin needle stitching for extra comfort and durability.

Buy your F1 Fanatic T-shirt now

Got any feedback on the T-shirt? Would you like to see any other products bearing the F1 Fanatic logo? Share your ideas in the comments.

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  • 88 comments on “Are you an F1 Fanatic? Now you can wear the T-shirt that proves it…”

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    1. Guilherme Teixeira
      20th July 2010, 22:17

      As of this week the runner-up in each round of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship will win an Official F1 Fanatic T-shirt plus a race winner’s T-shirt from Unlap.

      So, no more race winner prints then?

      (just curiosity… I’d rather win a F1F t-shirt then a print from any of the top 4 drivers =P)

      1. Yes, that’s right.

        1. 17.50 pounds…quite expensive for a dutch F1fanatic. i’d be proud to wear one but not for that price.

    2. I’ll order one when my Hardrock Cafe t-shirt wears out….I’d buy a mousepad or coffee mug though! :)

    3. Great to see the F1Fanatic t-shirt finally materialise! I would strongly recomend you to make also a black t-shirt. I hate white tees and it seems a lot of teams always make white ones! For me it was specially complicated last season as a BrawnGP fan!!! Black shirts are way cooler…

    4. Not sure about t-shirt but I think stubby holders would be a good idea.!

    5. Tried to buy a T shirt online and system declined purchase from Canada as I needed to enter a valid State….we have Provinces in my part of Canada eh!
      Have taken up the issue with the site’s webmaster. I will keep you posted.

    6. Tried to buy 3 T shirts but error message indicated I needed to fill in valid State…we have Provinces in my part of Canada…..! I have logged error with the Webmaster…watch this space eh!

      1. Texas Tony: Thanks for the comment. I got your e-mail this morning and enabled shipping to provinces in Canada :) E-mail me if you need anything else.

    7. Tom M in Australia
      21st July 2010, 6:26

      I think mugs are a great idea, I want one!

    8. Love the Tshirt , hope u have some more accessories on the way … is there any option for people in India !!! the time n cost fer delivery r killer !

    9. how about a wall chart for the 2011 season?
      like the ones they make for the world cup with all the fixtures that you can fill in as the season progresses?

      it would be a nice way of keeping track of the season…

    10. Great news.It won’t be up for sale in Bangladesh but I hope in the near future I will get one.

    11. An F1 Fanatic Lanyard to display at races perhaps?

    12. A black t shirt too perhaps?

    13. Buy these now as soon as possible. As soon Bernie finds a piece of merchandise with ‘F1’ that he’s not getting a slice of… ;)

    14. come on its obvious, i cant believe no one thought of it: An f1 fanatic anorak !

    15. kenapa kau salahkan ali
      21st July 2010, 14:38

      How to buy?

      “There are no carriers available that will deliver to this address!”

    16. dyslexicbunny
      21st July 2010, 16:19

      F1Fanatic banana hammock.

      In all seriousness, does the logo scale at all with shirt size or is it generally pretty tiny overall? I am pretty curious about the usage of F1 as well since the defunct USGPE couldn’t be USF1.

      Any way we could get some cool posters or something?

    17. 15 quid for a white t-shirt with a few words on it! lol, dont think so.

    18. How about F1 Fanatic cheese?

    19. Talk about a dull shirt, definitely needs a flash or color or something. Here in the U.S., paying that sort of price for a T-shirt would be referred to as a “hose job”, usually administered by NASCAR and is also accompanied by the additional “S & H” charge. They’d like you to think that stands for “Shipping & Handling” but it really stands for “Shafting & Hosing”. Another variation is the “S” replaced by a “P”, supposedly for “Postage” but translates to “Porking & Hosing”.
      Great web-site, lame shirt.

      1. Of course, American’s are renowned for their style…..

    20. i don’t know if they are accurate, but from the pictures it seems the logos could be a bit larger. just my opinion. and yeah, a coffee mug is desperately needed :)

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