F1 Fanatic round-up: 24/7/2010

Don’t forget to get those predictions in before final practice starts in a few hours’ time. Make your German Grand Prix predictions now.

Here’s today’s round-up:


German GP Chalk Talk (Speed TV)

“Steve Matchett offers a behind-the-scenes look at how Formula One teams attach the nose cone to the chassis and how they manage to change the noses on their cars so quickly.”

Economic downturn has not hit Abu Dhabi F1 race (USA Today)

“Richard Cregan, the chief executive officer for Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management, says ticket sales for the season-ending Formula One race is far surpassing last year’s figures. About 75 percent of the 50,000 tickets have already been sold for the Nov. 14 race.”

Renault denies having financial worries (Autosport)

“The Enstone-based team requested approval from rival teams for it to be given an up-front payment of the money that is due to it from Formula One Management – and normally gets paid at the end of a season.”

Comment of the day

Here’s Todfod’s reading of the teams’ performances after the first two practice sessions:

Judging by these charts, it seems like Ferrari have the pace to match Red Bull in qualifying and the race. I expect Mclaren to be pretty close as well. I really dont think Jenson?s lap times do justice to the competitiveness of the Mclaren. Hamilton will extract more from the car tomorrow.

I’m guessing another Q2 exit for our defending WDC tomorrow, with the Red Bulls and Alonso fighting for pole, just followed by Hamilton and Massa.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Karan!

On this day in F1

Kimi R??ikk??nen lost a likely victory in the German Grand Prix when his engine failed on this day five years ago.

That allowed championship rival Fernando Alonso to extend his advantage as McLaren were once again left to rue their car’s unreliability.

However R??ikk??nen’s team mate Juan Pablo Montoya brought his car home in second place having started last on the grid following a spin in qualifying.

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22 comments on F1 Fanatic round-up: 24/7/2010

  1. ciaran said on 24th July 2010, 0:04

    5 laps ago,you do mean 5 years ago!

  2. thestig84 said on 24th July 2010, 0:18

    Wow Steve Matchett loves that on screen pen!! Talk about over used, got annoying during what was otherwise an interesting piece.

    • US_Peter said on 24th July 2010, 0:24

      He’s a total nutter, that’s why I like him.

    • US_Peter said on 24th July 2010, 0:26

      … and yes, that was a very interesting piece. F1 cars are built just like IKEA furniture! I guess when Jenson and Lewis built that car together they were missing the IKEA instruction sheet, JUST LIKE REAL IKEA FURNITURE!!

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 24th July 2010, 9:46

        Nice one US_Peter :-D

      • bosyber said on 25th July 2010, 8:04

        Good point US_Peter! Maybe IKEA should sponsor HRT, they know about not having to sort out their kit without a manual, it seems. And IKEA are good at making a profit with low cost items.

  3. f1yankee said on 24th July 2010, 0:51

    ask and ye shall receive:


    “Where previously, race director Charlie Whiting would make recommendations about the competitor’s actions, an actual decision will now be made within 90 seconds and displayed to the team via the pit wall monitor.”

    • Joey-Poey said on 24th July 2010, 2:04

      Love how Kubica has said what I’ve been thinking: just play the good sport and give the damn place back. Ferrari were really phenomenally stupid about the whole thing.

      • f1yankee said on 24th July 2010, 5:10

        no, they’re playing hardball. they have a reason for doing anything, even if that reason is unknown to us.

  4. mkh1 said on 24th July 2010, 1:14

    If i worked for the Abu Dhabi race i would not be bragging about ticket sales. The fact is that even if they sold every ticket the race day attendence will still be less than the friday attendence at Silverstone. This is not something that such a modern circuit should be proud of.

  5. Cacarella said on 24th July 2010, 2:27

    I don’t understand why the duck is asking the questions.
    What the hell does that symbolize??

    Why did it have the British flag on the side of it!?

  6. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 24th July 2010, 3:14

    Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management also claimed last year that all the 50,000 tickets are sold still we saw on raceday that some if not many seats were empty now who on earth will but a F1 ticket & won’t come to the race,anyone from this blog??

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 24th July 2010, 9:36

      That’s what happens with corporate sponsors gettiging tickets. These companies invite partners/customers and often part of the invitees don’t turn up for differing reasons.

      With only 50.000 tickets up for sale it’s not much of a supprise they sold 75% by now. I think over 2/3rds is with companies.

  7. Alexf1man said on 24th July 2010, 7:29

    Tomorrow makes it a YEAR since Massa’s crash in Hungary which put him out for the rest of the year, maybe someone could do a feature on it.

  8. Chazzers said on 24th July 2010, 8:48

    I really wanted David Hobbs to say something to the effect of “Sure I’ve seen Steve on a bender, but crikey, this is the first time I’ve seen a Bender on Steve!”

  9. John H said on 24th July 2010, 9:11

    Nose cones haven’t had this much press since the Reagan administration.

  10. Maia said on 24th July 2010, 16:43

    On this day in F1 (24/7): Barrichelo won his first F1 GP. Starting from 18th on the grid, Rubens dealt brilliantly with the rain in part of the old Hock’ circuit to get it maiden victory.

  11. BasCB (@bascb) said on 24th July 2010, 20:56

    I really like Vettel’s new helmet. If he wins the race tomorrow (hope he doesn’t) can he please keep it for the rest of the season?

    • bosyber said on 25th July 2010, 8:08

      You are right, this one does look pretty good. Usually when I see Vettel in the car, I recognize him because it is not Webbers helmet I see. I guess he is young and cool and all, but I would prefer him to hang on to his helmets a bit longer.

      By the way, does anyone know if Vettel sells those helmets for charity or something? That at least would give it a purpose, even if it is deflating their uniqueness quite a bit by having so many versions.

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