Alonso: “Winning is a great feeling”

Fernando Alonso brushed off criticism of his German Grand Prix win calling it a “great feeling” to win again.

Alonso said:

All wins are special. Winning is a great feeling and that was the case in Hockenheim, especially when I think of the huge workload undertaken by everyone at Maranello to achieve this fantastic one-two finish.

No one ever gave up and I know how pleased they were to see two Ferraris cross the line ahead of all our rivals. For over a month now we have been saying that we had to get back to winning at least once before the summer break and finally, we did it.

We did not have much luck in some races and, because of unusual incidents, we did not pick up the points we deserved. There was a slight feeling of frustration with this lack of results, but at last in Germany, for once we had a normal race on a weekend when he had no problems whatsoever and the result was there for all to see.
Fernando Alonso

He added he was not thinking about the championship yet and concentrating on winning again at the Hungaroring this weekend:

However, the win does not change my approach to the rest of the season. We knew full before Hockenheim that our car was much more competitive and that was what made me so confident. Now we must continue in this direction, starting this coming weekend in Budapest. […]

It?s best to stay focussed and concentrate on your own work, trying to put together the perfect weekend, one step at a time. That is what we plan to do, starting on Thursday. I have already said it many times before: there is still a long way to go in the championship and the maths will only be done at the end.
Fernando Alonso

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135 comments on Alonso: “Winning is a great feeling”

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  1. BasCB (@bascb) said on 27th July 2010, 17:56

    Sure Alonso “All wins are special”. This is another one to remember (coming close to Singapore 2008 in how special it was). Sure Ferrari won deservedly and all by themselves for the first time this year (Renault also won for the first time in a long while in 2008), but a large part of the fans would have preferred if your team had not switched the actual winners around.

    I am sure that if Felipe had won like that with Alonso second, it would have given a great boost to Ferrari confidence and drive to push on as well. And they would have great publicity for a wonderfull fightback story and resisting the urge to do what they did on Sunday.

    • RandomChimp (@randomchimp) said on 27th July 2010, 20:38

      Yeah but Santander wouldn’t have been quite so happy.

      • Camilo said on 28th July 2010, 4:27

        The man who said in 2006 I don’t consider F-1 a sport anymore…

        For sure Emilio Botin(Santander president) want to his driver wins the GP

        • RaulZ said on 28th July 2010, 8:21

          Santander doesn’t have much to sell in Spain. Santander is spreading on Brasil so I don’t think Emilio Botin was very happy on what happend sunday. Nobody is happy with that.

      • SoLiDG (@solidg) said on 28th July 2010, 22:45

        he did get a ‘nice’ santander trophy anyway.
        Shows him :)

    • Well, at least it now confirms for us that he was very much involved in Singapore 08.

      When he claimed that one as a ‘real victory’, anyone vaguely inclined to give the benefit of the doubt would say ‘there is no way anyone would have the balls, the nerve, the arrogance, to claim that one if they knew it was dodgy’.

      Well, with this latest Ferrari PR turd in our drink, seems no victory is too hollow, ‘manipulated’ or bent for Alonso to try and claim. It’s all a question of character…

      “For what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?”

      Enjoy your asterisk.

      • TommyC said on 27th July 2010, 23:20

        “Well, at least it now confirms for us that he was very much involved in Singapore 08.”

        i think that’s going a bit far.

      • RaulZ said on 28th July 2010, 8:27

        It doesn’t have much sense.

        • Ronman said on 29th July 2010, 11:28

          Victories are very special when they belong to you, only you and no one but you just because you think you are the best…

          have been a Ferrari fan for ages… but don’t want to see Alonso win this year… the team “for sure” but not the driver, I’d rather Massa, and more deserving are WEbber, Button, Hami, Vettel… in that order

  2. Charles Carroll said on 27th July 2010, 17:59


    “All wins handed to me are special. I’m a special guy. I deserve it. In fact, I really should have the championship handed to me…perhaps while I am playing on my playstation while soaking with my hot wife in a bath of gold coins.”

