Alonso: “Winning is a great feeling”

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Fernando Alonso brushed off criticism of his German Grand Prix win calling it a “great feeling” to win again.

Alonso said:

All wins are special. Winning is a great feeling and that was the case in Hockenheim, especially when I think of the huge workload undertaken by everyone at Maranello to achieve this fantastic one-two finish.

No one ever gave up and I know how pleased they were to see two Ferraris cross the line ahead of all our rivals. For over a month now we have been saying that we had to get back to winning at least once before the summer break and finally, we did it.

We did not have much luck in some races and, because of unusual incidents, we did not pick up the points we deserved. There was a slight feeling of frustration with this lack of results, but at last in Germany, for once we had a normal race on a weekend when he had no problems whatsoever and the result was there for all to see.
Fernando Alonso

He added he was not thinking about the championship yet and concentrating on winning again at the Hungaroring this weekend:

However, the win does not change my approach to the rest of the season. We knew full before Hockenheim that our car was much more competitive and that was what made me so confident. Now we must continue in this direction, starting this coming weekend in Budapest. […]

It?s best to stay focussed and concentrate on your own work, trying to put together the perfect weekend, one step at a time. That is what we plan to do, starting on Thursday. I have already said it many times before: there is still a long way to go in the championship and the maths will only be done at the end.
Fernando Alonso

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135 comments on “Alonso: “Winning is a great feeling””

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  1. Alonso can you please ring me on 0121 DO ONE!!! Lost all respect for him!

  2. Yes, winning does feel great Fernando. And when you actually deserve it, it will even taste better…

  3. Alonsos the best driver? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Ha ha ha

    1. We are attending to the public lynching of a driver.

  4. I know F1 drivers are just supposed to drive and not be entertainers but when you compare Fernando Alonso to say Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello or even Lewis Hamilton in terms of persona, charisma, sense of humour etc…, you wonder why a sponsor or a team would like to be associated with him. And maybe that’s why he is so bitter and needs to at least assess his authority by being WDC every year.

    1. well that’s because we are british and the people he sucks up to, are either spanish or italian since they love him.

      1. we are british

        You may be and I am but two-thirds of F1 Fanatic readers aren’t (or at least aren’t living there).

        1. My ancestry is mostly English, Scottish, and Irish, does that count?

        2. I’m from Texas!

          But I’ve got a lot of British friends if that counts haha.

      2. I am French…ish.

    2. Sounds like you know them so well…

    3. I think because he is honest. Apart of having to say these words in his blog, that are ferrari’s words.

  5. Crazy!!! How stupid he thinks we people who watch the sport are. He just lies and gets away with it repeatedly.

  6. Alonso would have earned far more respect by coming 2nd to Felipe.He is very highly strung,and unfortunately he lacks discipline and self control…He frequently shows that he is a bad sport quite openly, and former Ferrari fans are turning against him now and the team…not that he seems to care anyway.

    1. Millions of fans will adore Alonso, millions more will despise him, and he doesn’t give a fig.
      He’s a winning machine who’s found his way from Asturias to already having two F1 championships in his pocket. Champion racing drivers are ruthless, selfish, complex people. If you’re looking for someone to love or take on holiday then it’s the wrong place to look.
      Martin Brundle

  7. “we did not pick up the points we deserved”

    Wow, entitlement much?

  8. He says the win was a great feeling. Well that great feeling is NOTHING compared to pleasure I’d get from taking a hedge trimmer to those eyebrows….

  9. michael mair
    27th July 2010, 21:38

    everyone knows the drivers title is the real prize, the constructors is just a token, ferrari are in with a decent chance with alonso, and absolutely no chance with massa ,they did the right thing !. any of the other teams facing the same situation would have done the same thing !. this is a hard nosed multi million pound business posing as sport.

    1. That’s weak assumption about the other teams based on no facts. Ferrari (FA, FM, SD, LDM) raped the sport and tells the victim (fans and viewers) they should like it.
      The fact that they do it with impunity is what makes the this one sad drama.

    2. Maybe not quite the right thing when the FIA aim a great big rule book in the direction of Luca Di M. with the intention of hurting him.
      This is gonna cost Ferrari a lot, so not a very clever move. Actually very dumb.

    3. How do you figure that? Alonso was ahead of Massa by 21 points if I recall, which if it was last year would be the equivalent of about 8, hardly thrashing him at the midpoint of the season!

