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What did you think of the Hungarian Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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104 comments on “Rate the race: Hungary”

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  1. I’m gutted about Hamilton’s mechanical failure, he was doing well and would’ve kept his championship lead if his car was fine. He might have even had a chance for a podium. Anyway this turned out to be more exciting than I thought it would be, what with the safety car but it was still fairly processional though.

    The most exciting thing about that race after the pit lane incident was Rubinho vs Schumey. Schumacher’s defensive move was awful, that could’ve been a dreadful crash. I literally winced as I saw that live onboard shot. Glad Rubens got ahead though, that was superb driving from him.

    Also Vettel’s drive through and his hand gesture in the pits was hilarious. As much as I don’t like either of them, I’m glad Alonso held Vettel up and I’m really happy that Mark Webber won. Aussie grit ftw.

    Roll on Spa. I believe McLaren can bring back the points they lost there, being a fast and low downforce track but also because McLaren have weeks to develop now.

    1. Mclaren do not have weeks to develop. Factory will be shut down for 2 weeks as will all teams.

      1. That’s 2 weeks.

      2. Jez Playense
        1st August 2010, 15:11

        Only the factories are closed. There are other facilities to use. There is no ban on development.

        1. Err no everything on the car side shuts down.
          http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/85713 I remember last year some teams saying even just shutting down equipment saved a fair amount of money in using less power wind tunnel etc

          1. Jez Playense
            1st August 2010, 16:32

            OK thanks for that.

    2. yes i also feel bad for mclaren but it was about time cause they have been far too regular mclaren has been very regular struggling without having pace fortunatly for them they had luck maybe it runned out or maybe they need spa and monza

  2. an 8, actually..webber showed a true champion’s maturity and seeing a couple of drivers doing their best races yet (Petrov, De la Rosa)

  3. razer1453535
    1st August 2010, 14:52

    Great race, Webber gets back where he was before in the points lead, Seb loses win to help Webber too, chaos in the pits, Rosberg’s wheel, tightened up the gap in the WDC. Plus, BARRICHELLO VS SCHUMACHER!! If this race has a poor rating you know a lot of peaople were voting purley on Mclaren’s poor result today.

    1. Bar the events resulting from the SC (Webbe passing Vettel, Kubica and Sutil, Rosberg) the race was pretty much a procession, with the exception of the Schumi and Robinho incident.

      1. Exactly, I’m really not seeing what was great from a racing point of view. Yes the SC livened things up a bit but the only close battle was Alonso/Vettel. A battle which Vettel only got himself into by being a plonker and then never once looked like getting by. Otherwise it was a procession with Schumi losing that place, in spectacular fashion, at the end. The only other incident was the pit lane chaos which isn’t really great racing, so I’m at a bit of a loss razer.

        1. Well, to be honest, I reckon if you didn’t enjoy that race, your probably getting pretty thin on what counts as a good race.

          For me, this has to be, one of the, if on the best Seasons I’ve seen, every race there’s action, If only Legard was mute! mute I say!

    2. Enrique Miguel
      1st August 2010, 16:18

      indeed you are right most poor votes will be made by mclaren fans…

      1. Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

        1. For me, I vote on the race based on how hard my heart is beating. Usally it is thumping at the start of the race but in this one it was pounding out of my chest for about 20 laps as Webber was trying to pull away from Alonso. It’s for this reason that I have given the race a 9.

      2. I’m by no means a McLaren fan, and I voted 5 simply on how processional it was. When the Red Bull is clearly so much faster than the Ferrari and still can’t overtake, it’s a pretty boring track. The only really gripping moments of the race were Barichello’s pass on Schumi, and Webber pulling the 20 second gap on Alonso.

  4. Great race. Before the safety car was a bit boring. Post safety car was pretty good. Vettel probably feeling pretty dirty about the drive through. Alonso did well to hold him off. Schumacher’s move on Barrichello was very dirty, I think he should be handed a pretty severe penalty for that. Great win by Webber though.

  5. 4 – and that’s very generous.

    If a pitlane accident is the most entertaining thing that happend during the race… then it tells you what the race was like.

    1. Exactly how I feel. I think people are rating it higher because they expected a Red Bull walk-over and didn’t quite get that. Although without the SC it would have been dull dull dull.

      What happened to bring the SC out anyway? A Force India car caught up in something, but what?

