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184 comments on “Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix”

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  1. sorry it doesn’t reflect the quality of the race, rather the bitter taste it has left..1

    1. Massa was robbed by his own team. Makes a mockery of calling this a race. He deserved the win and it would have been fantastic a year after his accident for all F1 fans, no matter which team they support, to celebrate his come back. This is exactly why the rules changed and Farrari should be disqualified for openly giving team orders. They would have had a 1 2 without team orders and the best driver would have won – fair and square.

      1. Definitely like this post, I think this race will make many people Massa fans and anti-Ferrari!!!

        1. yes i agree with there are many ferrari haters here.today they are right but possibly they dont treat there team the same way. following the 1 rating criteria of some on this post every race this year should be 1 rated i remind WHO RATED 1 ON VALENCIAS RACE? dont want to be rude but this comments arent a product of an deep reflection about this year race ferrari decision was messy messy enough to get the focus of everyone and highlighted by f1 tv production this year there were some clear team order issues facing the problem this way people shouldnt crucify ferrari but the whole F1 system indeed today was ferraris mistake yesterday it was mclaren and red bull please be realistic like Horner says in the end what counts its the team and people still watch f1 hoping there favourite driver delivers but in the end its not about the driver drivers are well payed employees but employees have to follow rules and those rules are on the sake of the collective everyone at ferrari benefits with this result the better the team delivers so there employees will benefit the thousands of people involved on this business ferrari havng let so many chances flee they knew they had to be as harsh as other teams so they could breed like domenicalli said ferrari needed to win fast global crisis or just capitalism?

          1. In Valencia, the attempt to manipulate the race failed — whereas here, it just leaves too much of a sour taste, given Ferrari’s history of doing similar things.

    2. You hit the nail on the head…. as did Eddie Jordan. This is a competitive sport & Massa deserved his well earned victory on the anniversary of his terrible accident. Alonso should take a 5 place drop as a penalty…. I cannot believe F1 may let this pass

      1. Rated 1 as well. Listening to Alonso’s post race interview is what infuriated me the most. I admire Massa’s and Smedley’s indirect honesty. It’s obvious that they were making Ferrari look stupid for what they were requesting. Massa could have let Alonso past without it being obvious, and Smedley didn’t have to use the words he did over the radio.

        I realize this happens quiet often with all teams, but ferrari have the knack at doing it with the least amount of discreetness/respect for the sport.

        1. flossyblossy
          25th July 2010, 23:10

          Thats what i would have said until i saw Rob Smedley being interviewed after…lying through his back teeth, desperately trying to look convincing with that big stupid grin on his face. Either (like EJ said) he deserves an oscar or he was in agreement with the descision.

    3. Jordan Doyle
      25th July 2010, 18:15

      So True, apart from that “yer that” it was a good race from the first lap to about 47, such a shame Alonso should have being good enough to get past massa, come on your right alonso, you were faster, how couldn’t you pass

    4. Also a 1, but not because of the race (I’d give that a 5 or 6) but specifically due to Ferrari’s actions.

      I hope that the “Team” losses their points for this race result!

  2. Typically, a race this dull would get a 5 from me. But Ferrari Team orders absolutely kills any credibility of this “race”.


    Now will see for sure how neutral Jean Todt is as FIA President.

    1. I feel the same.

      Decisions like Ferrari’s in this race just ruin the sport for the fans. Disappointing.

    2. Please enlighten me how is this different than McLaren’s “Lewis you can stop saving fuel” exactly when Jensen was right behind him ?

      1. as he really didn’t need to save fuel anymore.
        If you follow F1 a little you should know by now. They start the race slightly underfueled and will have a period of fuel saving…
        And Jenson was that close for the whole race after the stops..
        Ferrari fan I bet!

        1. riiiiiiiiiiight… omg how I could not see it ?
          McLaren fan I bet! :)

          1. Electrolite
            25th July 2010, 15:51

            Grow up, He’s right. Every driver goes through a period in the race where they have to save fuel.

          2. its ok to give team orders to let them race each other. But that wasnt the case on this occasion.

          3. I’m not a Ferrari or a McLaren fan, but if McLaren are smart enough to make their team orders look like fuel saving instructions then good luck to them.

            Today Ferrari blatantly broke the rules and robbed the most deserving driver of the race win HE HAD EARNED.

            I personally hate the fact that F1 cars are now scrimping and saving on fuel, but under the current rules it is permissible.

            Team orders, quite clearly are not.

      2. Explain how “we instructed Button to defend” not a team order? They pretty much told Button not to attack Lewis, but rather defend against a car that was more than 6 or 7 seconds behind him.

        1. Electrolite
          25th July 2010, 15:57

          Because Button was not a real threat to Hamilton and at no point it looked like he was going to try an overtake. Mclaren had their own damage limiting race to do today.

          And 6 or 7 seconds? I remember seeing Webber right behind Button in the shot when we heard it, more like a couple.

          1. Webber was way back, check the timings

          2. @OJi, yes but only after his issue which forced him to drop back. At the time Button was told to focus on defence Webber was right behind him and pretty much as soon as he dropped back Jenson was told he was one of the fastest on the track i.e. it’s OK now, you can have a go at Lewis if you can.

