Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix

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What did you think of the German Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 German Grand Prix out of ten

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184 comments on “Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix”

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  1. The Hundredth Idiot
    25th July 2010, 15:24

    Humphrey got it right, leaves a terrible taste in you mouth – so I voted 1. Looking forward to the first real test of Todt’s presidency. For me Felipe will always be the real victor of this race. Forza Felipe!

  2. Whether Alonso was quicker or not is irrelavent. F1 is not a time trial, it’s a race, and Massa was winning that race by making the necessary overtakes. It was up to Alonso to catch and pass him.

    Poor sod. Massive insult to the guy a year on from him nearly dying.

  3. I am a big brazilian fan of F1 since Airton Senna, but unfortunately we keep seeing sad episodes like this today (remember that it happened with Barichello on Ferrari before). I thought that we could be wrong thinking that Ferrari did it, but I can see by the rate given to the race that everyone could see this.

    Very very sad…

  4. The race was not boring.
    The start was good. Vettel put in a good performance, plenty of overtaking in the midfield and overall a lot of close battles.

    The whole Ferrari thing makes the race MORE interesting. Although I’m sure we’re all simmering with bile at the moment, it will generate a lot of press, a lot of opinions, and the current result, and possibly a revised result will have huge ramifications on the championship. This is one of those races which we will be able to remember in a decade, just like Austria 2002.

    Just because what happened makes you angry does not make the race bad. Bad races are the ones where nothing happened, like Bahrain.

    People who are serious F1 fans should be well aware of the sport’s ability to generate scandals. F1 has always had a bit of a dirty reputation, so if you are shocked and appalled by what happened, maybe try another sport. Especially since it’s Ferrari, who you would expect to do this kind of thing.
    The commentators saw it coming on Lap 1. So if you didn’t think it was possible, kindly shut up and let people who understand the sport talk.

    1. Electrolite
      25th July 2010, 15:36

      I don’t think people thoguht the majority of the race was ‘bad.’ I think a lot of the 1/10 ratings are a sort of protest against how the race turned out.

  5. A FULL DISGRACE for F1 and Massa.

    For me F1 will go on vacations for long…

  6. The race has left a horrible aftertasete. It was dull anyway, so would have scored low no matter what happened. However, Ferrari manipulated the race and it was not good for the sport, this race must be a 1 since it has left the sport in disgrace once again.

  7. Well done Ferrari, you have ruined a grand prix, the real winner here was Massa, and i hope the stewards will hand hime the victory he DESERVED, not a whinging cry baby, who spits his dummy out as soon as thing dont go his way

  8. 1/10. I tuned in to see a race, not an orchestrated procession.

  9. the-muffin-man
    25th July 2010, 15:40


    Both Ferraris should be kicked out – but hey who’s in charge of the FIA? Oh yes the man responsible for all of Schui’s ‘overtaking’ moves!!!

    1. Why both of them? Massa didnt do anything wrong?

  10. I rated 8, I really enjoyed that race. There was a lot of battles, the Filming was done well, and there was a very very exciting start.

    Actually I didn’t, I voted 1.
    In 2002 we learnt that team orders where wrong. And they were made Illegal.
    This for me ruins the race, It leaves me, rather than the adrenaline I feel normally, with anger, bitterness, and a little sadness for Massa who I will say, drove and almighty race to keep the faster Alonso behind.

  11. I thought the race deserved a 7. I enjoyed most of the action and there was good movement. I rated the race, not the obvious cheating that stole what promised to be a great finish. Respect for Massa, shame for his team.
    Eddie Jordan said it all for me – you play by the rules, whatever they are. As for Ferrari protestations, I can’t believe that any sane fan could have listened to the team radio, observed the subdued lack of celebration and heard the drivers’ press conference without being 100% convinced that both Massa and the fans were robbed of his win. Ironically, Ferrari also robbed Alonso of the chance to prove he could have won it on his own.

  12. A farce. Ferrari bosses and the FIA (if they aren’t both the same thing) should be ashamed.

    No constructors points and give both Ferrari drivers the same points to clear up the mess.

  13. I gave it 4. As someone mentioned earlier, TO’s are not Ferrari’s invention and when McLaren or any other team use it, it strangely doesn’t create such controversy. Sorry, but it is disgraceful on anyone’s part, not only Ferrari. Otherwise, pretty dull race.

  14. I rated four ignoring the team orders bit. The race was very boring for me, middle field not enough going on and Webber, Hamilton, Button cruising to the flag just like a lot of cars did in Bahrain.

    Bring back refueling!! hah

  15. somehow Ferrari has now won the 2 worst races of this season – Bahrain and now Germany

    6/10 for me, but 1/10 for the team orders

    1. yeah. bring on budapest :D

  16. quit whinning mclaren fans if mclaren were in this position you would have said that button was slower!!!!!! just start believing that ferrari actually beat uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    1. Get a life, i am a mclaran fan, but they did not drive well, unlike Massa, who should have won, not Alonso, he has lost the edge in my books, and is constatly out driven by his peers

  17. Not a very interesting race from my point of view. The start was pretty much the decisive scene from a sporting point of view. The only significant positions change at the front of the field was the swap of positions between the two Ferrari drivers, the circumstances of which will probably, sadly turn out to be the most interesting topic remembered from this race.

  18. Even someone with only one tenth of a single brain cell knows that it was team orders.
    But being Ferrari they will get away with it. I feel that it is no coincidence that FIA are the first three letters of Fiat.

  19. Rebecka Schnneider
    25th July 2010, 16:28

    The Ferrari Team is a disgrace for F1, and Felipe Massa is a shame for Brazil

    WE miss you Ayrton Senna! …so much!!!!!!

  20. Dreadful, easily the worst race of the year. Processional, no action and that Ferrari fiasco is a slap to the face for all the fans. Who the hell do Ferrari think they are deciding that Massa cannot fight for the championship but Alonso can? That is just spineless and repugnant, almost as much as the team principal denying it.

    What a waste of a couple of hours.

    1. James Bolton
      25th July 2010, 17:50

      Completely agree

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