Are you an F1 Fanatic? Now you can wear the T-shirt that proves it…

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F1 Fanatic is proud to offer its first official branded T-shirt available to buy.

The Official F1 Fanatic T-shirt features the F1 Fanatic logo on the front and web address on the reverse.

It is on sale from Unlap priced at ??15 – or you can win one…

As of this week the runner-up in each round of the F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship will win an Official F1 Fanatic T-shirt plus a race winner’s T-shirt from Unlap.

The shirt is made using 100% cotton with styling features including ribbed neck knitted with Lycra, hemmed sleeve and bottom, taped neck from shoulder to shoulder and twin needle stitching for extra comfort and durability.

Buy your F1 Fanatic T-shirt now

Got any feedback on the T-shirt? Would you like to see any other products bearing the F1 Fanatic logo? Share your ideas in the comments.

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    1. Hey Keith, love the shirt.

      Too bad it doesn’t do shipments to Malaysia!

    2. Come on guys, this is about giving a hand to Keith!!!

      Have you forgot Keith is full time dedicated this year to this blog?

      “I would like a tea mug, a black t-shirt….”

      Just get into and buy just one T-shirt now, not when your new fashion T-shirt become old… or you become old!

    3. US Williams Fan
      22nd July 2010, 8:44

      T shirt was a good Idea Keith!

      Hope that some of the $$$ goes to you and the site.

      21 pounds is only like $8 US right???? :)

      1. I think you’ll find it’s more like 42 dollars bud.
        It’s very expensive to live in the UK.

        1. US Williams Fan
          23rd July 2010, 3:49

          Haha I know…. hence the ” :) “.

          The pound has been strong against the USD for quite some time.

          I guess the standard of living is better in the UK?

          1. No idea bud anymore, been living in the states for 3 years now. So the standard of living could be in the crapper by now.
            But at least they haven’t got Obama.

    4. Thanks for all the ideas guys. Points taken on offering a lower price, some different products (mugs seem quite popular and I’d quite like one myself) and some more interesting designs…

      1. A Tie Keith, for the gentleman of sartorial elegance.

    5. I would buy one but my carting days are over and i am looking for a 3X (3xXL) shirt… i grew in height (and width)

    6. Mug and car sticker sounds good to me

    7. got my t shirt today and it occurred to me of one improvement that may or may not be popular, and that is to have your blogname printed on the back. obviously if its “cheesebutt” you may opt out but the choice would be great.

      1. Thanks for buying one antonyob!

        scunnyman suggested that too, I must have a chat to Luke about it.

    8. Awesome that you now have t-shirts. I will definitely order one for Xmas

    9. Just bought the t-shirt Keith. Looks deadly. Any more stuff in the pipeline. Bumper stickers, or maybe a bobblehead Keith maybe!! :P

      1. Glad to hear it! Anyone worn one at a race yet? Would love to see a picture of that. Remember you can upload via the

    10. I ordered one of the t-shirts to help support this site. I firstly received an email to say it was on back-order despite the site stating ‘in stock’. I asked about this and was told it was in stock and would be despatched the following day. I was promised this three times over the course of a week, but nothing was ever despatched. Eventually cancelled my order. :(

    11. @keithcollantine Any 2011 mugs available? Unlap links seem to be down this year and I’ve got to give the wife a Christmas list at some point :)

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