        2. Mindful that Lawyers rule everything;

          # The rule suggests not enforcing driver position to change the result.

          # The rule doesn’t suggest (but probably should) not enforcing driver position that doesn’t change the result.

    3. Jarred Walmsley
      25th July 2010, 20:09

      Same here which is why I went for a 3 to allow something for the rest of the race but I am absoultely disgusted by Ferrari’s antics.

      For all you Schumacher haters out there, this incident shows that maybe it wasn’t him that was responsible for all the incidents and that it is just in Ferrari’s nature to manipulate F1

      1. He even said he would have done the same, so im not too sure on that one.

  3. Complete disgrace. I voted 1.

    The spectacle of the race was ruined by Ferrari’s stinking cheating.

  4. Wheres the disgrace option?

  5. Matt Hadfield
    25th July 2010, 14:41

    Terrible down to cheating Ferrari. Poor day for the sport

  6. Nick Robertson
    25th July 2010, 14:41

    Wow. That says it all really. Hope someone in the FIA sees this…

  7. I rated 1 – I think there was little in the way of battles. Temperature probably played a hand in this with it being cooler allowing the option to last longer.

    Then of course we were robbed as fans of any chance of a race with the team orders.

  8. This was an absurdity and the most blatent example of team orders in years. Destroyed the race for me and I think they should have both been black flagged.

    1. Damn right they should, well perhaps not Massa i feel sorry for him!

    2. jamie morgan
      25th July 2010, 23:47

      farrari should be blacked flag this is not the first time this hass happened it happened withg shuemaker back a few years ago. appart from the fine they shoud be made to lose points for thier blatent rule breaking and alonso needs to be brought down a peg or two. mariano sinatrin

  9. Ned Flanders
    25th July 2010, 15:00

    I resisted the temptation to give this race a 1 and instead gave it 5- had a few exciting laps around the pitstops and when the Ferrari’s were actually racing as opposed to be being switched. But for the most part it was dull.

    But the team orders were an absolute ******* disgrace. This race stinks like no race I have seen for a long, long time

    1. Yep. But wasn’t that press conference entertaining! I had to read it online since FOX only shows the first question and answer in their delayed coverage. Boring race and a disgrace from Ferarri, especially a year to the day from Massa’s horrible accident with Rubens’ spring. I think Alonso and Massa should BOTH be given grid penalties in Hungary, and Alonso’s should be larger.

      1. flossyblossy
        25th July 2010, 23:15

        That’s why i gave it a 3 – for the press conference alone! I found most of the race pretty boring.

  10. Boring Race.

    Ferrari should get a penalty – for not being creative. All they needed to do is tell Massa to converse fuel.

    1. blog seems too slow sorry about the double post. BTW I mean conserve

  11. 1/10 for obvious reasons. Ferrari effectively cancelled any ‘race.’ Over to you FIA (some chance).

  12. Boring Race.

    Ferrari should get a penalty – for not being creative. All they needed to do is tell Massa to conserve fuel.

  13. Marc Connell
    25th July 2010, 15:01

    enjoyed the race, hated the fake smiles at the end. decent 6.

    1. Just out of curiosity: can you tell us what did you find enjoyable? Because I saw completely uneventful procession. I give it a solid 2.

      1. Qualifying yesterday was very good.
        The start and first 2 laps were good. Then up to the pitstops we had some action in the lower runners, then pit stops.
        Alonso chasing and pushing Massa, Heikki not seeing Pedro de la rose, what a luck Pedro has.
        And the comments from Smedley to Massa were very interesting as well. Also Massa saying that letting Fred past was his own decision and Smedley confirming he was only giving Massa information were surely drama
        I gave it a 5/10 for the Ferrari strategy remembering us of the worse of the Schumi aera and being a otherwise pretty mediocre GP.

  14. Where where you when Mclaren said “save fuel” that’s the SAME, they didn’t let Button race for position.
    When where you at silverstone?
    they take away webber’s front wing, it’s the same

    Alonso would have probably overtook massa, they just didn’t take the chance… after the last races, they were unlucky, and the race clearly wasn’t 1 out of 10…

    1. LSL but Red Bull’s farce with the wing didn’t work out how they expected… and in fairness that wasn’t done during the race…

    2. Actually you are somehow right and I agree with you. It seems that most people are quite happy to accept the farce put up by RB an MCLaren when they tell their drivers to slow down as they may not be able to finish the race with no fuel.

      However, most seem to be offended by Ferrari’s move.

      What is F1 about, teams or drivers? At the end whilst the driver does get the glory most of the effort comes from the team.

      1. I think with me it annoys me more that the orders resulted in them swapping places. When the save fuel/hold station message is given, that doesn’t rankle as much. That might just be me though and I don’t whether it really stands up but there you go. I think it’s because the driver ahead is ahead and when the driver behind is faster it’s either fast enough to actually get by or not quite fast enough to get a real chance. I mean there’s always the chance of the driver in front making a mistake but more often than not it results in a sort of half-hearted attempt, resulting in a coming together. With Ferrari it was well your not fast enough to get by under your own steam and he fluffed his one chance, so we’ll tell Felipe to move over. The team gets the same points but they favour a driver and if a driver gains a points advantage by their team manipulating the race then in the WDC that seems unfair. Yes Ferrari can argue that Vettel was closing but surely he was more likely to overtake Massa than Alonso, if Massa was the slower of the two, thus being more likely to cost the team.

