Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix

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What did you think of the German Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 German Grand Prix out of ten

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184 comments on “Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix”

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  1. I FELL ASLEEP 3 TIMES!!!so really boring,I hgenerously gave it 4..

    However,I was awake to see the beginning which was good,and I also saw the Ferrari Team orders on poor Felipe ……….I felt so sorry for Felipe as he was driving really well and was going to win…


    The Ferrari team were so furious after Monaco and Valencia,displaying amazing histrionics, they were fully wound up, just like a coiled spring, with Alonso screaming the most..
    ……..and now today,what do they do when they have the 2 top places in the bag? They act out in public in such a shameful manner it was embarrasing to watch them squirming at the end,from the top to the bottom..

    By the way Michael Schumacher great start,and Nico too,you both did your best,well done.

  2. Well, you’ve done a man’s job, sir Massa. Know, the Brazilian people hate you, congrat!

  3. 6/10. The quality of the race was good, but just good. The streak of 9 great races is over.

  4. I gave 7, thought the race was quiet the whole way. Massa did well from the start, did have a feeling that vettel would attack Alonso giving massa a clear run to the first corner, great to see massa back in form after a year of his injury, hopefully he can now make it harder for alonso getting more “number 1” status.

    Driver of the race for me was Massa great start and should of won.

  5. Josh1999.94
    25th July 2010, 17:26

    People are saying “Team orders happen all the time”, but really this year, I can’t think of another opportunity for a team to use team orders. The main times when 2 team-mates have been against each other is McLaren in Turkey and Red Bull in Turkey, and both times there were obviously no team orders.

    1. Turkey between RBR were team orders, only Webber followed orders only insofar that he allowed a small chance for Vettel to get past, instead of letting him go through as the team wanted.
      That’s why Vettel said this move by Ferrari was not good, but it’s probably better than crashing with your team mate.

  6. Sheffield 1867
    25th July 2010, 18:01

    First time i have ever turned off the race before the end.
    An absolute disgrace, the last time i saw Alonso that uncomfortable was when he pretended not to know anything about the Nelson Piquet cheating episode.

    Well at least he has the lapdog team mate he craves, has Massa got no pride? Try asking Hamilton/Button/Vettel/Webber/Schumacher/Rosberg/Kubica to stand aside……. not in this life

    1. Schumacher has done it, 1999 when he was Irvines wingman.

    2. The only one we can be sure of there is actually Webber (see Turkey). And maybe Hamilton in 2007, although he might follow those orders now, under certain circumstances.

      Schumacher did it in 1999 and today he confirmed he would do it again if needed.

      Rosber, Kubica, Vettel and Button have not really been in this situation.

  7. 5 Good opening stint. Top ten mostly static after the pit stop but some good action at the back end. My rating does not include my opinion of the Ferrari manouver.

    Red Bull has already demonstrated much tension amongst team members, Ferrari created lots today and could be heading for trouble. Mclaren next???

    Depends on Button. If Jenson wants this championship he has to start beating his rivals starting with Hamilton. Excellent opportunity today on fresher tires. Jenson’s response, complete capitualtion. Self demotion to the #2 spot.

  8. Schweinsteiger and Steven are completely spot on. Totally agree with u guys. Button never attempted a sniff of a move on Hamilton. Now either he is THAT bad, or (more likely), or there were team orders flying around preventing Button to even consider a move on Hamilton.

  9. I said 6. I’m biased but I really was enjoying watching Mas and Alo trade times. I found it fascinating then it got dull, the switchgate drama but that didn’t help the racing, Ham and Vet were invisible for much of the day so they were dull and we didn’t see any action anywhere else.

    1. Gave it a 5 in the end. Qualli was excellent yesterday, the start was very good, actually until the pitstops.

      Then we had the Ferrari’s trading fastest laps before “switchgate”. After that Heikki not seeing Pedro and a try from Button on Hamilton in the last laps.

      Mediocre race with Ferrari turning back to 2000 – 2004 tactics bringing it down a little bit.
      But Kudos to Massa for his answers in the press conference. After Brazil 2008 another real heroic moment.

  10. 1. For what Ferrari has done. It is shame, third race on the road, when Alonso is in the middle of controversy. This gay is pathetic. And they are behaving like newcomers. With huge ego.

  11. spoilt by Ferrari cheating again they should be banned from scoring points until next season.


  12. MouseNightshirt
    25th July 2010, 18:39


    My dad isn’t a F1 follower, but he was visiting today so watched the race with me.

    After the race, he says to me, “No point in following this sport son. It’s always rigged – it’s always on the news, one thing or other about this infernal sport.”

    This is exactly the reaction we should expect from lay-watchers and also the reason Ferrari needs a good slap, a DQ and a big fine. This behaviour alienates people.

    I voted 6 because the race itself had a few moments. 1 is a fair vote, but I’m voting on the race itself.

    1. I know exactly what you mean and agree with you. It’s a real shame and shouldn’t have happened.

  13. STRFerrari4Ever
    25th July 2010, 18:51

    I rated it a 6 considering everything but if we were to focus on what Ferrari did this is a 1/10. Not impressed at all!

  14. 1 of course, a race with no winner is not really a race imho.

  15. Charles Carroll
    25th July 2010, 20:01

    The politics were more exciting than the racing…and that is a travesty.

    A 3 for the early “action”. A -5 for the rest of the race.

  16. I voted 1 :/ Then looked at the results to see 727 agreed with me, it was good up to that point, i was looking forward to the prospects of a 3 way lead battle towards the end, but, the result has left F1 tainted for now… Depends what the World Motor Sport Council do next…

  17. A little off topic, but did anybody else notice how much of a fail bridgestone’s tire idea was. so much for hoping for another canada =\

  18. Ferrari is a company, their job is to win both the constructors and driver’s championships. The drivers are employees, their job is to do as they are told. If Red Bull was Ok with giving Vettel a newer wing (a decision that had direct influence on car performance), then why is this a big deal with Ferrari? The rule that there will be no team orders is dumb — the engineers can adjust certain engine characteristics from the pit — the rule can’t be enforced — all it would take is to turn down Massa’s revs…or give him older components…or ask him to save fuel during a certain part of the race. The end result is the same. Grow up. The whole sport is manipulated because it is a business — there are millions being made and lost — so the rules, technology, drama, is all invented to continue making the wild amounts of money…so enjoy the technology and the show, but don’t be naive about it.

    1. I’m don’t PAY to watch ‘business’, I’m paying to watch sport, which this wasn’t, the guy who can make it to the finish first wins, hey perhaps we should have just called it a day after quali on Saturday after all, Fred ‘was fastest all weekend’ so obviously deserved to be manipulated to the win.

      Or am I misunderstanding the sport and the obvious interpretation that you actually need to perform the best over the full race distance.

      I/we have been cheated. You / Ferrari / Tifosi calling anyone naive is insulting. Go conduct you’re business elsewhere but do not expect me to come pay to see it or buy your merchandise.

    2. So how long will this sport survive with all of these business decisions getting in the way? And why don’t I hear these kind of complaints about any other sport that has teams and players?

  19. Christopher Vissing
    25th July 2010, 21:21

    I don’t get it.. I think it was a great race to watch even though the alonso/masse incident was way out.. So wrong.. But looking away from that i think it was quiet a nice race.. I felt entertained.. It looks like it’s just me.. I really don’t get it.. It seems I’m the only who enjoy more than the action between number 1 and 2.. stupid

  20. Christopher Vissing
    25th July 2010, 21:22

    But I think Alonso would’ve win anyway.. But this way is just wrong..

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