    What a champion.

    • Skett said on 27th July 2010, 18:20

      Haha, for a second I thought he’d actually said that! Had to go back and check

    • Racehound said on 27th July 2010, 18:36

      sounds fine to me!! ;)

    • Sidney Vianna said on 28th July 2010, 17:17

      Alonso is the most expensive driver ever. Not for what he gets paid, but because what his teams are mandated to pay the FIA, such as the $100M fine McLaren was handed a few years ago, due to Alonso “wikileaks”. It seems that he learned well from Schummy on how be a champion with bad character. Despicable.

      Really unfortunate, because, in terms of driving skills, Alonso and Hamilton are head and shoulders above the rest. They are the fastest drivers in F1 currently. But Alonso is showing his true character now. Ferrari has made their decision when they signed Alonso. He is the focus of their effort. After “flirting” with Kubica and Webber, Ferrari re-signed Massa with a clear understanding that the paulista will be to Alonso what Barrichello was for Schummy.
      So, to all the fans out there, outraged, with Ferrari team orders, get a grip. Know that ethics in F1 is a subjective and flimsy concept.

  3. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 27th July 2010, 18:04

    Killing my team-mate & winning the race is ‘even a better feeling’

  4. John H said on 27th July 2010, 18:05

    yet another example of “how not to behave” as a driver

  5. Flippy PK said on 27th July 2010, 18:09

    winner? more like a loser if you ask me.

  6. hismajesty said on 27th July 2010, 18:11

    He is what I call “euro-trash” I would rather have respect than wins. Sportsmanship is a lost cause with that pile of rubbish. The world would be better off without him.

    • Carl27 said on 27th July 2010, 23:51

      what a pile of cr.., do you know him personally? If you want to be respect you obviously don’t know much about this sport, the greatest Ayrton Senna, was ruthless. These guys only care about theirselves. They are very selfish individuals with an only drive to win at all cost. Everyone know that Michael is 7 times WC but no one talks now about what he did to Damon Hill in the last race of 1994.

      • gDog said on 28th July 2010, 0:24

        er… actually people do talk about many of Schumacher’s antics, and in some people’s eyes his 7 WCs are a little tainted.

        There’s difference between ruthlessness and gamesmanship.

        Senna was ruthless.
        Schumacher was both ruthless and played gamesmanship to a new level.
        Alonso is just a gamesman.

  7. Ned Flanders (@ned-flanders) said on 27th July 2010, 18:13

    Hands up if your respect for both Fernando Alonso and the Ferrari PR department has just sank even lower…

  8. Charles Carroll said on 27th July 2010, 18:14

    Then again, he is a far better driver than I.

    And apparently, a much better politician as well.

  9. PJA said on 27th July 2010, 18:14

    After the reaction to what happened in Germany I would have thought it best just to keep quiet rather than come out with statements such as this, even if this is how he genuinely feels.

  10. Hallard said on 27th July 2010, 18:27

    Why does Alonso think he is entitled to a victory that he didnt earn?

    How can he brush off all the criticism like this?

    Alonso claiming that this “win” at Hockenheim, and his “win” at singapore 08, were fair and just results really makes his personal concept of sportsmanship plain for all to see.

    These kind of self-centered remarks trivialize the enormous efforts that other drivers expend in order to win races, and raise a big, fat, obnoxious middle finger to F1 fans the world over.

  11. SPIDERman said on 27th July 2010, 18:27

    THIS kind of arrogance and disregard to public outrage concerning the events last sunday by ferrari plus ALONSO NOW seems to indicate that formula one is loosing touch with the fans
    SOMETHING must be done…AND ANY SPONSERS with ferrari must now be aware that they are backing a brand that “cheats” the public at all costs.