    3. You are completely missing the point. Webber was completely screwed over by his team OFF THE TRACK, but once he was on the track he was free to teach Vettel a valuable lesson.

      Furthermore under the current regulations F1 cars are encouraged to scrimp and save on fuel, therefore making McLarens orders legal (unfortunately)

      If Ferrari are not smart enough to come up with a reason for Massa to slow down, and instead thumb their nose at the rule book, they deserve to be stripped of all their points from the weekend.

      1. We dont know if McLaren were saying that so Button wouldn’t attack, if they did then thats team orders. It’s happend more then once im pretty sure. Then on the other hand he might have needed to save fuel, we’ll never know.

  15. I voted 6 because I wanted to be honest. But 1 is what the farce deserved.

  16. “I don’t expect any penalties whatsoever because Alonso was just faster and Massa made a small mistake when shifting up three gears at once,” Smedley told Germany’s Sky Sports after the race. << Do they think we are dumb or something?

    1. Vettel was faster than Massa, if I were him I’d have let him pass, the same way he did with Alonso

    2. No, Ferrari are banking – probably correctly – on other teams not pursuing this one as that would set a bad precedent for any decisions they make in the rest of the season. That doesn’t make today justified. Smedley is in an awkward position, obviously annoyed and upset enough to make the team order obvious over the radio, and added a sorry afterwards. That’s enough to establish a team order. But he can’t afford to see the team implode over this – or the great Alonso lose points. Ferrari and Alonso. What a combination.

      1. Seems it didn’t quite work out for Ferrari, although paying $100.000 for a race win is not too bad for them.
        The worse thing is the World Counsil, where Mr. Teamorders Todt will have to decide weather to crunch down on using team orders or throw this rule out.

    3. How old are you? how stupid can you get, it was an unequivocal order for massa to move over and let alonso past.I’m a ferrari and an alonso fan and i can see that!! even my pet hamster can see that!

      1. Perhaps your pet hamster would like a number 2 driver spot at Ferrari? Should be available soonish!

        1. His hamster would have more sense than to take it after this.

    4. flossyblossy
      25th July 2010, 23:19

      I used worse language that i’ve ever used in my life shouting at Smedley on TV. So obviousley lying though his back teeth and assuming that we are all stupid and wouldn’t realise!

  17. 4, not completely useless.
    Just very disappointing…

  18. 2/10 – I only watched from lap 47 onwards, but it was boring, cheating, crud.

  19. I voted 1, but only because ‘0’ wasn’t an option. That wasn’t a race. There was no race to rate. As an F1 fan, I feel cheated. Ferrari owe me the last 2 hours of my life back.

    1. Dont watch the next race then, thats how you can get your 2 hours back :)

  20. schweinsteiger
    25th July 2010, 15:03

    Awful moment, reminds me the dark days of schumacher-barrichello. Massa deserved the win after all he have been through after his accident. Button not attacking hamilton also due team orders.
    I rate this race 0,0

    1. Got to love how the Commentators didnt take too much notice of the British teams blatant team order.

      Got to love how they can demand the FIA investigate simply by putting pressure on them to do so, but when the incident involves the 2 british drivers they play it down like its nothing.

      1. Can someone from a country like America (for example) get a “non-biased” view?

        In response to Steven, Mclaren are more likely to have to need to save fuel because its Mercedes engine uses more fuel / lap than the Renault engine, and maybe even the Ferrari engine.

        Anyone remember Australia 1998 with Hakkinen & Coulthard (Mclaren)?

      2. This British driver thing from Ferrari fans is ridiculous and am not even British.
        How is telling Hamilton that is in frond to save fuel an order in favor of Hamilton? One could say the opposite.
        You guys are pathetic.

        1. Monad You have an understandable viewpoint but consider this; If Massa was asked to conserve fuel with Alonso taking the lead many would have grumbled but accepted that action as a necessity now that re-fuelling isn’t allowed.

          The instruction to Massa (clearly coded by Smedley) made no ref to fuel, chassis, brakes or mechanical issue of any kind – thereby overtly determining track position and breaking the rules.

          The rulebook specifically says that teams are not to be seen overtly determining track position, thereby bringing the sport into disrepute.

          If you watch again, Button & Hamilton duelled when one was meant to conserve fuel – an acceptable instruction within the rules.

          Moreover, not only is Stefano Domenicali now found to be less astute or knowledgeable about the rules than was thought, but Luca di Montezemolo seems also to suggest that its OK to break the rules for the teams gain. >> http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5hjTv93btN8UNUcQMQf1VVAUq293g

          These public demonstrations follow in the wake of Ferrari being adamant that McLaren paid such a huge price that could have bankrupted most teams for cheating in the past that I now wouldn’t want to own a prancing horse in the UK right now, or ever in fact.

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