Alonso: “Winning is a great feeling”

Fernando Alonso brushed off criticism of his German Grand Prix win calling it a “great feeling” to win again.

Alonso said:

All wins are special. Winning is a great feeling and that was the case in Hockenheim, especially when I think of the huge workload undertaken by everyone at Maranello to achieve this fantastic one-two finish.

No one ever gave up and I know how pleased they were to see two Ferraris cross the line ahead of all our rivals. For over a month now we have been saying that we had to get back to winning at least once before the summer break and finally, we did it.

We did not have much luck in some races and, because of unusual incidents, we did not pick up the points we deserved. There was a slight feeling of frustration with this lack of results, but at last in Germany, for once we had a normal race on a weekend when he had no problems whatsoever and the result was there for all to see.
Fernando Alonso

He added he was not thinking about the championship yet and concentrating on winning again at the Hungaroring this weekend:

However, the win does not change my approach to the rest of the season. We knew full before Hockenheim that our car was much more competitive and that was what made me so confident. Now we must continue in this direction, starting this coming weekend in Budapest. […]

It?s best to stay focussed and concentrate on your own work, trying to put together the perfect weekend, one step at a time. That is what we plan to do, starting on Thursday. I have already said it many times before: there is still a long way to go in the championship and the maths will only be done at the end.
Fernando Alonso

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135 comments on Alonso: “Winning is a great feeling”

  1. DaveW said on 27th July 2010, 22:28

    I’m not inclined to slam Alonso for this talking point, but Ferrari need to remember that their hearing is coming up and they need to control their commentary and appear somewhat like they recognize that they messed up in Hockenheim. Instead, they have come out guns blazing calling their critics hypocrites, etc., which obviously includes the stewards who fined them, which behavior is not setting them up for a slap on the wrist from the FIA.

    • tharris19 said on 28th July 2010, 13:21

      This will be old news by September so expect Ferrari to get a reprimand and nothing more.

  2. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 27th July 2010, 22:30

    This is the second fixed race that Alonso has enjoyed winning.

    I can only assume this means he is a cheap drunk.

  3. Mr JoeBlack said on 27th July 2010, 22:31

    We all know that alonso is a bad winner, we know also that he is a bad loser, but what surprise more is that he really thinks that he had won this GP!!!
    same for the 2005-2006 championship when he had an illegal car!!!
    No offense Alonso, but u will never be a champion even if u were “given” few GPs and 1 Championship!

    • This “illegal car” nonsense seems to be coming up over and over again. Prove it, or retract your allegation.

      • Skett said on 28th July 2010, 2:02

        I’m no Alonso fan but I have to admit I’m struggling to recall him winning in an illegal car as well. The only thing I can think of is the mass damper system which as far as I can tell was actually within the rules (certainly moreso than the double diffusers anyway)

  4. Ryan M said on 27th July 2010, 22:32

    Its just rubbing it in. What was the point? they had nothing to gain by saying that.

  5. schooner said on 27th July 2010, 22:37

    It galls me that FA seems to be genuinely pleased with himself over this hollow “victory”. If he EVER makes another comment about a race being manipulated to another driver’s advantage, I’ll just … oh, I don’t know. Make another comment here, I suppose.

  6. xrs said on 27th July 2010, 22:51

    there is nothing for alonso to be happy about this win, but ferrari as a team has every right to be happy as they beat every other team on track without luck or other factors but thanks to the speed of the car they developed.

    • schooner said on 28th July 2010, 0:10

      Fair enough. I agree that team Ferrari was undeniably the class of the field last Sunday, and congrats to them for all the hard work. But it’s also very likely that they (as a team) would have hauled in the same amount of manufacturer points without the shameful call for Massa to give up his position to Alonso. Too bad that we were deprived of the opportunity to see which Ferrari driver truly deserved the win.

  7. David-A (@david-a) said on 27th July 2010, 23:09

    Ok, I’m still waiting for the follow up statememt, where Alonso tells us he’s kidding.

