Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix

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What did you think of the German Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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184 comments on “Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix”

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  1. Electrolite
    25th July 2010, 15:03

    I am simply gripped by start and was ecstatic at Massa taking the lead and staying with it after the seaosn he’s had.

    I was then enjoying the swapping of pace between Alonso and Massa, but at the same time I was pretty sure Vettel wasn’t going to get the two Ferraris. I thought Massa had got it, surely after the controversy of this season it wouldn’t have been worth giving team orders?

    Spoiled the race for me and a lot of people. Alonso, as extremely quick as he was, lost it to Massa at the start and THEN failed badly at overtaking him later. I expect to see a penalty.

    1. Electrolite
      25th July 2010, 15:05

      *Was simply gripped by the start.

  2. 5…lowest rating for a long time. Ruined by Ferrari, insulting our intellegence and robbing us of a great battle. They could at least cover it up better to save all this cringe worthy talk of the ‘pass’


  3. Voted 1 because there wasnt a -1 in the options, what a waste of 1.5 hours.

  4. Nice Race and exiting 9/10.
    yes the ferrari thing took a real blow but if that didnt happen i think the race was really good.

    Nice to see Ferrari back in top. hopefully they can continue like this.

    Three more races like this and Alonso would be up with hamilton in the championship. and Massa would not be too far after. they both have the ability to win the championship with a lot of luck and good results.

    1. 3 more races with illegal team orders causing the leader to be swapped around, and F1 will have no fans other than the Tifosi. And the Tifosi aren’t F1 fans, they’re Ferrari fans.

  5. This was an absolute disgrace. What a terribly disappointing race. Especially after such a great race last time :(

  6. I voted 1. The race has been ruined by Ferraris clear disregard for the rules. Its a display of Ferraris arrogance that they think they can so blatantly breach the rules!

  7. Would have been a 6 or 7, but Ferrari’s cheating ruined what was an interesting race. It’s not like Vettel got past anyway. Did they think Alonso wasn’t capable of defending?

  8. The actual race wasnt a classic, but deserved a 5-6.

    However this was NOT racing and is an absolute travesty. Hence = 1

    Both Ferrari’s need to be excluded from this ‘result’ to preserve any sense of honour for the sport.

  9. Ferrari is a disgrace to the sport…done that with Schumacher now doind the same with Alonso…bunch of clows, total disrespect for the F-1 lovers.

    Miss Senna…he on with his talent

  10. Ferrari is a disgrace to the sport…done that with Schumacher now doind the same with Alonso…bunch of clows, total disrespect for the F-1 lovers.

    Miss Senna…he won with his talent

  11. 1
    Im not even looking forward to next race after this.

    1. It was Hungary anyway! :P

  12. christopheraser
    25th July 2010, 15:08

    Another race ruined by Ferrari. Who actually like that team?

    1. I am… And another few millions.

      They should be penalized, as another comment said, for bad inspiration, total lack of creativity.

      As for those that scream that Ferrari cheated, please tell how did they cheat ? They lead the race from lap one.


      PS – I rated 7.

      1. I am a Ferrari fan. To be honest they did cheat but what differece does it make, we were probably going to be 1,2 anyway. I did want Massa to win but as long as we are back init i dont care. There should be a penalty of some sort ,not against the drivers but the team. Maybe taking all of our constructures point away seems pretty fair. It wasn’t the drivers fault but the Teams.

        1. I would cite the above posts as reasons why Ferrari fans need to re-examine their thinking. You state “To be honest they did cheat but what differece[sic] does it make”. Apparently, it makes a difference to those who want to watch a good race (see all the comments here).

          Since I’m not a Ferrari fan, I don’t care which driver wins – I hope to see a good race, some driving skill, some passing, and some good old fun. Watching a driver who had every reason to try to win the race give it to his team mate in this fashion just stinks!

  13. Mountain Man
    25th July 2010, 15:11

    Disgusted…gave it a 1 Ferrari should be ashamed!!! A Bad day for the sport.Should have been Massa’s win! (& I’m a Maclaren fan )

  14. I went for 6, in the end. Before, and until the pit stops were over, and several laps after that it was quite exciting. The Ferrari being back to MSC ways is bringing it down a bit, as are the laps before that when it was getting a bit boring. But a lot of things happening behind the top 6 too. Sorry for DLR and his front wing.

  15. No surprise about Alonso’s character. He is a really good driver and doesn’t need orders like the one we’ve seen today to win races. He should just do what he is paid for and he might have succeeded. However, the least thing I like about him is his bad attitude towards the sport. Here is why:
    1)He never gave up that Cingapore victory, and he indeed spoiled Massa’s title in 2008.
    2) He was totally not decent in China, at the entrace of the pit lane with Massa (I wonder what he would have said if Massa did the same to him on that occasion).
    3) In Valencia he was crying like a baby about Hamilton’s advantage with the safety car issue.
    4) Hockenheim shows his clear character when at first he said “ridiculous” about Massa’s defense after the pit stops, and the disgraceful team order.

    Ferrari is ridiculous and neither the drivers, nor the teams, nor the race, nor the fans needed that.

  16. I gave it a 5. Average race. And Massa fully deserved to win this race, he should have ignored Smedley.

  17. William Wilgus
    25th July 2010, 15:15

    Congratulations to Ferrari for catching up technically with their car and Massa coming back to his top form. Congratulations to Schumi for apparently closing the gap to his team-mate. I can’t say I am thrilled that Ferrari told Massa to let the faster Alonso by. However, a driver letting a faster one — whether team-mate or not — is a show of true sportsmanship. Had Massa been faster than Alonso when told to let Alonso by would have been extremely un-sportsman-like.

    1. “However, a driver letting a faster one — whether team-mate or not — is a show of true sportsmanship.”

      OH GOD Please be trolling!

    2. I really don’t know why you bother watching Formula 1 if the ‘fastest guy’ actually has to be let past.

  18. 1 – purely because of Alonso. It would have potentially been a 1 if Alonso had won anyway, but to win via race orders just made it pathetic, and such a kick in the nuts for Felipe, who I feel truly sorry for.

  19. By the way, Keith:
    I had the impression that the order for letting Alonso pass didn’t come from Smedley, since the message was rather dull and barely impolite (and this is not Smedley-Massa relationship pattern). I don’t know if I got too impressed or it was really not from him.
    Afterwards, Smedley’s tone (and then it was more like Smedley’s tone) was much softer and apologised the move.

    Did you guys have the same impression?

    1. Yeh i sounded more like Stella.

      1. No it was Smedley. And he pushed the ‘free-to-air button’ while he was speaking to Massa by purpose. So everybody could hear the team order. I don’t think Stella would have give this team radio FTA

        1. I thought everything was free to air, thats why teams use codes?

          1. Exactly, every radio transmission is freely available to FOM (who decides what is broadcast on TV) and for the FIA.

    2. About 15 minutes after the race in an interview done by Italian TV RAI, he dismissed that any form of team orders took place, actually by laughing at those ‘implications’.
      I’d really like to see him laugh in Massa’s face while explaining to him what ‘really’ happened.

  20. Santandermoney
    25th July 2010, 15:23

    It was garbage.
    The longest competing team in Formula one is not in it for the sport anymore.

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