      Plus Massa has more engines left for the season, I can certainly see Alonso having to take grid penalties due to engine changes later on.

  10. Bartholomew
    27th July 2010, 21:56

    I dont know why everyone is so upset. What about Red Bull switching the nose of the car and taking it away from Webber so that Vettel can go faster ? Every team tries to take any advantage that they can.
    Alonso wants to win like every champion in history. It is not his fault if they inform Massa by radio that he is slower than his teammate.

    1. What about Red Bull switching the nose of the car and taking it away from Webber so that Vettel can go faster ?

      What’s your point? That was pretty well condemned here too:

      Should Webber have got Red Bull’s new front wing instead of Vettel? (Poll)

      1. My point is if Alonso is anyhow connected with some event, people says ALonso did it but in case of Red Bull, Chris Horner did. Alonso is made to be a villain here Keith. I admire your passion and this blog and I even acknowledge you arent biased towards any driver or team but 90 % of people referring to this site are alonso haters.

        Massa moved aside on the orders of the team. Vettel was given Webber’s wing on the orders of team but look at the irony; Villains are RED BULL TEAM and ALONSO and not RED BULL TEAM and FERRARI TEAM.

        What Ferrari did was morally wrong but what Alonso did was absolutely right. If some driver slows down, what would you expect the driver behind him to do, wait for him to push the throttle or go past him.

    2. This is not about Red Bull and there internal issues (check out earlier post). This is about the outcome of a race being manipulated by Ferrari to the benefit of Alonso. Alonso played (and is still playing)active part in this manipulation.
      He has reaped the rewards of stolen goods with no remorse and that’s scary. The man has issues.

  11. I’m not inclined to slam Alonso for this talking point, but Ferrari need to remember that their hearing is coming up and they need to control their commentary and appear somewhat like they recognize that they messed up in Hockenheim. Instead, they have come out guns blazing calling their critics hypocrites, etc., which obviously includes the stewards who fined them, which behavior is not setting them up for a slap on the wrist from the FIA.

    1. This will be old news by September so expect Ferrari to get a reprimand and nothing more.

  12. This is the second fixed race that Alonso has enjoyed winning.

    I can only assume this means he is a cheap drunk.

  13. Mr JoeBlack
    27th July 2010, 22:31

    We all know that alonso is a bad winner, we know also that he is a bad loser, but what surprise more is that he really thinks that he had won this GP!!!
    same for the 2005-2006 championship when he had an illegal car!!!
    No offense Alonso, but u will never be a champion even if u were “given” few GPs and 1 Championship!

    1. This “illegal car” nonsense seems to be coming up over and over again. Prove it, or retract your allegation.

      1. I’m no Alonso fan but I have to admit I’m struggling to recall him winning in an illegal car as well. The only thing I can think of is the mass damper system which as far as I can tell was actually within the rules (certainly moreso than the double diffusers anyway)

  14. Its just rubbing it in. What was the point? they had nothing to gain by saying that.

  15. It galls me that FA seems to be genuinely pleased with himself over this hollow “victory”. If he EVER makes another comment about a race being manipulated to another driver’s advantage, I’ll just … oh, I don’t know. Make another comment here, I suppose.

  16. there is nothing for alonso to be happy about this win, but ferrari as a team has every right to be happy as they beat every other team on track without luck or other factors but thanks to the speed of the car they developed.

    1. Fair enough. I agree that team Ferrari was undeniably the class of the field last Sunday, and congrats to them for all the hard work. But it’s also very likely that they (as a team) would have hauled in the same amount of manufacturer points without the shameful call for Massa to give up his position to Alonso. Too bad that we were deprived of the opportunity to see which Ferrari driver truly deserved the win.

  17. Ok, I’m still waiting for the follow up statememt, where Alonso tells us he’s kidding.

    1. Don’t hold your breath…

  18. you know, the good thing with these such events results in some decent F1 coverage in Australia for once. Prior to this year, you’d only hear about it if there was a hug crash or webber did something super. This year, F1 has ha plenty of coverage here post turkey and now with ferrari. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily the sort of coverage casual fans want to see. And statements like this certainly don’t help. It’s hard for people outide the sport to understand why ferrari would do what they did and gives the impression that the whole sport is rigged. Good luck finding new fans on that basis!

  19. at the end of the day, he crossed the line first. he won. his speed cause the events to unfold with the team. congrats to Alonso.

  20. I don’t think Alonso won this race, he simply came first when his team mate was asked to let him pass.

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