  8. TommyC said on 27th July 2010, 23:27

    you know, the good thing with these such events results in some decent F1 coverage in Australia for once. Prior to this year, you’d only hear about it if there was a hug crash or webber did something super. This year, F1 has ha plenty of coverage here post turkey and now with ferrari. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily the sort of coverage casual fans want to see. And statements like this certainly don’t help. It’s hard for people outide the sport to understand why ferrari would do what they did and gives the impression that the whole sport is rigged. Good luck finding new fans on that basis!

  9. sato113 (@sato113) said on 28th July 2010, 2:17

    at the end of the day, he crossed the line first. he won. his speed cause the events to unfold with the team. congrats to Alonso.

  10. Carl C said on 28th July 2010, 2:22

    I don’t think Alonso won this race, he simply came first when his team mate was asked to let him pass.

  11. chazzers said on 28th July 2010, 3:46

    I am thoroughly convinced that this man is completely delusional. After Singapore I can’t believe he would ever put himself into a position to praise a win that was so contrived, yet he is. The man has no idea of how his comments are going to be received. I think he truly feels that this was a great and glorious win for the boys back in Maranello and the reality is that his obsession with winning at all costs has detracted from what the team has done to develop the car. I can think of another Ferarri driver who had the same competitive drive, but at least he had the decency to give his Brazilian team mate the top step of the podium.

    • Gill said on 28th July 2010, 4:34

      y shud he be worried abt how his comments are gonna be received. His every comment is criticised by the people like you so why the hell should he care abt what people like you think. He deserved this win. He passed Massa when Massa was asked to get aside by the TEAM. Alonso doesnt run the TEAM. Get a life people. U know from within that he is right and u would have done the same thing if u were in his place.

      • gDog said on 28th July 2010, 5:19

        If he just came across a little bit more gracious occasionally then I don’t think he would come in for all the flack that he does.

        • Gill said on 28th July 2010, 5:26

          He has shown enough humility when he favoured Hamilton after Ham was criticised by everyone for his manouvers and also when he said the penaltt should be like this only after receiving one in silverstone.
          Dont be prejudiced and preoccupied with thoughts. Clear ur mind and then react.

          • gDog said on 28th July 2010, 5:29

            My mind is quite clear thanks, but I’m not sure I know what you’re referring to?

  12. Gill said on 28th July 2010, 4:26

    Ferrari asked Massa to get aside, Massa did. What wrong did ALonso do ? All the hypocrites have posted their blo in this article and I am sure they are all Alonso haters. This guy doesnt keep anything in his heart and he spills out whatever he thinks. He isnt like brothers in arms (JEnson and Ham) and I m sure WHitmarsh will ask Jenson to get aside if Ham has a chance to win the championship.

    THey are drivers and not saints for God sake. I have seen on this portal, whenever Alonso is in picture, all take out their moral swords and start piercing him. Everyone out here is to win and if someone isnt, he has no right to be in any competitive field. FULL STOP

    GEt real guys. THis isnt 100BC, this is 2010 AD.

    • gDog said on 28th July 2010, 5:27

      What Alonso did wrong, if we ignore the possibility that it was his request to move Massa out of the way, was to start bragging about how great it feels to be winning again.

      If he’d just kept his mouth shut then he wouldn’t be getting half the grief that he is.

      I think what makes it worse it that for all the emphasis that it’s all for best of the TEAM and that it was the TEAMs decision (now that LDM has admitted that), is that Alonso couldn’t give 2 turds for the TEAM.

  13. AB576 said on 28th July 2010, 4:42

    Anybody know of a Ferrari fan blog where we can read what they think about this?

  14. Gill said on 28th July 2010, 6:45

    rewnid the season 2 months bak and read the blogs

  15. Horacio said on 28th July 2010, 7:51

    Am I the only one feeling sick reading such comments from this hollow driver?
    It is sad to see that Alonso has all the elements to be remembered as a great F1 pilot, but probably will be remembered as a cheater, a liar and a ignorant person.

    • edugg said on 28th July 2010, 11:15

      I agree with that.

    • RaulZ said on 28th July 2010, 11:25

      Well you must think that is ferrari who talks. Would you really think that he or the team are going to ask for pardon. Ferrari why? Fernando what for?

      I’m feelling sick about all comments in this post. And english biased press. Now, I can read spanish press like Marca even with respect. Look at what I’m saying. English press is making me think that Marca is an unbiased newspaper. lol.

      bye bye

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