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184 comments on Rate the race: 2010 German Grand Prix

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  1. andy k said on 26th July 2010, 7:05

    f1 is rubbish now,drivers bitching,teams bitching, no overtaking,bring back the 70s fast,dangerous,that was enterainment not now follow the leader 0/10

  2. MacLeod said on 26th July 2010, 8:34

    I rated the race as a 4 some racing in the beginning but after the pitstops boring as hell. And i am not amused by the teamorder Massa had to obey really sad.

    There were small skirmers but they were all way back in the field but almost no cover with images.

  3. The race was pretty dire anyway and then Ferrari went and made it even worse, wasn’t paying much attention after the switch, mainly cursing at the tv.

  4. Martin Hathaway said on 26th July 2010, 9:54

    The race wasn’t that bad, but Ferrari insulted our intelligence. Massa got the drop on Vettel and Alonso and should have been allowed to win, especially just a year after his accident ~ this would have been a popular move for everyone rather than serving a self-seeking prima donna! Ferrari not only blatently used team orders, they have also lied about it and that is serious. We all know what happened to Hamilton & McLaren at “Liegate”. Ferrari should be hit where it really hurts, not with a comparatively small fine but with points in the Championship.

    • wout brinke said on 26th July 2010, 15:02

      Good call on fining them on points. I think they should just DQ Alonso and hand a deserved victory to Massa.

  5. PJA said on 26th July 2010, 13:25

    For me the race lost some marks because of Massa being denied the win.

  6. wout brinke said on 26th July 2010, 14:59

    The only positive in the Ferrari race is that it means that i correctly predicted the winner in the predictions championship. Other than that terrible race: 1. Best part of the race was the start. Please go back to the old Hockenheim Ring.

  7. Subaru_STi said on 26th July 2010, 15:43

    Awful, just awful . . not because massa being denied the win but becuase it was clear that this track is worse than crap, Hockenheim has gone from white knuckle 200mph hardcore thrills and spills into another Bahrain type circuit, please dont tell me Tilke designed it. Melbourne and Interlagos for example i dont remember one bad race at any of these older tracks, i really hope we dont lose the few older tracks we have.

  8. Kevin said on 26th July 2010, 18:00

    I watched the race on BBC iplayer, it was boring as hell, plus the team orders just made it worse. Resurface the old hockenheim or just stick with the nurburgring on its own

  9. F1 is constantly losing my respect as a racing sport. I am not sure if it is strictly about the money but FERRARI has finally lost all of my admiration that I have had for them for the last 50 plus years. (70 years old this month) I have been annoyed about a lot of issues involving FERRARI, extra money under the table, BRIDGESTONE tires / tyres testing with FERRARI to Michael’s benefit, crying foul ever time another team has an innovative idea, etc. ad nausea……… Go Massa!! And Fernando really should be embarrassed, what a cry baby. Yes, I voted a 1.

  10. rob bryant said on 26th July 2010, 19:04

    millions of fans from all over the world were cheated out of eighteen race laps yesterday. Totally disgusting team orders meant massa who probably would have held on for the win also lost out. Again shades of Austria 2002, a cost effective way of gaining, sorry STEALING valuable points
    A $100000 fine is a joke to Ferrari, they need to be black flagged to send out a message that this, Formula one, one of the last great and glamorous sports will not tolerate cheating on any level. if they leave it as just a fine, it will happen again and again.you will have a lot of disenchanted fans who after all are the reason by way of their support that these teams and drivers are to fund their life styles.

  11. beneboy said on 26th July 2010, 22:15

    Had Massa not let Alonso win it would have been an 8, as it stands I gave it a 1.

    Gutted !

  12. Voted 1: Disasterous.

    Small amount of proper racing with close duelling limited to the first lap. Starting when Vettel failed miserably off the line then tried baulking Alonso but gifted Massa the lead. Is this when Alonso started plotting?

    This Farce In Autosport risks losing support. Which is a shame because there are some great drivers, great cars and fantastic circuits that are being underutilised, because the governing body;

    1/ Creates rules that teams can pay their way out of breaking.
    – Ferrari probably spend £65k per season on coffee!

    2/ Created a scenario (no refuelling) so that the drivers can’t race at full pace for the duration.
    – Its rediculous to hear drivers being told repeatedly to turn the wick down.

    I also imagine Christian Horner wished he’d disregarded the rulebook instead of seeing Vettel driving into Webber?

    If Ferrari’s blatent disregard of the rules had occured in other sports like horse racing or golf, there would be team & personnel bans.

    As for the trackside ticket-buyers – there must be something illegal about the public being fleeced of proper fairness & competition?

  13. prudhwi said on 27th July 2010, 8:21

    guys, i guess sutils’s and luizzi’s dull performance also affected a part of race entertainment…. ???
    right or wrong ?

  14. Luis Arzú said on 27th July 2010, 17:39

    first the team, second the driver having more points!!!!!!!

  15. Yes this had to be the worst race so far in my opinion, Massa should have ignored the calls for him to give way. You have to perform and be competitive otherwise why race at all.

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