    2. Actually I see no point giving this more than 1, exactly like the last race. There was no real challenge to the RBs today. They could have easily lapped everyone if they needed. The only resistance came from Alonso (who truly showed his superiority to Massa today).

      Finally we were made to believe that refueling was dangerous. Today we saw how bad the situation is when the SC is out.

      BAN pit lane from opening when SC is out!

      1. 1? 1? are you serious?
        Do you actually enjoy watching racing cars?
        Or maybe your reception cut out?

        1? Your not watching it upside down are you?

        1. Contrary to what you just said I urge you to go to:

          to see serious driving.

          I getting fed up of seeing whines who look like ballerinas racing. Oh what my front wing; Oh watch the wall. Come on this is racing we should get more fun out of it.

          By no means I am saying that we should see more accidents but waiting for a Grand Prix to be determined by the SC exit is ridiculous.

          There are just too many restriction in F1. Who builds the best wing wins.

  6. not a bad race. lots of action even inside the pits. track needs to be revised. no room for overtaking. of course Rubens will disagree :)

    1. “even inside the pits”?
      You meant – only inside the pits.

  7. Well, better than I dared hope yesterday, sort of the start that I had hoped Alonso could make, I had some hope Hamilton could have done better so that he might be a bit in the fight, but we saw Petrov doing well instead, until he gave HAM an easy pass.

    SC was hectic and rather weird, glad noone got very seriously injured, sorry for Sutil and Kubica, and Rosberg.

    Red Bull did do weird things with Vettel, but Webber rose to the occasion splendidly.

    Jay for Barrichello, boo for Schumacher. Great work Petrov, and the whole of Sauber. Button, dissapointing.

    I gave it a 6.

    1. What Bosyber said. (Too lazy to type now)


    2. I felt generous and gave it a 7. The start was nice, i liked the pass from Hamilton on Petrov and we had some nice tries in the mid field.

      Then the procession set in until the pitstops and the SC (i was watching on Czech TV and nobody did even try to explain what parts were there on track).
      Then it was pretty exiting with Webber pulling the great gap and Vettels drive through letting Alonso jump him.
      Funny question from Massa weather Alonso had cought Webber.
      Hoora for Barricello showing his old pal around, Schumi just couldn’t resist the urge for dirty driving (glad nobody got hurt).
      I am glad Petrov got a good result, really showed us what’s in him (although he might have fought harder with Hamilton), De la Rosa finally getting a decent result in as well.

  8. Damn eni for giving out their crap wire contraptions as a trophies, i much prefered the beautiful clay trophies from last year.

    1. Any trophies are better than the Santander ones, which looks like a poo.

      1. damonsmedley
        1st August 2010, 15:39

        Are there any trophies left that aren’t an advertisement?

        1. I agree they’re not ‘classic’ trophies but since when was advertising in F1 somehow unusual?

          These guys bank rolled the event – this is what they get for what we get…

        2. all monaco trohpies, silverstone winner’s trophy, all Melbourne tophies, Suzuka winner’s, Interlagos all trophies, Bahrain all trophies, all china’s, and many more…

  9. Surprisingly entertaining race for such a terrible, boring track. I voted 6.

    1. Oh, and Renault’s lollipop man should probably be fired.

      1. I second that! Give the blind man an F1 job!

      2. Maybe he was looking at Rosbers wheel jumping around (looking up so he took the lollipop up as well) :-(

        1. They calculate the difference and do they work specting everybody is keeping the distances.
          It happened that the fact of the wheel stop the cars behind rosberg so Force india get his position later than renault thought.
          They do it mechanically and they don’t look if a car’s comming.

  10. I voted 10 because of Hamilton’s DNF.

    1. there was nothing safe about that safety car period, somebody could have been killed in the pitlane. time to ban pit stops during sc periods.

      1. lol, fail.

        comment too short.

      2. The pitlane should be closed when the SC is deployed.

      3. i found it exciting. they have helmets for a reason. if pitlane got closed for SC, we’d have no mixing up of the field during a race.

    2. Well nice to see you understand what constitutes an exciting race redbullet.

    3. For me that was a bit of a spoiler (sure it’s good for the WDC to make it closer). He might have taken the fight to Massa later on, a shame he did not even have a try.