  12. David BR said on 27th July 2010, 18:43

    Alonso ‘knows’ he’s the best driver and anything that gets in the way of him finishing first is an aberration. Conversely anything that helps him finish first is part of the natural course of events. Even Nelson Piquet’s timely crash. It just doesn’t matter to him. The illusion is water tight whether it matches reality or not.

    • US_Peter (@us_peter) said on 27th July 2010, 19:23

      It doesn’t help that last week the other drivers all voted him the best current driver. That’s just gonna go to his already big head.

      • gDog said on 28th July 2010, 0:28

        I’ve got to say I was quite surprised by the result of that poll. Makes me wonder if they’re all taunting him.

        • RaulZ said on 28th July 2010, 8:39

          You must wonder if you have any idea of Formula 1. I think that if drivers say he is the best it’s because he is and he is a good person or at least honest. If he was hated by all drivers nobody will vote him.

          I think you are wrong about Fernando and that heis paying in Ferrari and in Renault the mistakes of the team. I’m sure he didn’t want the victory lyke so.

          And please, stop hypocrisy about respect of the rules. Try to “save fuel” about it please.

          • Mike said on 28th July 2010, 10:59

            I am going to pretend that you are saying stupid things on purpose…

          • RaulZ said on 28th July 2010, 11:08

            Mike, you can pretend what you want. It’s what I think. I think it with the heart, not with the head, but most if things said here are thought with the feet.

      • Adam Tate said on 28th July 2010, 18:29

        They did? where can I see that poll?!
        What a load of rubbish. He wasn’t even the best on the grid in his championship winning years. In 05 Kimi was better but let down by McLaren reliability. In 06 Schumi was better, let down by the engine failure in China. There are several drivers I would have voted ahead of him!

  13. Steph90 (@steph90) said on 27th July 2010, 18:44

    Wasn’t this on their Ferrari blog page? Massa completely ignored what happened too. I’m not saying it’s right because it isn’t but the teams being looked at by the WMSC and they’re sure as hell not going to risk shooting themselves in the foot…again.

    Alonso cynically should be feeling pretty smug. He’s got his teammate right where he wants him and he never felt Felipe was a threat this year anyway, the team behind him and is on the way to getting his title challenge on track. I doubt he’ll be satisified with the circumstances but he wants to win more than anything which means he’s probably lost even more fans but will be happy counting his titles when he retires.

    • Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 27th July 2010, 18:55

      Agreed – you don’t get into a position of dominance within a team unless you have the raw speed necessary to back it up. It’s something a lot of people tend to forget about Schumacher, and on a lesser scale Senna and Prost. It’s certainly not the most popular way to go about doing things but, if done correctly, can be hugely effective.

      • Hallard said on 27th July 2010, 21:28

        Raw speed is certainly part of it, but I imagine the very lucrative deal with Santander plays an equally large role in securing Alonso’s stranglehold on the team.

    • Guilherme Teixeira said on 27th July 2010, 21:09

      but he wants to win more than anything which means he’s probably lost even more fans but will be happy counting his titles when he retires.


      …is just the reason for this outrage against him. I’d rather be runner-up 4 times (like Moss) then win this title with the world against me. If he can sleep at night thinking like this, then ok, good for him, but he better not think of him as a “sportsman”.

  14. Dan Thorn (@dan-thorn) said on 27th July 2010, 18:47

    I understand the need for Ferrari to stick to their version of events and play everything down, but this is poor and the answer is simple: Don’t release interviews like this. It’s making everything look worse.

    • Steph90 (@steph90) said on 27th July 2010, 20:07

      Agree. Everytime they say anything it’s just making it worse. first they hide behind Felipe, the Montzemolo says it’s alright because it’s always happened and calls everyone hypocrites and now there’s the offical team line and everything’s fine. Please Ferrari stop digging your own hole.

  15. ChRiS said on 27th July 2010, 18:50

    Winning? Did he mean whining????
    (first post there, congrats to Mr Collantine, and all posters!)

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