  11. What a ridiculous move by Schuey, good on Rubens for keeping his foot in it and getting past!

    Really enjoyed what I expected to be a dull procession!

  12. A 7, but i took into consideration its Hungary, should be a 5 i guess.

    Also, to mr MSC: You, sir, are a disgrace. I hope you quit ASAP.

  13. How could weber be that much better than second? It is disappointing that Hamilton had to retire and I do think that saftey car call was fair. Schumacher needs to start racing like every other driver he’s not racing for championship so why almost crash baracello? Overall fair amount of excitement but most of the action happened in the back.

  14. That move that Schumi pulled on Ruben’s was totally out of order, no excuse! The result could have been high speed contact with the wall & a major shunt.

    Once again he reminds everybody of his comfort with putting another driver (even a former teammate) into the wall.

    Just retire Michael!

    1. If Senna didn’t get a penalty neither should Schumacher.


      1. Thanks Webber fan – people are often blinded by nostalgia.

        1. Sorry but looking at that It only shows that Senna knew where to stop while Schumi doesn’t. He left a lot more space than Shumi did.

          1. I’ll second that.

      2. Brundles cover up was a bit bizarre. “It’s different because Senna said he’d do it”

        How is it different?

  15. 4, other than the pit incidents and Rubens pass of Schumi, not all that exciting. Good to see Webber finish in front of Seb and Alonso.

    What’s up with Seb’s hand gestures during the drive through? I’d call it a lack of maturity.

  16. there was nothing safe about that safety car period, somebody could have been killed in the pitlane. time to ban pit stops during safety car periods.

  17. Wow… Vettels explanation in the press conference abpout the restart is one of the most pathetic explanations from an F1 driver I ever heard…

    1. Really?! Made perfect sense to me..

    2. I know it’s difficult to spot, but that’s what we call honesty. At least he didn’t spin a whole stack of the usual BS we get after some transgression has occurred.

      He missed it, he fell asleep, he didn’t know what was going on… he _may_ have lost his radio but I guess we’ll never know.

      What might be a bit iffy is how just before the SC went in, Brundle pointed out that Seb holding back the rest of the pack would be a good team strategy for RBR, but I think that might have been Brundle seeing things that weren’t there.

      1. But i did have the same thought at that moment (not influenced by Brundle, i was watching TV Nova)

  18. I’ve never seen a race with so many random events. Safety car out of nowhere, Kubica-Sutil collision in the pits, Rosberg losing his tyre, Schumacher almost killing Rubens, Vettel getting a drive-through, and so on.

    Voted it 8.

    1. I agree. Several quite bizarre unconnected events kept this one alive for me.
      But an excellent piece of lead-building by Webber to ensure he returned to the track in front of Alonso.
      Congrats to WEB.
      “What are you playing at?” to SCHU.
      “Read the rules and grow up” to VET.

  19. Masterpiece by Webber

    Very naive Vettel

    Plain luck nothing got hurt in the pit mess

    Bad move by Schumacher, great and meaningful pass by Rubens

    Boring track to watch

    That sums it all for me

    1. Oh, forgot.

      Great GREAT Kobayashi

      This kid deserves a serious drive

      1. Tweet from Twitter: “Rubens is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”


  20. My bet is that Webber knew about Vettels communication problems and used it to his full advantage. Why else would he have NOT been trying to hold the pack up as a leader just before the safety car came in?! Dirty tactics..

    1. But VET was able to hear his radio when told he had a drive-through wasn’t he?
      Was this was a ‘diplomatic’ problem, then?

    2. Maybe, but Vettel also knew that he had communication problems, so wouldn’t it have been prudent of him to make sure he sat on Webber’s gearbox?

    3. ‘Dirty tactics’??
      who, what, where??

    4. Yeah I don’t really see how it was dirty tactics. Webber’s job was to try and build as much of a lead over the over the other drivers, which he did by sticking like glue to the back of the safety car. Vettel’s job was to stick like glue to Webber, and he didn’t. There’s no one to blame except for Vettel himself.

      If Vettel had of stuck himself right up behind Webber’s gearbox, he wouldn’t have got the penalty and both Red Bull drivers would have driven off into the sunset leaving Alonso for dead, building a 20 second lead, at which point Webber would have stopped for tyres and come back out in second place, and Vettel would have won the race.

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